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Modest, unobtrusive, but very premium. All about the crossover Bentley Bentayga


Take a little off-road power, pair it with a pinch of stylish yet unobtrusive design, add a dash of English laconicism, and you've got the Bentley Bentayga, a British luxury crossover.

The history of the Bentayga began in 2015. The model appeared in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show and made a splash. Russian buyers saw the Bentley Bentayga only in the spring of 2016. The cost of the crossover at that time exceeded 17 million rubles (in the basic configuration) - this made the Bentayga the most expensive SUV in the world. The car even overtook the cost of the famous Cullinan.

We have prepared for you a small review of a premium car. Go!

Technical characteristics of the car Bentley Bentayga

  1. Permanently connected 4WD on a Torsen limited-slip differential provides excellent off-road capability on light to medium terrain.
  2. The air suspension with the possibility of changing the clearance increases the softness of the ride.
  3. Anti-roll bars automatically change their stiffness depending on driving style and manoeuvres. Fans of "flying into turns with their feet" will love this.
  4. The maximum ground clearance is 245 mm (the height of the car is adjusted using a button).
  5. The maximum speed of the car is 301 km/h.
  6. 4.1 seconds - Bentley Bentayga acceleration time to 100 km / h.
  7. Two engine options: a 12-cylinder 6-liter turbo petrol engine and an 8-cylinder 4-liter V8 diesel (considered the most powerful at the end of 2020).
  8. 8-speed gearbox.
  9. Brake system, the power of which is sufficient to ensure effective braking of the car even at full engine speeds.
  10. Four driving modes:
  • "Comfort",
  • "Sport",
  • "Bentley"
  • "Custom".

The modes are controlled by a "smart" electronic system. You can also switch them manually using the toggle by going into the "Custom" mode.

Russian autobloggers tested the car - it behaved perfectly in all conditions: from off-road to rough terrain.

Exterior of a luxury crossover

The Bentayga design team was tasked with pairing rugged off-road styling with premium. It took 3 years to prepare the concept. Today, the “SUV” looks as high-status as possible - it looks equally beautiful on the highway and in the forest. The crossover is presented in several colors: standard white and black, golden brown and 14 more shades. Judging by the reviews, Russian buyers prefer classic colors - they rarely take blue and green cars.

Distinctive features of the Bentayga

  • Original chrome grille.
  • Classic oval headlights.
  • Massive bumpers.
  • Chrome inserts on the bottom, around the license plate and on the taillights.
  • 22" carbon fiber wheels. By the way, the designers have been developing them for five whole years, and in 2017, 2019 they improved them. So Bentley boasts unique wheels that do not break even when hit at high speeds. Don't limit your drive!

In general, there is little off-road in the appearance of the car. No flashy brutality, just light muscularity, reminiscent of premium sedans. Such conciseness will appeal to those who purchase a car for business trips. Bentley Bentayga does not catch the eye with its off-road configuration, it looks prestigious and attracts attention.

Let's take a look inside the Bentley Bentayga

There we are waiting for the timeless classics of the Bentley jeep - rare wood trim, mineral glass on the dashboard and the delicate aroma of genuine leather. The buyer can choose one of 15 interior color options, "design" the interior to his liking.

The crossover does not create a feeling of tightness, rather the opposite. There is space for a family of 5. If desired, you can order a car with a third row of seats. Each chair is equipped with heating, ventilation, massage mechanism, adjustable and lateral support. Also at the disposal of passengers are retractable tables, cup holders, tablets built into the front seats and other accessories.

Dimensions: the width of the car is almost 2 meters, the height is 1.7 m, and the length is 5.14 m. The trunk holds 484 liters.

Let's move on to the driver's seat. A thin steering wheel trimmed with two-tone leather and adorned with chrome inserts, a stylish touchscreen display with navigation data, a climate control unit - everything is at hand and looks “Bentle” stylish.

What's inside the Bentley Bentayga?

A little about the "stuffing" of the crossover.

Choice of premium audio system: Standard, Signature, Naim SUV with 20 tweeters. The sound is synchronized with the backlight of the car for an immersive audio ecstasy. Also, two types of cruise control (active and four-zone), an IR camera, a night vision system, a portable control panel, and a correct parking system are waiting for you. It has everything to make off-road trips as high-tech and comfortable as possible for the owner.

The first service is recommended after the first 16,000 km.

Options Bentley Bentayga

Until 2020, three crossover options were available to customers:

  • The most luxurious 4-seater Mulliner.
  • Classic high-speed Bentley Bentayga.
  • Bentley Bentayga Diesel is a model with a diesel engine and a large fuel tank.
  • Bentley Hybrid - a hybrid car was released in 2018.

In October 2020, the fourth modification was released. Restylers slightly increased the grille and headlights, changed the shape of the spoiler and exhaust pipes, added heated nozzles to the wipers. Also, the designers completely changed the upholstery, poured “fillings” into the digital display and placed a number of additional buttons on the dashboard. By 2024, another restyling of Bentley is planned.

The average price for a Bentley Bentaygu in 2021 starts from 14 million rubles. The cost of CASCO insurance is from 29,540 rubles.

The Bentley Bentayga is a reliable SUV with premium looks. By the way, in our company you can rent this car — all configurations are available. We also provide assistance in the purchase - there are connections with official dealers for the sale of Bentley in Moscow. With us you will be able to buy a premium car of any configuration at a price below the market price. Contact us - we will send the 2022 catalog with a photo to your mail!

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