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Jet Sharing - aka Jet Shuttle - seat rental in a business jet

jet sharing

Buying a seat on a private jet is real. The format of per-seat rental Jet Sharing (Jet Sharing, aka Jet Shuttle) provides for the rental of one or more seats in a business jet, and not the entire aircraft. The cost of this service is comparable to the price of a seat in the business class of a regular aircraft.

How to book a seat in Jet

Jet sharing in Russia is a young service. Despite this, we have already achieved a high level of service, efficiency in finding and creating the right flight. Book a seat on a private jet:

  • Leave a request on our website or call: +7(499)1-666-959;
  • Tell the details of your flight to the consultant;
  • Sign the prepared contract and make an advance payment;
  • Receive tickets and related documents on the same day;
  • Check the package of documents for the flight and only after that pay the rest of the amount.

Your personal manager will be in charge of renting a seat in a business jet - he will be in touch 24/7 and will solve any questions that may arise.

Would you like to clarify any details? Give us a call - we're on call 24/7.

Pricing for per-seat rentals

Use private jet sharing - the price for this service is up to 85% lower than when booking an airliner in full. The main factors on which the final cost of the flight depends:

  • Aircraft model, type of airports of departure and arrival.
  • Number of passengers.
  • The choice of chair: a regular airplane or a cozy sofa.
  • Directly the route, range and the need for transfers.
  • Additional services in the form of catering and more.

The best jet sharing

We organize the best jet-sharing flights because:

  • We ship to anywhere in the world;
  • We buy tickets at a price lower than those of competitors on 5-20%;
  • We work under an official contract;
  • We provide a personal consultant with round-the-clock support;
  • We find the desired flight and book tickets for the current day;
  • We maintain client confidentiality.

The number of satisfied customers with our service is constantly growing. Book a flight with us using the jet sharing system and become one of them.

The cheapest jet-sharing flight

The cost of a jet-sharing flight certainly depends on the aircraft itself. The cheapest private jet is the small but very powerful Cirrus Vision jet. Its motor develops cruising speed up to 556 km/h. There are 7 seats on board, including the pilot's seat. Based on the capacity of Cirrus Vision, the price of one hour of flight on it is about 1000 euros.

Features and benefits of business jet sharing

A per-seat rental involves the purchase of aircraft tickets, where the total cost is divided among all passengers. Passengers receive all the benefits of business aviation flights:

  • VIP terminals are convenient, safe and confidential.
  • VIP menu: restaurant directly on board.
  • Comfort: several bathrooms, a huge luggage compartment, Wi-Fi zone, office equipment, TV.
  • Experienced staff trained to serve VIPs.

A seat on a business jet also gives you the chance to expand your circle of friends. Join the number of our permanent VIP-clients.

The difference between jet sharing and business class flights

A jet-sharing flight differs markedly from a regular business class flight:

  • Business class has stricter baggage restrictions. But on board the jet you can take non-standard cargo: its allowable volumes depend on the model of the aircraft.
  • A rented seat on a jet has more space: you can sit freely and stretch your legs.
  • On board a business jet there may be a recreation area, a meeting room and a shower room. You can even smoke on some flights.


  1. What planes are used for flights?

In business aviation for per-seat rentals, the following are relevant today:

  • Hawker 800XP4
  • Challenger 300;
  • Challenger 605;
  • Challenger 850;
  • Legacy 600;
  • Global Express 5000.
  1. Who can use the service of buying a seat in a private jet?

Jet Sharing is popular among those who want to get to their destination quickly and profitably. This is convenient for sports teams, politicians, business representatives, doctors who urgently need to fly to another city or country to provide assistance. Many families use chair rentals to comfortably get to the resort.

  1. Where can I see the jet sharing schedule?

As such, there is no timetable for business jets. These are liners of regular flights follow the approved schedule and route, and business aviation flights are planned several hours in advance and depart to any destination. But it is unlikely that you will be able to fly away on the day of booking, since the jet sharing system implies the presence of fellow travelers who will need to be selected for a specific flight.

  1. Is it possible to book a seat if the client is not in the territory of the Russian Federation?

Yes, we work with customers all over the world. The difference in time zones is also not a problem for us - our managers process applications around the clock.

  1. Is it possible to send a child without legal representatives?

Yes. In this case, the carrier company will act as an escort. This will require additional documents. Also, the accompanying person can be a third person (for example, a nanny), in whose name a notarized power of attorney from the parents will be issued.

  1. Can pets be transported?

Yes. You will need to discuss the conditions for transporting animals with the manager in advance - before booking a ticket. Your pet must have documents, and before landing, he will have to pass veterinary control.

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