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Gulfstream G450 - maintenance cost, specifications

Gulfstream G450 And Now Pleasure

Business Jet Gulfstream G450 belongs to the category of large aircraft. These include models with a cabin capacity of 10 to 16 passengers. A comfortable cabin stuffed with modern technologies that flies at supersonic speed is the property of aviation technology from a manufacturer with a worldwide reputation and more than half a century of experience in building aircraft.

The closest brother Gulfstream G500

Passengers feel a high level of service in a spacious cabin, upholstered in white leather. Two passenger areas, made concisely, restrainedly - nothing more, exactly the same for the technical stuffing. Cutting-edge technology - 2013 aircraft, noise isolation on board has been improved on the 18% compared to previous models such as 450/650.

The cabin configuration - that is, the appearance - can be selected from 6 variations available to choose from, which can be requested from the operator in advance. This function is available for most companies that rent a business jet for rent.

The wood-like finish, under which the fittings are made, and the door separating the cabin areas are in harmony with the overall impression of the luxury of the interior decoration on board.

Gulfstream G450 And Now Pleasure

You can use at your discretion a kitchen area with a coffee maker, ice maker, sink, as well as a full sleeping area. All this in addition to the main seats - comfortable chairs and the cleanest air due to powerful cleaning filters on board. Internet is also available.

The main flight and technical characteristics of the model:

  • Speed - 850 km / h
  • Flight distance - 8061 km
  • Maximum number of passengers - 13 people

The best thing about the Gulfstream 450, as in aviation technology, is the characteristics that speak for themselves. In terms of the interior decoration of the cabin itself and the design of the Gulfstream 450 business jet, the price speaks for itself - you can take a virtual tour of the photo. On the technical side, bragging from the review from the same Wikipedia is enough.

The best technical overview of the situation is available with the kit and is complemented by four LCD monitors for a better view of what is happening above the sky. With the help of this, pilots instantly orient themselves according to the situation, masterfully adjust the route for any need.

Avionics of the new generation is able to adapt to any weather conditions faster than its predecessor with 17 years of experience, an impeccable reputation - Gulfstream GIV. The Tay Mk611-8C Rolls Royce engines are ergonomically designed and equipped with a digital safety system called the FADEC system for greater efficiency. Jet easily overcomes flights over mountain ranges.

What the residents of Russia will appreciate: due to the range of flights without stops or additional landings, the aircraft is able to fly between the following cities in one takeoff and landing:

  • Moscow - New York;
  • Moscow - Tokyo;
  • Moscow - Nursultan.

The list goes on, the general idea - a non-stop distance - 8006 km - can take passengers almost anywhere without additional refueling along the way, as well as wasting time.

Cost of ownership, operation

Owning a premium business jet, which is the Gulfstream 450, is an expensive pleasure. The main expenses include the cost of paying for work, training employees, as well as necessary real estate. Variable costs - mainly for consumables (fuel), repairs, equipment support, as well as contingencies.

Basic expenses

200 hours per year 400 hours per year
Crew (salaries, hiring) $308,074 $308,074
Crew training $104,868 $104,868
Hangar (rent, payments) $79,007 $79,007

Costs of the maintenance process, flights

200 hours per year 400 hours per year
Fuel cost ($400/gallon) $450,560 901 120 dollars
Support $78,000 $78,000
Engine repair $147,000 $147,000
Additional expenses $80,000 $160,000
Variable costs $30,000 $60,000
Insurance $33,489 $33,489

FAQ: Questions/Answers

What is the wingspan of a Gulfstream G450?

This value is equal to 23.7 meters.

What is the maximum capacity of the G450 in terms of the number of people?

The jet can accommodate up to 13 adults.

What is the maximum flight altitude for the Gulfstream G450?

The flight altitude limit for the Gulfstream G450 is 13,720 m.

What is the G450's peak cruising speed?

The speed of Gulfstream G450 aircraft is 850 km/h.

What is the cabin length of the Gulfstream G450 aircraft?

The length of the board from the inside is 13.7 meters from the cockpit to the luggage compartment.

How large is the passenger area of the G450 business jet?

The interior width of the Gulfstream 450 is 2.24 m.

What are the floor to ceiling measurements on board for the Gulfstream G450?

The cabin height of the G450 is 1.88 m, which is suitable for most men on board and does not cause them discomfort.

What distance can the Gulfstream G450 cover without landings and refueling?

The maximum flight range of the Gulfstream 450 jet is up to 7223 km.

How much does it cost to rent a Gulfstream G450?

You can rent a Gulfstream G450 for an amount starting from 7000$/hour.

How much does it cost to buy a Gulfstream G450 for your own use?

You can buy a new business jet 450 for $40,000,000. On the secondary market you can buy for half the price.

What is the luggage compartment capacity of the Gulfstream G450?

The luggage compartment volume of the Gulfstream G450 is 4.8 cubic meters.

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