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Gulfstream (Gulfstream) G150 - in detail about the legendary business jet

In 2006, Gulfstream Aerospace introduced the Gulfstream G150 to the public. It replaced the G100 or Astra SPX and became the fastest and most economical business jet in its price segment. This is not just a modification of the previous model - it is a completely new aircraft, designed taking into account all the pros and cons of its predecessor.

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Gulfstream G150 Key Features

  • Speed - 796 km / h;
  • Flight range - 5,467 km;
  • The maximum number of passengers is 8 people.

Gulfstream 150 is an aircraft for comfortable private flights. The quiet cockpit and multimedia entertainment system make it easy to relax or work on board. The cabin always has a comfortable microclimate thanks to the Honeywell control system. Sunlight enters through 11 portholes, and LED lighting works at night.

Flight characteristics

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At the time of market launch, the G150 was the only business jet under $20 million capable of flying 7.5 hours without refueling and landing. The designers managed to create an aircraft capable of flying farther and faster than any model in its class.

  • The maximum flight range is 5,467 km;
  • Maximum speed - 905 km / h;
  • Cruising speed - 880 km / h;
  • Speed at maximum range - 796 km / h;
  • Maximum cruising altitude - 13,716 km;
  • Takeoff distance - 1527.66 m;
  • Landing distance - 740.99 m;
  • Fuel consumption - 726.799 l / h

The aircraft is controlled by two pilots. The cockpit is equipped with a Rockwell Collins EFD-4077 flight information system. Data is displayed on four 18.4 cm screens.

A compact plane can take off even at a small airport. The required runway length is only 1524 m. Fast takeoff will be provided by two Honeywell TFE731-40R turbofan engines.

The wings are designed to dampen turbulence in flight. In addition, they are equipped with an anti-icing system, like all modern boards, for example, Gulfstream G500.

Weight characteristics

Gulfstream 150 is designed for comfortable business or leisure flights. It belongs to the Midsize Jet category. This imposes some restrictions on flight planning. It is necessary to accurately calculate the load on the aircraft - the number of passengers and the weight of their luggage.

  • Maximum takeoff weight - 11 839 kg;
  • Maximum landing weight - 9 843 kg;
  • Maximum weight without fuel - 7938 kg;
  • Base operating weight - 6,895 kg;
  • The maximum fuel supply is 4,672 kg;


The fuselage is oval in section. Thanks to this, the interior is quite high and spacious. Sunlight streaming in through the enlarged portholes and light-coloured wood add extra visual dimension to the cabin.

  • Cabin height - 1.75 m
  • Cabin width - 1.75 m
  • Cabin length (without luggage compartment) - 5.4 m
  • Cabin volume - 13.17 m3
  • Useful volume of the luggage compartment - 1.6 m3
  • Fuselage height - 5.82 m
  • Fuselage length - 17.3 m
  • Total wingspan - 16.94 m

There are three cabin configurations, including double side sofas. Depending on the location of the seats, the cabin can comfortably accommodate from 6, 7 or 8 people. Passenger seats are upholstered in leather, interior trim is made of wood.

Owning a plane is expensive. Especially when compared to per-seat business jet rental.

The kitchen is located in front of the saloon. Its size depends on the seating scheme - the more passenger seats, the less space for it. But even the most compact version is convenient for preparing dishes for serving.

Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

The Gulfstream G150 is one of the most economical and reliable aircraft in its category. According to Wikipedia, 97% is in operation and 3% is in service. This is possible thanks to the G150's MSG-3 maintenance certification. So the replacement of parts occurs after the analysis of their condition, and not on a calendar basis.

Variable costs

The owner bears the main expenses directly during the operation of the aircraft. They depend on how many hours the ship is in the sky.

Type of expenses 200 hours per year, USD 400 hours per year, USD
Fuel cost 223 520 447 040
Support 48 000 48 000
Engine repair 115 320 115 320
Additional expenses 40 000 80 000
Variable costs 5 000 10 000
Insurance 22 995 22 995

Fixed costs

Some categories of expenses have a fixed price regardless of flight hours and crew work:

  • Crew work — from $244,666;
  • Crew training — from $53,970;
  • Hangar rent - from $35,942

Popular questions

How far can a Gulfstream G150 fly without refueling?

The maximum distance is 5,467 km at a cruising speed of 796 km/h with 4 passengers on board. More than enough for a very comfortable business jet flight to Cyprus.

How fast is the Gulfstream G150 flying?

The maximum speed of this model is 905 km / h, however, on long-haul flights, the aircraft flies at a speed of 796 km / h.

What avionics system is used in the Gulfstream G150?

The aircraft is equipped with Rockwell Collins Pro Line21.

What size is the Gulfstream G150?

The length of the aircraft is 17.3 m. The height of the fuselage is 5.82 m, and the wingspan is 16.94 m.

How roomy is the interior of the Gulfstream G150?

The length from the cockpit to the tail is 5.4 m, and its height and width are 1.75 m each.

At what altitude does the Gulfstream G150 fly?

The maximum flight altitude is 13716 m.

Can I buy a Gulfstream G150 released after 2017?

No. The model was produced from 2006 to 2017. During this time, 123 copies of the Gulfstream G150 were assembled. The price of an aircraft manufactured in 2012 is from USD $5 500,000.

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