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Italian castle Tower of Talamonaccio - the atmosphere of the Middle Ages for the sophisticated

We are starting a series of articles about unique tourist locations in Europe, the USA and Russia. Today we will talk about the Italian hotel Torre di Talamonaccio (Talamonaccio Tower). How did she help defend Italy against the Saracen invasion in the Middle Ages? Why is Talamonnacho called the villa of James Bond? What events for business people are taking place within the walls of the castle now? We tell.

Location of the Castle Hotel Talamonaccio

An old medieval tower with a castle attached to it stands on a mountain near Talamone Bay. It is located in Tuscany (Republic of Siena), on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This region is famous for its mild climate, clear sea and pristine pine forests.


History of the Castle of Talamonaccio

The exact date of construction of the Torre di Talamonaccio is unknown. It was erected around the beginning of the 13th century as a watchtower to protect against the Saracens. Talamonaccio stands on the highest point of the coastline - the water surface is perfectly visible from it.

Tower of Talamonaccio - from a medieval castle to a modern hotel

In the 19th century, the military fortification turned into a private residence. Now the castle retains its medieval flavor and architecture - it has been restored in the South Tuscan style and combines ancient reliability and modern design. By the way, it was here that a fragment of the James Bond film "Quantum of Solace" was filmed.

The main building (castle) is two-storey. Let's go inside.

Passing through the main entrance, you find yourself in a cozy lobby. It does not at all resemble the gloomy interiors of medieval hotels - it is a bright Mediterranean-style room. Also on the ground floor there is a kitchen and three bedrooms - each has its own bathroom, decorated in soft milky tones.

Talamonaccio inside

We go up the stairs to the second floor, into the living room. Its windows offer stunning views of the azure expanse of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Cozy sofas and armchairs, a fireplace, a dining area with an antique table of the 16th century, an antique kitchen set that serves as a mini-bar - you can spend long hours here with a friendly conversation. There are also modern amenities such as air conditioning and a 32-inch SKY LCD TV with DVD.

Talamonaccio interior

Through the living room we go out onto a small terrace and admire the stunning views of two picturesque bays: Porto Santo Stefano and Talamone. If you look closely, you will see a charming village in the north and three islands - Giannutri, Giglio and Monte Cristo.

Tower of Talamonaccio

Let's move on to the main attraction - the ancient tower. Here are the bedroom and bathroom. Nearby is a guest house with a capacity of 4 people and a swimming pool. We go down the stairs to the sea to the private beach of Torre di Talamonaccio. No outsiders - just you and gentle sea waves.

Tower of Talamonaccio sea

Business meetings in the Tower of Talamonaccio

The hotel is often booked for families or friends. The atmosphere of Talamonaccio will suit lovers of silence, contemplation and ancient architecture.

Come to Tower of Talamonaccio. You will be met by the hospitable owner of the castle. Together with him you will taste old Italian wines, visit an olive plantation, walk around the area on horseback or explore the nearest bays on a luxury yacht. You can visit the island of Elba and Giglio, go shopping in Florence.

Tower of Talamonaccio rocks

Recently, Torre di Talamonaccio has become popular for holding business meetings in an unusual format.

The main idea: the invitation of big businessmen for business communication, joint rest and relaxation, and men and women should be equally divided. As a result, the participants get new connections, and the romantic atmosphere of the castle encourages further acquaintance.

The price includes transfers, VIP service, luxurious medieval atmosphere and delicious Italian cuisine. The scents of the Mediterranean bushes, the sound of the sea, the ancient atmosphere - an ideal place for business acquaintances and meetings with business partners. Perhaps this is where you will find your destiny.

And Now Pleasure is the official partner of the owners of the Talamonaccio Castle. We will help you book a hotel, arrange a round-trip flight, take care of your accommodation and comfort. All you have to do is enjoy a productive business holiday.

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