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Dassault Falcon 8X - a comfortable long-range aircraft

Falcon 8X - large-cabin flagship business jet, developed by Dassault. They drew on many years of experience in digital flight control of fighter jets - more than 40 years. The aircraft meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The first Falcon 8X aircraft took off from Bordeaux-Merignac airport in February 2015 of the year. The delivery of the first jet was made in 2016 to the Greek business aviation operator Amjet Executive.

The new Falcon 8X is priced at 2021-22 yy from $59,3 million.

Flight characteristics

  • Cruising speed - 900 km / h
  • Maximum flight speed - 953 km / h
  • Maximum flight range - 11 945 km
  • Maximum flight altitude - 15 545 m
  • takeoff distance - 1792 m
  • Maximum takeoff weight - 31 300 kg
  • Maximum fuel capacity - 15 830 kg
  • The optimal number of passengers 14
  • The maximum number of passengers - 19

Falcon 8X Features

The manufacturer increased the size of the fuselage. Dassault Falcon 8X cockpit length - 13 meters. It's on 1 meter longer, than its predecessor Falcon 7x. Besides, it has about thirty interior layout options. Among them there are configurations with a shower cabin., three different cuisine options and three passenger areas. You can choose a design from the proposed ones or come up with your own designers.

The jet provides a recreation area for the crew in two versions, depending on the chosen cabin configuration. It will come in handy during long flights., when the pilots change each other. On the official Dassault website you can see photos of the aircraft inside and out..

Dassault Aviation with 1945 year was released 8000 aircraft, including military.

Falcon 8X is the most spacious long-haul business jet. The manufacturer offers 14 to 19 places for passengers. You can choose the quantity according to, how many people will fly. Chairs can be fully extended. As a result, you will get a flat horizontal surface for sleeping.. One of the rooms in the salon can be turned into a full-fledged bedroom, making a big bed out of armchairs.

32 enlarged portholes provide daylight inside the cabin and a feeling of spaciousness. The air filtration system also contributes to comfort., it is constantly updated and meets the highest standards.

The first aircraft in history, completely designed virtually, within the concept of Product Lifecycle Management - Falcon 7X.

The cabin of the Falcon 8X business jet is considered the quietest in the industry. It has an improved soundproofing system., thanks to which you can talk in flight without raising your voice. Noise during takeoff reduced by 3 Db. The pressure adjustment system is also improved - you will not feel the change during takeoff and landing.

Ka-band satcom system provides continuous communication and Internet access on board. Even when you're flying over the ocean, the phone will connect, thanks to the JetWave antenna. Internet speed allows you to communicate via video communication on board.

On the plane, it is possible to connect to the system through a special application on Apple devices. This makes it possible to follow the flight on a virtual map.. And also through it you can:

  • turn on your music in the salon;
  • watch films;
  • control the temperature on board;
  • control the level of lighting;
  • control window blinds.

In February 2018 introduced an improved model - Falcon 6X.

Falcon 8 does not need a long runway. All he needs to take off is 1792 m, and the landing distance is 683 m. This makes it possible to go to the mountainous area., and also stop at airports with limited runways.

On a private jet Dassault Falcon 8X you can fly from Moscow to Rio de Janeiro or Los Angeles non-stop. The manufacturer promises absolute comfort in flight. Industry-leading digital technology and near-perfect aerodynamics ensure a smooth ride.

The company has updated the architecture of the wing. As a result, the Falcon 8X aircraft has more space in the fuel tank - the fuel capacity is higher by 1300 kg, than in the Falcon 7X. Wings made lighter, and new winglets were installed to improve efficiency. They reduce resistance.

In summer 2019 year was installed new record of simultaneous presence of aircraft in the airspace. Been in the sky in a day 202 157 liners, and at the same time was in the air 19 thous. aircraft, although this number usually does not exceed 11 thous.

Without refueling, the jet overcomes almost 12 000 km. Three Pratt engines & Whitney PW307D provide extra safety on long haul flights. Falcon 8X is the most economical in terms of technical characteristics in the segment of ultra-long-range jets . Each engine provides traction 3049 kg.

Falcon 8X aircraft equipped with FalconEye. It projects the surface of the earth onto a special screen.. In conditions of poor visibility, such a synthetic vision system helps the pilot navigate. This improves flight safety.. And also FalconEye helps the pilot when landing at night.

For ease of operation by Falcon aircraft 8 the control center in the cockpit is made in a T-shape. It is equipped with the latest generation Dassault Easy III avionics.. It also includes the HoneyWell 3D color weather radar system.. Thanks to it, pilots detect turbulence zones faster.

Dassault Falcon handed over the 50th anniversary Falcon 8X jet to the main owner of the bank Tinkoff » Oleg Tinkov.

Specifications Falcon 8X

  • Engines – Pratt & Whitney PW307D
  • Avionics – 3rd Generation EASy Flight Deck (with Honeywell's First Epic System)

Fuselage dimensions

  • Length - 24,46 m
  • Height - 7,94 m
  • wingspan - 26,29 m

Aircraft cabin dimensions (with interior)

  • Length - 13 m
  • Height - 1,88 m
  • Width - 2,34 m
  • Volume - 48 куб.м
  • Luggage compartment volume - 4 куб.м


  • Rent – ​​from 10 000 € / hour
  • Purchase - $57 500 000

Popular questions

What country is the Falcon 8X made in??

Dassault Aviation is a French aircraft manufacturer.

The name is spelled out?

Not, Aircraft Dassault Falcon 8X correctly spelled separately. Dassaultfalcon is a misspelling.

What was the top speed of the Falcon 8X?

The maximum operating speed is 953 km / h.

How many engines does an airplane have?

In the model 3 Pratt engine & Whitney PW307D. They provide reliability and additional safety during the flight.. As well as more economical fuel consumption.

Is there a connection on board the jet?

Yes, communication is provided by the JetWave antenna. Passengers can enjoy high-speed internet even over the ocean.

How far can an aircraft travel without refueling??

Falcon 8X manufacturers have improved the characteristics of the aircraft as much as possible. Jet can fly 11 945 km without refueling.

How much does a plane cost?

You can buy a new long-haul private jet Falcon 8X for about $59,5 million. The rental price is from 10 000€/hour in 2020 /21 year.

How much fuel fits in the tank?

Maximum fuel weight 15 830 kg.

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