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Gulfstream (Gulfstream) G700 - in detail about a first-class business jet

The Gulfstream 700 aircraft is one of the most spacious business jets of the new generation. This model is equipped with a Pearl 700 engine, which Rolls-Royce developed individually, and special winglets.

The engine has a thrust of 18250 lbf, giving the best efficiency on the 12% on the specific thrust side and on the 5% on the fuel consumption side. This is provided by a low pressure core that increases takeoff thrust on the 8% through a new four-stage system.

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Flight characteristics

In the course of laboratory studies, it was found that the Gulf Stream 700 is capable of covering a distance of 13890 kilometers at an average speed of Mach 0.85 and 11853 at a maximum of Mach 0.9. It has a maximum thrust of 18250 lbf each and provides higher specific thrust on the 12% and higher fuel efficiency on the 5%.

It was found that the interior of the Gulfstream G700 will be one of the longest and highest in this line. It is believed that it will be 3 meters longer than the previous model G650 But such features will ensure low cabin pressure during flight.

Features of a first-class jet

At the presentation of the model, the creators showed that the salon will be divided into 5 living areas, which include a bedroom, a shower room, a spa, as well as a conference room and a dining room designed for 6 people. You can study the photo of the interior on our website.

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Real comfort in the sky

Gulfstream G700 aircraft represent a real breakthrough in the world of technology and comfortable travel. But besides this, the developers presented several variations of the interior layout. They include versions with a large bedroom and a separate toilet.

Amazing technology

One of the biggest benefits is the circadian lighting system, which synchronizes with the passenger's biological clock and accurately simulates sunrise and sunset using several thousand oval white and orange LEDs. Such a system makes it much easier to transfer time zones, while reducing the physical impact on the body.

Also, manufacturers have installed an advanced communication system on the G700, which allows you to make calls and freely access the Internet throughout the flight.

Taking on the skies with AI

It is also worth noting the equipment of the cockpit. It is equipped with one of the modern avionics complexes. All the necessary information is displayed on 4 large displays and 10 auxiliary ones.

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Also, the synthetic vision system allows you to generate different versions of the landscape, which is hidden by weather conditions, allowing you to calculate many situations at once in advance. The aircraft also has a monoplane layout, which has a low wing for better visibility.


Characteristics of the Gulfstream 700 is one of the most important issues in this article. Consider the main ones:

  1. The maximum flight range is 13890 km.
  2. The maximum cruising speed is 1103 km/h.
  3. The maximum flight altitude is 15545 m.
  4. The maximum takeoff weight is 48807 kg.
  5. The maximum landing weight is 37875 kg.
  6. Luggage volume - 5.52 m³.
  7. The length of the jet is 33.48 m.
  8. Height - 7.75 m.
  9. Wingspan - 31.39 m.
  10. Engine - 2 turbofan Rolls-Royce Pearl 700.
  11. Takeoff distance - 1905 m.
  12. Landing strip - 762 m.

Did you know…
Many believe that in English the manufacturer's name Gulfstream is spelled as Golfstream. This is a misconception, the correct spelling is Gulfstream.

These are the main technical characteristics of the Gulfstream 700. We suggest further considering the characteristics of the cabin:

  1. The Gulfstream 7000 aircraft is classified as a long-haul aircraft; from 14 to 19 people can be accommodated on board.
  2. The length of the cabin is 17.35 meters.
  3. Cabin width - 2.49 meters.
  4. Height - 1.91 meters.
  5. Volume - 73.7 m³.

Popular questions

What is the cost of a five-star jet

It will be possible to buy an aircraft at a price of $75,000,000, but the rent will cost around 11,000 €/hour.

When to wait for the plane

Gulfstream Aerospace will deliver the first models to customers as early as 2022.

Is it possible to buy a plane first

At the moment, 2 companies have already entered into an agreement to purchase this model. These are Qatar Airways and Flexjet.

What is the fuel consumption of the aircraft

With a tank of 22407 liters, the flow rate is 1600 liters per hour.

At what maximum altitude can the flight take place

The maximum altitude for flight is 15545 meters.

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