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Flight to the Maldives by business jet

business jet to maldives

The Maldives is a popular resort and private jet flights in this direction are in demand. The airports of the island are ready to accept liners of any class, so our clients can choose the type of flight they like. The price of a private jet to the Maldives from Moscow is quite high, but our agency will help you comfortably make jet sharing to the Maldives.

Flying to the Maldives by private jet

Business class aviation is the "aerobatics" in the service sector. A private airliner with a minimum number of fellow travelers or none at all, the highest level of safety and comfortable travel conditions. This service is especially relevant in a pandemic, when it is important to get to the right place in isolation and safely.

In addition, a private jet flight to the Maldives is a total time saver. The main differences between flights are in the size of the liner, its capacity and speed. Taking into account your wishes, the consultants of the company will select the best offer.

We cooperate with 37 partner companies, which allows us to choose the best option for the cost of a private jet flight Moscow-Maldives for each client.

How do we book a business jet to the Maldives for you?

  • Since we cooperate with global companies, finding the best flight offer from Moscow to the Maldives on a private jet is not a problem. To accomplish this task, just write to our manager for a short consultation, which specifies the details and wishes regarding the flight.
  • Next, a contract for the provision of services is signed, the necessary documents are collected, and an advance payment is made. In the shortest possible time, we contact the air carriers and buy the best personal offer. The price of a private jet to the Maldives in this case is pleasant, as partners provide discounts especially for our clients.
  • We provide all the information received about the reservation and the upcoming trip to the client. After that, he checks the data and only after that he pays the entire cost of the Moscow-Maldives flight on a private jet.
  • In the absence of the necessary documents from the client, we take this problem upon ourselves. The company is also engaged in the official registration of international passports, the opening of a visa, obtaining Covid-19 certificates. This service is paid separately, but it definitely justifies the amount, as we guarantee the quality of the work performed. Purchase your departure documents from us and save your time.

Why choose us?

  • Our company is the top in the market of services for arranging business jet flights to any corner of the world. Over 20 years of experience and the ability to hear people helps to remain the best.
  • We are regularly entrusted with the organization of their flights by more than 50 regular customers, we book about 3000 tickets a year, we have already sent jets to 79 countries around the world. And this is far from the limit.
  • Customers trust us with their work and holiday travel because we are able to purchase 20% tickets for them below market price. And also all the activities of the company are absolutely official and legal. It’s not scary with us, because managers are in touch 24/7 until the moment the client lands at the right point.
  • We are open to every client. As a rule, services of this type are provided by closed clubs, which can only be entered with a contribution of at least 10,000 euros. We work differently and arrange private flights to the Maldives with a minimum check amount.
  • A unique approach to everyone, a guarantee of the quality of services, many years of experience, cooperation with world airlines, the possibility of free route selection - all this makes our company attractive to customers who value comfort and their time.

Departure and arrival airports

Departures and arrivals of business jets take place at the respective airports, which provide comfortable takeoff and landing, guarantee confidentiality and prompt disembarkation of passengers. Below is a list of Moscow airports from which a private jet can fly to the Maldives.

  • Bullish;
  • Sheremetyevo;
  • Domodedovo;
  • Ostafyevo;
  • Vnukovo.

Mostly a business jet in the Maldives lands at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, which meets all the necessary standards, but the island also receives tourists by private jets at the following airports:

  • Dharavandhoo Island;
  • Gan Airport;
  • Fuvahmulak;
  • Kaadedhdhoo;
  • Hanimaadhoo.

During the consultation, our specialist will be able to tell you in detail about the conditions at all of the above airports and will definitely take into account the wishes of the client.

Airfare to the Maldives from Russia

Holidays in the Maldives are popular and in demand, so the question is “How much does a private jet to the Maldives cost?” many people are interested. For the most part, it depends on the type of jet on which the client will fly and how many passengers will be on board besides him. The approximate cost of 1 hour of flight (flying about 7-9 hours) is presented below:

  • 6000-6600 € on large liners;
  • 2500-4000 € on light aircraft;
  • from 11,000 € on business aircraft;
  • from 1000 € for a turboprop.

The cost of the flight is approximate, and say exactly how much costs a private jet Moscow-Maldives will be able to manager after consultation. Book your comfortable trip with us in just a few hours.

Jet sharing to the Maldives

Jet sharing is a popular service of our company. It implies the rental of a private jet for a flight by several people at the same time. That is, each passenger pays for the rental of a seat in the jet. The more people on board, the cheaper it is for everyone to rent an aircraft. Read more at the link above.

Available business jet models

Liners for a business jet to the resort island are reliable, comfortable and fast. The most popular models for this type of travel are:

  • Pilate PC-12 (accommodates up to 6 passengers);
  • Pilate PC-24 (there are 6 passenger seats on board);
  • Cessna Citation Mustang (fly up to 4 people)
  • Hawker 400XP (the fastest aircraft for up to 7 people);
  • Nextant 400XTi (designed for 7 passengers);
  • YAK 40 VIP (up to 13 people can be in the cabin);
  • P.180 Next EVO (seats 8 passengers);
  • Cessna Citation CJ1+ (capacity 6 people).

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