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Top Bombardier Global Express business jets

About company

The Bombardier Global Express line of aircraft is manufactured by the Canadian company Bombardier Aerospace.. This is a division of Bombardier Inc.. (bombardier, don't bombard ), aircraft manufacturer , railway and space technology. Subsidiaries of Bombardier Aerospace operate in 27 countries.

The history of Bombardier Inc began in 1942 year since the production of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles. Founder, Joseph-Armand Bombardier oversaw all development, research, he made the drawings himself until his departure .

The company has been engaged in aircraft construction since the mid-1980s.. Consistently buying Ireland Shorts Brothers, aviation pioneer with 1908 of the year, Learjet inc and De Havilland Canada.

Interesting fact : Bombardier Global models 5000 , 6000 and 7500 designed and manufactured in Canada, functioning since 1928 of the year. WITH 2010 Bombardier Aerospace focuses on business aviation.

Bombardier Aerospace has developed 21 aircraft model in three directions:

  • Learjet,
  • Challenger,
  • Global.

Bombardier Aerospace aircraft feature innovative equipment, specifications , safety. They are chosen by heads of state and the largest companies in the world. V 2021 year in Russia and the CIS registered 72 sides of the Global series. Bombardier jets are ultra-fast luxury jets , designed to travel around the globe.

Successes and achievements

GlobalExpress business jet 7500, commissioned in 2018 year, won international awards:

  • Red Dot Award 2018
  • Aviation Week 2019
  • Robb Report Best of the Best of the Best Business Jet of the Year, 2019 year.

Global Express 7500 Bombardier Global Express world's most expensive private jet, whose value is estimated at 98 million $. V 2021 bought by Andrew Forrest, Australian billionaire.

Current model range

Bombardier Global 5500

Range 10 927 km
Speed 956 km / h
Number of passengers 16
Rent from 9500 $/time
Price from 46 million $

The aircraft was presented in May 2018, and in 2020 sales started.

Technical innovation in the cockpit, introduced in 5500 and 6500: Bombardier Vision. This is a unique combined view system, which improves visibility and completes the picture for flying in difficult conditions.

Range increased by 500 miles compared to previous model, while fuel consumption is less. Flight performance and maneuverability enhanced by Rolls-Royce Pearl engines and modified wing. Bombardier Global 5500 connects cities, which planes cannot reach«classmates».

Spacious interior , the widest in the class, luxury interior with 3 zones, Nuage ergonomic lounge chairs with deep reclining function, kitchen. For work, videoconferencing and entertainment cabin equipped with high-speed Internet. For a good rest there is a bedroom, soundproof doors and curtains. Smooth running ensures Smooth Flĕx Wing.

Important : the aircraft is equipped with an air purification system with a HEPA filter, Bombardier Pũr Air, capable of 1,5 minutes to clear the space of allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Bombardier Global 6500

Range 12 223 km
Speed 956 km / h
Number of passengers 17
Rent from 10 650 $/time
Price from 53 million $

Global 6500 - enlarged version of Global 5500 in length and range.

Installed Rolls-Royce BR710 Pearl engines and updated wing shape from partner Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. It increased the speed, thrust and distance: you can fly from China to the UK on one flight. Fuel costs are reduced. The technical upgrade increased the power of the jet in conditions of high temperature and high mountains. Aircraft need short runways, subject to steep glide slopes.

As in 5500, Nuage anatomical chairs are used here, which repeat the shape of the body and unfold to the sleeping places.

In the cabin 3 separate zones: bedroom, club, conference. There is a multimedia system with a 4K image, in the bow of the kitchen and crew lounge.

Interesting fact : 6500 - the first business jet, which is equipped with a shower. You arrive at your destination fresh and rested.

Global 6500 Designed for the quietest flight, you are focused on your business and forget, that you are in the sky.

