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Gulfstream G280 - characteristics, description, rent and purchase

Flight and technical characteristics

  • Flight range 6667 km
  • Two passenger areas
  • Cruise speed 870 km/h
  • Operating speed (Mmo) - 0.85
  • Number of passengers - 9

Inner dimensions

  • Length - 7.44 m
  • Height - 1.85 m
  • Width - 2.18
  • Trunk volume — 4.4. m³

gulfstream The G290 is owned by the American aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. A business jet is one of the largest and most comfortable, suitable for complex and long flights. The Gulf Stream will easily take you to your destination due to the high flight range and the ability to take off from short runways. Means of automatic control and automatic brakes provide a comfortable flight.

It is interesting
The first flight of the G290 took place in December 2009 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and lasted more than three hours. Powerful aircraft engines increase fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs. The first name of the model is G250, but in the end it was not approved, since in Chinese culture the number 250 is negative in its meaning. In addition, the Chinese market is one of the main ones, which is why it was decided to rename the aircraft to G290.

The passenger compartment of the G290 is large and comfortable among business class aircraft. Divided into two passenger areas, can accommodate up to 10 people. The cabin can accommodate five beds. Folding chairs and a sofa are transformed into sleeping places, which provides passengers with rest during the flight. Thanks to the large working surfaces of the kitchen, the staff will serve cooked food to all passengers at the same time. The aircraft is also equipped with a system for informing passengers about the progress of the flight, satellite communications and an entertainment system.

Cabin volume is larger than the Challenger 300 and G200. Good sound insulation ensures a comfortable flight. The volume of the luggage compartment is (3.4 m³), access to which is also open during the flight, which is very convenient for passengers.

Closest brother Gulfstream G280 - Gulfstream G150.

The cockpit is equipped with technologies that improve situational awareness, reduce pilot workload and increase their productivity. Technical vision allows landing in conditions of poor visibility without the help of natural vision. The synthetic vision system is equipped with a 3D model of the terrain and runways, improving the situational awareness of pilots.

Interior lighting is provided by 19 large windows. Thanks to forced ventilation, fresh air is constantly supplied to the cabin. This allows passengers to feel comfortable during the flight.

Gulfstream G290 specifications

Salon design

  • Four layout options
  • On-board kitchen in the nose of the aircraft
  • Vacuum toilet in tail section

Weight characteristics

  • Takeoff weight (maximum) - 17962 kg
  • Landing weight - 14832 kg
  • Weight without fuel - 12791 kg
  • Base operating weight - 10954 kg
  • Payload - 454 kg
  • Payload with full fuel - 454 kg
  • Fuel capacity - 6622 kg


  • Avionics Gulfstream PlaneView280
  • Motors Two Honeywell HTF7250G motors
  • Rated takeoff thrust (each engine) —
    7624 pounds | 33.90 kN


  • Interior height with trim 6'1" | 1.85 m
  • Finished Width 6'11" | 2.11 m
  • Length (excluding luggage compartment) 25 ft 10 in | 7.87 m
  • Overall length 32' 3" | 9.83 m
  • Volume 935 cu. feet | 26.48 cu. M
  • The useful volume of the luggage compartment is 120 cubic meters. feet | 3.40 cu. M
  • Fuselage height 21 ft 4 in | 6.50 m

The cost of rent and maintenance.

The price for a new Gulfstream 280 aircraft is $24900000. The price for the 2019 model is about $ 24.5 million, the total flight hours is 687 hours.

Rent costs 6000 € per hour.

variable costs Hourly costs
Fuel cost $218,600
Maintenance $78,200
Engine overhaul $121,000
Crew/landing/handling fees $80,000
miscellaneous $10,000
Total $507,800

Popular questions

How much luggage space does a Gulfstream 280 have?

The trunk volume of the Gulfstream G290 is 4.4 m3.

What is the maximum capacity of the Gulfstream G290?

Capacity - 10 passengers.

What is the cabin height of the business jet Gulfstream 280?

The height is 1.85 m.

What is the cabin width of the G290?

The width of the aircraft is 2.18 m.

How much does a Gulfstream G290 cost?

The price of the business jet is 24,900,000 $.

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