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Business jet Falcon (Falcon) 900 - review of a prestigious aircraft

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Jet aircraft of the French company Dassault Aviation. Prototype called Spirit of Lafayette, Withcompleted its first flight on September 21, 1984. As described by Falcon 900 specialists became a breakthrough in the aircraft industry, immediately took a strong position in the business class jet market. By the beginning of 1995, 30 states were operating the aircraft.

  • speed - 915 km/h
  • flight range - 8334 km
  • spaciousness - 19 people
  • climb - 15.6 km
  • maximum takeoff weight - 22225 kg
  • manufacturer - Dassault Aviation

Today in the world aircraft series series Falcon use private owners and organizations in Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland. From the very beginning, the falcon carried VIPs, and the 900EX FAB-001, for example, serves the President of Bolivia.

The test of time

The history of Dassault began in 1929. Under the leadership of Marcel Lasso, aircraft were produced for civil and military aviation. Sokol combines advanced technologies.

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By 2021, the concern has created 9 modifications of the Falcon 900. They are distinguished from the original model by their technical characteristics. The Falcon 900B has increased power reserve, range, ability to take off from unpavedlos. Curious fact, in the Falcon family, model 900B - number one in the number of aircraft produced.

In 1996, the Falcon 900EX went on sale with improved avionics and increased fuel capacity. V In 1998, the Falcon B replaced the Falcon 900C. In 2005, the Falcon 900DX took to the skies, with large portholes that open the view, modern trim and a cabin with a partition that divides the space into two rooms.

Dassault Falcon, in modification 900lx rises to a height of 12000 m in 20 minutes and overcomes almost 9000 km. For takeoff Falcon 900lx 1 km of strip is enough. Innovative feature 900lx - cockpit customization with Falcon Eye.

Speed and security

The maximum range of the Sokol allows you to get on one flight to remote points on the planet, from Moscow to Japan or America. It develops speed up to 915 km/h and flies more than 8000 km without landing and refueling. This significantly expands the geography of flights.

falcon 8x living room

The reason for the impressive cruising speed is the supercritical wing that the F900 inherited from its predecessor. It has a streamlined design, light and strong frame. Composite materials, Kevlar, carbon fiber and titanium were used for this. The Falcon 900 is lighter than other jets in its category and will compete with more powerful aircraft.

Three Honeywell TFE731-5AR-1C jet engines increase speed and improve flight safety. If one fails, the rest will continue to work. Passengers can enjoy the flight and be confident in the reliability of the aircraft.

Comfortable flight

A luxury business jet suitable for long journeys. Interior trim with French elegance meets the requirements of VIPs. The peculiarity of the liner is that it can be transformed, supplemented with modern devices. The updated design includes LCD monitors, DVD players, sofas and sleeping quarters. The smooth running of the aircraft does not interfere with rest and work on the way, nothing will disturb passengers. The salon can serve as an office and a place of rest. You will land at your destination fresh and rested.

The spacious eleven-meter cabin accommodates 19 passengers. In the previous model, only 8 customers had enough seats. In the Falcon 900, passengers can sit three people abreast, and therefore the number of travelers has doubled. For comparison, the later version, the Dassault Falcon 900EX and the Falcon 900 LX, have a meter shorter fuselage. Passenger capacity 900 EX - 15 persons, lx - 14.

In the bow of the 900 there is a kitchen, in the tail - a toilet room and a luggage compartment. The on-board kitchen includes facilities for making hot meals, a microwave and a coffee machine. Luggage compartment size 3.6 m3, it holds approximately 18 suitcases, is air-conditioned and is accessible during the flight.

Technology Supremacy

The manufacturer uses advanced technologies and uses CATIA and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems. An interesting fact: more than 70 thousand companies around the world use this software. The concern applies modern technologies, improves liners and maintains competitive advantages.

To control the Falcon 900 is used:

  • Rockwell / Collins system,
  • Dual Flight Management System (FMS) Honeywell/Sperry WR-800,
  • inertial reference frame and Air-Data systems
  • Smiths standard magnetic compass,
  • an emergency positioning gyroscope and a Baker M-1045 dual audio system.

Leadership skills

Falcon 900 is an aircraft whose technical characteristics are distinguished by high aerodynamic accuracy. Design features such as wing leading edge slats account for its flight characteristics, maneuverability, safe landing and ease of control. The series is characterized by economical fuel consumption, the F900 consumes 303 gallons per hour and emits a limited amount of carbon dioxide. Falcon 900 aircraft - it is leadership and reliability in its class.

Popular questions

How much does the new Falcon 900 business jet cost in 2021?

The cost of the new liner is about $43 million. The price of a used Dassault Falcon 900 is lower, from $3.5 million. Before you buy, add the cost of maintenance and timely maintenance.

How much is the rent?

The aircraft belongs to the Heavy Jet category and is designed for long flights. Approximate rental price from $6,000 per hour. Taxes and fuel are paid separately.

What affects the cost of rent?

  1. Board type, year of manufacture. Check out the technical specifications and photos.
  2. Number of passengers. Approximately, each person increases the cost of rent by 1000-1500$.
  3. Distance to destination. Are you planning a flight within Russia or abroad?
  4. Travel time.
  5. Additional services while traveling. Do you need staff on board, catering services, escorts?
  6. Number of days at the airport between flights.

How much does it cost to refuel a Falcon?

From 7000 dollars. The aircraft spends approximately 1147 liters per hour, the volume of fuel tanks is 10769 liters. Consumption is affected by speed and altitude, weather conditions, the number of takeoffs and landings, the number of passengers and the weight of luggage. Flying at high altitude burns less fuel, and frequent takeoffs increase fuel consumption.

What are the advantages of a business jet?

Business aviation - it comfort, privacy and security. With the Dassault Falcon 900, you are independent of commercial airlines. Jet saves time and reduces risks. Long-haul flights take place with increased comfort. The aircraft is equipped with everything necessary for rest and work. You fly according to your own schedule without delays, queues and restrictions. The passenger is provided with VIP service both on the ground and in the sky.

Are Falcons popular in Russia?

Yes, for example, Oleg Tinkov, the owner of Tinkoff Bank, changed several jets of the French concern: Falcon 2000LX, Falcon 900LX, Falcon 7X, Falcon 8X. They are also used by the Gazprom fleet.

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