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Flight to Dubai by private jet

flight to Dubai on a business jet

In the largest city and capital of the UAE, Dubai, there are comfortable resort areas and many business centers for international companies. Therefore, business jet flights from Moscow to Dubai are in high demand. The airports of the capital of the UAE are ready to receive a large number of aircraft daily. In our company, you will choose the right option for a private jet to Dubai.

Flights from any other city are also possible. Contact us and within a few hours we will offer you the best flight options, as well as, if necessary, organize a premium transfer by luxury car or helicopter from your city to the city of departure.

For many years we have been successfully engaged in the full organization of business jet flights from Moscow to Dubai, the prices for which we have are quite affordable.

Fast flight to Dubai by private jet

We will select an aircraft, help you collect and process the necessary documents. We will accompany and meet you upon arrival. We organize a comfortable flight and meals on board. Private flight Moscow - Dubai will be a pleasure for you.

We will arrange the following for you:

  • Fully equipped charter with uninterrupted communication for personal and business negotiations;
  • Cargo flight. Especially for the transportation of valuable goods;
  • Corporate flights for companies;
  • Pleasure flights. On a comfortable administrative plane you can fly over the city;
  • Flight for transporting children. You can send a child of any age, accompanied by a nanny or an airline employee;
  • Flights for sports teams and all necessary sports equipment;
  • VIP charter for popular media personalities, as well as show business stars;
  • Wedding flights for couples in love.

Call us and book your discounted charter flight until 20%.

We organize flights all over the world. One of the most popular destinations is business jet flight to the Maldives.

How is a business jet booked?

The whole procedure of booking a private jet Moscow - Dubai takes place in 5 simple steps:

  1. You leave a request through a special form on our website or simply call us at +7(495)1-666-959;
  2. If you made an application through the form on the site, then we will contact you in 5-10 minutes and discuss all the details. If you got through to us by phone, then we will discuss all the details immediately;
  3. Based on your wishes and requirements, we select suitable aircraft options. We will agree with you all the selected models, and choose the one that you like the most;
  4. We specify the full price and proceed to the execution of the necessary documents;
  5. You go on a flight, and we organize all services in flight and after arrival.

Why choose us?

For more than 20 years we have been engaged in business flights around the world. We have an impeccable reputation, dozens of partners and hundreds of regular customers. Renting a private jet Moscow - Dubai will be very simple and profitable for you.

There are more than four thousand business jets in our partner network. Among them, there is sure to be the right plane.

We draw up simple and transparent contracts. We meet our clients and are ready to discuss any details.

You will have a personal consultant who will keep in touch with you, help, and, if necessary, quickly solve all problems.

Try the best conditions for tourist and business flights with us.

Departure and arrival airports

Departure takes place from all major airports in the city. In Moscow, these are: Vnukovo-3, Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo. In St. Petersburg, this is Pulkovo-3.

It is also possible to fly from the airport in Zhukovsky

There are two airports in the capital of the UAE where arrivals can be made:

  • Dubai World Central International. Relatively young airport, with VIP lounges;
  • Dubai International. The main airport of the city, located almost in the center of the city.

Book private flights with us - we guarantee a departure from an airport convenient for you.

The cost of the flight Moscow - Dubai and St. Petersburg - Dubai

One of the questions that clients ask us when they contact us is how much does a private jet Moscow - Dubai cost? The price is formed from the following factors:

  • Specific flight route;
  • Model of an administrative aircraft;
  • Number of passengers and main crew;
  • Catering level;
  • Parking time at the airport;

We cooperate with all major airlines, so we are able to offer the most profitable flights.

Here is the approximate price of a private jet Moscow - Dubai, depending on its type:

  • Small jets with a capacity of no more than 8 people - from 2400 euros / hour;
  • Medium business jets - from 3300 euros / hour;
  • Large business jets with a capacity of up to 90 people - from 7000 euros / hour.

Prices for flights departing from St. Petersburg practically do not differ from prices departing from Moscow.

Return flights Empty Legs

A large number of private jets fly only in one direction, after which they need to return back. To pay for the return flight, airlines sell tickets for it at a good discount. Our company will select a return flight for you on a specific date. We closely monitor all return flights and negotiate with airlines. You just tell us the date and time, and we will select a return ticket for you.

Jet Sharing (Jet Sharing) to Dubai

The most profitable private jet rental in Dubai is through the Jet Sharing system. Its essence lies in the fact that the cost of the flight is divided among all passengers who fly on the same flight. All services are reserved for all passengers. The cost of a jet-sharing flight will depend on the number of passengers who will fly on one flight. This allows you to significantly save on flights.

Our company will select a flight for you using Jet Sharing. You can not look for a suitable flight, but create it yourself, and we will already be looking for fellow travelers for you.

Available business jet models

Our database contains a huge number of options for business jets. Here are the main models:

  • Boeing Airbus;
  • Britten Norman;
  • Learjet;
  • Nextan;
  • Beechcraft;
  • HondaJet;
  • Cessna;
  • bombardier;
  • Gulfstream;
  • Dassault.

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