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Gulfstream G550 - luxury business jet in detail

The Gulfstream G550 belongs to the class of business aviation aircraft. The creator of the business jet is the company Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. The aircraft model was introduced in 2003. It is considered a jet aircraft in its class. The Gulfstream G 650 is the company's first largest aircraft, the Gulfstream 550 is second in this category.

The aircraft is purchased for private purposes, for charter flights. On-board equipment with the addition of new features, a longer cabin is what distinguishes this aircraft from Gulfstream Vwhich was previously released.

Basic characteristics of the model

Gulfstream G550 is an aircraft that has the possibility of placing a galley, depending on the desire of the client. The kitchen can be located both in the bow and in the tail of the aircraft. Only this version of the jet offers such a choice of accommodation in its class.

The economy of the flight is achieved by using the cruise mode (it means "constant speed"). The long wing size also contributes to economy. The aircraft can compete on the length of the runway.

By the way, this is probably the best option for flight on a business jet Moscow-Maldives.

The highest flight speed of the Gulfstream 550 is 926 km/h. Cruise flight speed - 850 km / h. In the description of the characteristic, information is given that the flight range of this aircraft is 12,500 km. This became possible due to the required amount of fuel and good aerodynamics of the jet fuselage.

This model (similar Gulfstream G700) has the ability to take off and land in low visibility conditions. All this is possible thanks to the infrared camera, which is available in this business jet.

It is believed that the most comfortable stay is when there are 13-14 people on board. The aircraft can also accommodate 19 air passengers.

Interesting Facts:

  • The Gulfstream G 550 is an aircraft that is easy to recognize by its external features if you look at its photo. It is often found in frames of foreign films.
  • The maximum altitude at which Gulfstream can fly is 15,545 m, which is technically impossible for other business jets.
  • The Wikipedia website indicates that this aircraft holds the record for speed. Accumulated 40 records. One of the first and most significant was the flight from Seoul (South Korea) to Orlando (Florida). The plane flew 13,521 km in 14.5 hours.

Flight performance

Maximum flight range 12,501 km
High cruising speed 904 km/h
Cruising speed 850 km/h
Maximum operating speed (Mmo) Mach 0.885
Takeoff distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 1801 m
Roll out 844 m
Initial cruising altitude 12,497 m
Max cruising altitude 15,545 m

It also has similar performance Falcon 900 aircraft.

Weight characteristics

Maximum takeoff weight 41,277 kg
Maximum mass without fuel 24,721 kg
Maximum allowable landing weight 34 156 kg
Operating weight 21,909 kg
Maximum payload
(with 4 crew members)
2 812 kg
Maximum fuel 18,733 kg
Payload with maximum fuel capacity (with 4 crew members) 816 kg


Engines Two Rolls-Royce BR710С411 engines
Rated takeoff thrust (each engine) 68.4 kN
Avionics Honeywell Primus Epic


Cabin height 1.88 m
Cabin width 2.24 m
Cabin length (without luggage compartment) 13.39 m
Overall cabin length 29.39 m
Cabin volume 47.26 m3
Usable volume of the luggage compartment 5.66 m3
Fuselage height 7.87 m
Fuselage length 29.39 m
Wing span 28.5 m

Cost of ownership and maintenance

Gulfstream G 550, which is about 10 years old, can be bought within 30 million US dollars. The price of the new jet reaches 60 million US dollars. Rent varies from 8000 $ per hour. When servicing a jet, you should remember about the current maintenance costs: fixed costs (another name for fixed costs) and variable costs.

This aircraft is often used for flights by type jet sharing - when the seats on the plane are rented separately.

Fixed costs include:

  • crew and technical staff training;
  • payment for the work of the crew;
  • hangar rent;
  • insurance;
  • payment to the management company, which monitors the maintenance of the technical suitability of the aircraft;
  • unplanned additional expenses.

On average, these costs cost 750,000 $ per year.

Variable costs include:

  • fuel costs;
  • maintenance dependent on flying hours;
  • engine repair;
  • expenses for transportation of the crew, landing;
  • additional costs, this may include agency fees for the work of third parties.

On average, it also takes 750,000 $. In total, it is necessary to count on the amount of about 1,500,000 $ per year for servicing the Gulfstream 550.

Popular questions

Is there internet on board the aircraft?

On board the aircraft there is an opportunity to use communication, the Internet. There is a printer and fax.

What is a passenger lounge?

For the comfort of customers, there are 4 zones for passengers. A system for supplying and regulating air at the requested temperature has been developed. The cabin is well soundproofed. There are 12 possible interior options. It is possible to control the functions of the salon using gadgets.

How many beds can be arranged?

The layout provides for the organization of 8 beds. It is also possible to equip up to 4 individual living areas.

How much luggage space does an airplane have?

Trunk volume - 6.4 m3.

What is included in the SV-PFD system?

This system was developed by Honeywell in order to avoid and prevent a dangerous collision. It displays three-dimensional color terrain models, which are built on the basis of data embedded in this system.

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