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The best places for winter holidays in Russia

The events of recent years are making adjustments to travel. It's time to explore Russia - ski resorts await you, interesting cities and beautiful nature. Rest days will fly by, and the experience will last a lifetime.


Ice-free lakes and rivers, snowy forests and mountains - there are no less vacationers in Altai in winter, than in summer.

You can watch hundreds of swans and ducks from observation decks on Lake Svetloe, and in the nursery "Siberian Legend" to ride a sled, pulled by reindeer or dogs. Outdoor enthusiasts also go skiing, snowboarding and cheesecakes - inexperienced can ask for help from ski school instructors.

The route along the winter Chuisky tract introduces you to frozen waterfalls. Teletskoye and Geysernoye lakes, springs, Tavdinsky caves and reserved villages - in the Altai winter fairy tale you will get acquainted with a large number of sights.

After an active day, it is good to relax in the spa centers, baths and pools. The choice of tourists or developed hotels with many services - sanatoriums "Belokurikha" or "Russia", or secluded corners among the forest and mountains - the recreation center "Russian House" and the sanatorium "Rodnik Altai".


Here is a real Russian winter - taiga and frozen lakes. National parks, colorful rocks, Kizhi architectural ensemble, northern lights - Karelia is a storehouse of natural attractions.

From local entertainment: dog sled or snowmobile trips, ski trips. In early March, you can get to the snow and ice stage of the Russian Cup in auto racing - the Yakimma rally.

Departure to the mountain park "Ruskeala" from Petrozavodsk or St. Petersburg. The famous retro train runs from Sortavala. Tourists enjoy admiring the view of the Marble Canyon from the observation decks., and in the evening and at night - multi-colored illumination of the park.

Thrill-seekers bungee jump from a sheer cliff or go down a canyon on a trolley (spend). Athletes-amateurs try themselves in short races on the lakes. During breaks they are fed dishes of Karelian cuisine.: the stomach, pies called kalitki, pastries with fish. Finnish snacks and Estonian delicacies meet in the cafe.

Tourists usually stop at recreation centers - and it’s beautiful, and reasonably priced. From the recreation center "Khutor Salokulya" a magnificent panorama of Lake Ladoga and mountain ranges opens, and the center "Rainbow" is located among the pine forest.

Murmansk region

To admire the view of the northern lights from the panoramic domes of glamping means to go to the Murmansk region. Romance combined with comfort awaits you: tents are equipped with a stove, bathroom, mini-fridges and barbecues on the terrace. Eco-hotel Aurora Village is considered the most luxurious glamping, located on the shore of Lake Kanentyavr. One house can accommodate up to 5 human.

Traditional recreation - skiing and snowboarding, participation in snowmobile tours. You can meet polar ostriches on a farm near Murmansk or visit a husky nursery. Be sure to taste the dishes of polar cuisine, made from fish, elk and deer meat.

Sopki, huge forests, the purest lakes, Khibiny mountains, and also the Saami village - active tourists explore the Kola Peninsula on ATVs and jeeps and recharge with the energy of the North for a long time.


Cold, but insanely beautiful and sunny - this is how you can briefly describe a trip to the largest lake in the world. Even April is considered a "winter" month here..

Baikal ice is unique in its purity and transparency - you look like in space. Even in thirty-degree frosts, tourists do not miss the opportunity to admire it: on foot, on skates, skiing and even cycling. When planning a trip, consider, that the lake freezes only from mid-January.

Going for ice diving means getting to know Baikal from the inside. Choice of other entertainment: ice fishing, ice sculpture festival, curling championship. You can explore the corners of the lake in jeep tours, and daredevils spend the night in tents right on the ice.

Be sure to try traditional Baikal dishes in local restaurants: hot Buryat poses and omul, as well as sagan-dayla tea with honey.

Tourists stop in picturesque places around Lake Baikal: in Listvyanka, Irkutsk or at the Sobolinaya Mountain resort. Infrastructure in the region under development, but you can relax in comfort - in the guest house "Royal Compound", park-hotel "Burduguz" or hotel "Snow White".

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