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The mysterious world of the east - The most interesting about Morocco

Morocco is a magical and contrasting world of the East, where green forests meet hot desert and snow-capped mountains. The main thing is not to miss all the fun: sights here at every turn.

And sweet tangerines, lush riads, beaches, argan oil - African country, located at the junction of two continents, attracts with oriental exoticism, architectural creations and charming nature.


Rabat - the center of Arab culture, local attractions tourists can read the history of the country. You can walk along the wide alleys and parks, visit mosques and museums. And be sure to look into the Medina - the old part of the city.

"African Athens" - the nickname of the city of Fes , with its thousand-year history and ancient quarters. It is very easy to get lost among the endless labyrinths of streets and inviting merchants., but you feel like a hero of the Brazilian series.

To sunbathe on the golden sand and swim in the Atlantic waters, must go to Agadir beach resort . snake charmers, street acrobats and luxurious gardens with parks meet tourists in Marrakesh . Do not miss the opportunity to see the largest mosque in Morocco in the city of Casablanca , also known for its business center with skyscrapers.

"Moroccan Versailles" - the city of Meknes , - attracts with mosques, palaces and gates of Bab el-Mansour. Essaouira is perfect for surfers., and El Jadida strikes with the beauty of European architecture, which has been preserved since colonization.


A masterpiece of Moorish architecture with underground tunnels and hundreds of rooms - El Badi Palace . Modest outside and absolutely luxurious inside the Bahia Palace , built in the spirit of Arab traditions. The Koutoubia Mosque and the Hassan II Mosque impress everyone without exception.. .You can get to the fortress of Ait Ben Haddou only by bridge or bags, sticking out of the water.

Don't overlook natural sights: Sahara Desert, Uzud waterfall, caves of Hercules, Lezgira beach and Menara gardens .


Luxury and the best hotels are located in the cities of Fes, Casablanca and Marrakech. Although in other cities the hotels look like real palaces: La Sultana Oualidia in Oualidia, Royal Atlas & Spa in Agadir, Riad Villa Maroc in Essaouira.

In old riads, converted into hotels, chamber atmosphere is preserved, small rooms and access to the courtyard.

To relax among the dunes means to use glamping in the Sahara. Camps are a real "oasis", equipped with every comfort, with ethnic furniture and Moroccan things. Complement the camel ride program, getting to know the Berbers, dinner and dancing by the fire.


At the restaurant La Grande Table Marocaine - the gastronomic symbol of Marrakech, serving like a king: meals are served in designer serving items. You can try Moroccan cuisine on the coast of Casablanca - in the place La Sqala , where live music plays, and tourists are served by energetic staff.

From local aromatic and spicy and hearty dishes: Tajin, harira soup, assorted seafood, Moroccan tea and sweets.


Meknes and Fez are famous for their natural carpets , Marrakech - Antiques . One of the local souvenirs - multi-colored shoes "grandmothers" , reminiscent of slippers, but with upturned noses. Although any national dress: hats, circuit boards, suits, - will remind you of the trip.

As an edible souvenir - argan oil , which is good to add not only to food, but also used for cosmetic purposes.

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