Bombardier Global 7500

Range 14 260 km
Speed 982 km / h
Number of passengers 19
Rent from 10 000 € / hour
Price from 68 million $

Bombardier Global 7500 – ultra-powerful liner with a large cabin, updated version of Global 7000 . The work on the project was 2010 of the year, the first deliveries of the aircraft began only in 2018 year. It immediately became a serious competitor to the Gulfstream G650ER. On 2022 Gulfstream G700 announced, according to the declared characteristics, the advantage is still with the Canadian.

7500 and 8000 lighter than other business jets, because. a lightweight wing has been developed for them. Safety is enhanced by the Bombardier Vision Flight Deck with terrain projection for all-weather flights.

The crew room is provided in the cabin, bedroom, living room, kitchen, shower room, toilet. There is internet, satellite phone and all, What do you need to travel around the world.

Bombardier Global 8000

Range 14 631
Speed 982 km / h
Number of passengers 17
Rent on request
Price from 71 million $

Global 8000 surpassed the range 7500 and retained the Global cabin configuration 6000 With 3 zones: cabinet, rest and meeting place. Kitchen more, because the duration of the flight can exceed 16 hours, includes convection and microwave oven, coffee maker, refrigerator, sink. Internet speed suitable for entertainment and work, conference calls, high definition content transmission. The board is adapted for maximum comfort and productivity of passengers. The furniture can be changed according to the individual wishes of the customer..

Bombardier Global 8000 embodies technological and design innovations. There are planes, faster than him, but Bombardier has more thrust and flight altitude, than competitors. To date, global 8000 — champion in speed and range among business jets, capable of flying from Los Angeles to Dubai, from Sydney to Sao Paulo. Due to flight qualities, it can compete with smaller aircraft .

Models out of production

Global Express

Range 11390
Speed 950 km / h
Number of passengers 19
Rent from 7500 $/time
Price from 14 million $

Global Express aircraft under the factory designation BD-700- 1A10 was announced in 1991, and made the first flight in 1996. The Bombardier BD-700 Global Express is designed to cover global distances at high speed and heavy payload..

The model is equipped with advanced electronics, Rolls-Royce BR700 engines with FADEC system, supercritical wing, T-tail. In the cockpit navigation system Honeywell Primus 2000 XP with six LCD screens.

Interesting fact: chassis of this model are made in Russia.

Bd-700 is one of the comfortable boards for business aviation. Spacious interior with 3 compartments. Several sleeping places, satellite telephony, service and equipment according to world standards.

Bombardier Global Express XRS

Range 11 389 km
Speed 904 km/h
Number of passengers 15
Rent from 7700 $/time
Price from 10 million $

V 2006 Bombardier Global Express XRS went on sale. Characteristics , distinguishing it from the previous model: additional fuel tanks and extended range. He will fly from Australia to America. BMW RollsRoyce BR-710s engines boost ship's thrust. Bombardier Enhanced Vision System for a softer landing and easier handling in adverse weather conditions.

The model holds up to 19 human, in the cabin there is an opportunity to retire for relaxation. Armchairs transform into beds. XRS was produced before 2012 of the year.

Global 5000

Range 9630
Speed 907
Number of passengers 16
Rent from 7500 $/time
Price from 21 million $

Smaller version of the Global Express XRS. It has reduced fuel tanks and reduced range. But the engine power is enough to make intercontinental flights at speeds up to 950 km / h.

Interesting fact: first board Global 5000 immediately set a record, covering the distance from Chicago to Paris in 7 hours and 15 minutes.

Bombardier Global Express 6000

Range 11112
Speed 944
Number of passengers 16
Rent from 8000 $/time
Price from 26 million $

Bombardier Global 6000 issued from 2012 on 2019 years. He replaced Global Express XRS and 5000, ahead of them in terms of convenience and flight qualities. It has a Vision Flight Deck system, thanks to which the pilot has access to terrain analysis, hidden by the weather. Flaps soften the ride, the aircraft is not sensitive to turbulence, which is useful when flying over water.

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