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And Now Pleasure is kind of a catalyst. In short, with us faster, more reliable and cheaper. Our services will cost you nothing. — we are paid affiliate commission by the final contractors. Worth noticing, that we cooperate only with the best companies, who without us provide their services at the highest level. Nevertheless, with us the process of obtaining a residence permit, Permanent residence and additional citizenship for investment even in these companies will be even more harmonious and fast.

What about performers, with whom we do not cooperate? We will protect you from them.. For example, v 2023 year over 40 organizations offered to obtain Caribbean passports. At the same time, only 5 of them. Rest 35+ engaged only in increasing the check. real case — one of our clients paid for a Grenada passport 330 000 $, although he came to us with a CP from one of «leader» market (without a license) on 490 000 $.

We work with 2011 years and know, what, where and how much does it cost. What time frame should the process take?, what papers are required, and which ones are requested only for that, to justify inflated prices and stretch deadlines. This allows us to choose for our clients only the best performers at the best prices on the market., and guarantee, that the whole process will proceed in the best possible way.

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