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Marina and Valeria receive a residence permit in Portugal through an investment fund

Valeria and Marina are a same-sex couple from Russia, who want to obtain a residence permit in Portugal. The couple travel often, especially to European countries, where their relationship is not surprising. Girls' favorite country is Portugal.

«Lera and I are a little concerned about the situation with same-sex couples in Russia, and a European residence permit will allow us to quickly leave if necessary. We thought about, to legitimize your relationship, but in later life in Russia they did not see the point in this. This question was raised again, when you decided to get a residence permit in Europe. The final decision was made after, as And Now Pleasure staff explained to us, what if we apply for a residence permit, as a family - we will pay half as much for the procedure. The wedding ceremony was decided to be held in Spain. Her, By the way, we were also helped to organize And Now Pleasure.»

Application Options, choice of investment fund

The couple bonded with End Now Pleasure in April 2021 of the year. They were told, that the application can be submitted either as independent investors, or as a spouse. The girls decided to legalize their relationship in Spain, where same-sex marriage is allowed, and applied for marriage registration there. After obtaining a marriage license, And Now Pleasure helped Marina and Valeria with the organization of the ceremony and a small party, and only then - with the issuance of a residence permit, including obtaining a Portuguese tax number (NIF), opening a bank account in Portugal and choosing an investment fund to buy shares.

The couple chose the Blue Crow Foundation, who invests in commercial real estate with a yield 6% per annum and additional profit 12% when closing at 2027 year.

After receiving the NIF, the couple contributed 370 000 euros to the Blue Crow investment fund through your account in a Portuguese bank. Fund manager confirmed receipt of funds, and Marina and Valeria received a certificate of investment.

V 2023 year, the minimum amount for the unit investment option is 500 000 €, while in 2021 year the contribution was from 350 000 €.

The couple then had to provide biometric data to obtain their residence permit cards.. This data was collected at the Portuguese Embassy in Moscow. The couple was given a date and time to meet., where they provided fingerprints and a digital photograph. The data was then sent to the Portuguese immigration office for processing..

Once the biometric data has been processed, spouses received their residence permit cards. Cards are valid for one year and must be renewed annually by providing updated biometrics.

All registration was done remotely., Mirina and Valeria did not have to visit Portugal, and in Moscow, employees of End Now Pleasure LLC conducted business.

Registration cost

Girls spent in total 387163 € for a residence permit in Portugal. Their expenses included:

  • Buying shares — 370 000 €
  • Fund commission — 5550 €
  • Entrance fee — 533 €
  • Medical insurance — 400 €
  • Residence card fee — 10 680 €

The Portuguese Immigration Service considered Maria's application (she was the main applicant) during 4,5 months. Having received approval, spouses paid the fee for residence permit cards. It took Marina and Valeria about 7 months, to get a residence permit.

The residence permit allows Marina and Valeria to live and work in Portugal and travel throughout the Schengen area for up to 90 days. They can also apply for a long-term visa after five years of residence in Portugal.

In addition to obtaining a residence permit, Marina and Valeria can also enjoy the benefits of living in Portugal. The country has a pleasant climate, rich culture and high standard of living. They also now have access to quality healthcare and education., and can start a business or invest in real estate.

«Generally, the process of obtaining a residence permit in Portugal went smoothly and efficiently for us, thanks aids And Now Pleasure. We were able to achieve our goal — obtain a European residence permit and enjoy all the ensuing benefits.»

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