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Aircraft Gulfstream (Gulfstream) G500 - features and specifications

Gulfstream is an American aircraft manufacturer that builds some of the world's finest business jets. The corporation has been operating since the 1950s, and has produced more than two thousand business class aircraft.

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Flight performance Gulfstream GV

  • Cruise Altitude Interval — from 13106 m to 15545 m.
  • Maximum flight range - 9816 km.
  • Maximum number of passengers – 13 people
  • Cruise speed at maximum range - 902 km / h.
  • Takeoff distance - 1615 m.
  • Maximum operating speed - 982 km / h.

One of the popular models manufacturer Gulfstream business jet Gulfstream G500. The first and successful flight of this aircraft took place in 2015. For 2021, the Gulfstream G500 is one of the best of its kind. Consider the important parameters of this aircraft: dimensions, interior arrangement, and so on.

Aircraft Features

In addition to excellent flight performance, the Gulfstream 500 business jet has something to please its owner.

Interior arrangement

The Gulfstream G500 aircraft is equipped with a noise isolation system to make every flight unforgettable. From 14 large windows overlooking the aviation scenery.

The cabin of the business jet is designed so that the kitchen can be located in the front or rear. As for the toilet, it is located in two parts at once. Freedom of choice is not limited to this - if desired, a luxurious cabin can be equipped in the tail section.

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A pleasant environment on board the Gulfstream G500 is also achieved through perforated leather seats. The retractable footrest is one of their features. In addition, you can make a bed out of chairs. 6 people can eat at one table at once.

For passengers, a modern system for managing the cabin is offered. It is designed to control the light, temperature and video settings of the entertainment system. The multimedia and audio system in the aircraft is exclusively Hi-Fi class.

Design Options

Designers have developed 5 design options for the buyer to enjoy a suitable interior:

  • Classical - such a design involves the arrangement of a business jet in the usual, classic style. It is familiar to any passenger.
  • multilayer - nuances are added to the classic version that make the interior more modern, non-standard.
  • Sports - such a design involves the use of bright colors, unusual materials. This option is inspired by the arrangement of sports cars and yachts.
  • Laconic - an airplane with this design resembles an office.
  • Mod - this option is assumed by designers as not limited in any way.

Communication between pilots

Gulfstream 500 - the aircraft is equipped with a special flight deck "Symmetry". It involves using the displays and side sticks to communicate with the pilot or inquire about the stage of flight. System redundancy is another bonus.

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In total, 14 displays are built into the cockpit - four main (non-touch) and ten additional ones. The pilot, if necessary, can remove and replace any of them. The location of the displays is as follows: the main ones are above the head, all the rest are below.

The technical vision system provides pilots with data with a three-dimensional model of the landscape. Due to this, natural visibility in poor visibility is minimally involved. Landing remains the same smooth and comfortable - no go-arounds!

While the pilot's fingers are on the display, the menu cannot be operated. This prevents accidental pressing of unnecessary functions.


Gulfsream has traditionally used Rollls-Royce engines for its business jets. For the Gulfstream V, two Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW814GA turbofan engines were installed. The overhaul life is 10 thousand hours.

The reason why these engines were chosen is economy and low noise level, minimal emissions.

Detailed Specifications

Weight characteristics

  • Max takeoff weight - 36106 kg.
  • Maximum landing weight - 29189 kg.
  • Maximum weight without fuel - 23632 kg.
  • Base operating weight (with 3 crew members) - 21251 kg.
  • Maximum payload - 2381 kg.
  • Maximum payload with full fuel - 1315 kg.
  • Maximum fuel - 13721 kg.

Cabin dimensions

  • Cabin height with interior - 1.88 m.
  • Cabin width with interior - 2.31 m.
  • Overall cabin length - 14.50 m.
  • Cabin volume - 48.56 m3
  • Trunk volume - 4.96 m3
  • Fuselage height - 7.77 m.
  • Fuselage length - 27.79 m.

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Aircraft size

  • Length - 29.37 m.
  • Height - 7.87 m.
  • Wingspan - 28.5 m.


Renting or buying a Gulfstream G500 is not cheap. Here are the prices for renting, buying and maintaining this business jet.

  • Rental price — from 8000 euros/hour. Gulfstream G500 business jet rental is subject to current fuel prices, etc.
  • Purchase price - from 44.600.000 dollars. This is 2 times more expensive than the Global 5000 business jet. The price of the Gulfstream 500 aircraft depends on the choice of additional equipment. The company has its own application on the “iPad”. There, the customer can add interior elements for the salon (for an additional fee).
  • Maintenance price - from 1 to 2 million dollars.

The content of the business jet consists of the following:

  • Fuel — from 440,000 USD
  • Support — from $78,000
  • Engine repair — from $198,848
  • Additional expenses — from 110,000 USD
  • Insurance — from $34,148
  • Crew (with training) — from $449,112
  • Hangar — from $103,108

The first sales of the Gulfstream 500 business jet opened only in 2018. It has successfully passed all the checks and received the FAA type certificate.

Popular questions

What is the passenger capacity of the Gulfstream G500?

Depending on the cabin, the passenger capacity of the Gulfstream G500 is from 14 to 19 people. Great option for business jet charter to the Maldives.

What is the connectivity on the Gulfstream G500?

There are several types of communication on board a business jet: fax and Internet connection.

What is the control system on the Gulfstream G500?

The aircraft has a built-in fly-by-wire control system. Pilots can observe and correct each other's steps.

What is the average fuel consumption of a Gulfstream G500?

The Gulfstream 500 business jet burns 430 gallons per hour.

Where is Gulfstream Corporation located?

The company is located in America, Georgia, the city of Savannah.

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