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Falcon 7x Features, flight and technical characteristics

Falcon dassault aircraft 7 x is a modern three-engine private jet, developed in a virtual environment.

The aircraft is produced by the French company Dassault Aviation., which is on the market 80 countries of the world. The board was developed on the basis of the Falcon jet liner 900. The first flight of the 7x took place in 2005 year and in the same year the model was presented at the air show in France in Le Bourget. Appeared on the sales market with 2007 of the year, produced more than 200 7x model units. Business jet presented in 33 countries of the world.

Flight characteristics

  • Aircraft category - long-haul
  • Range of flight - 11020 km
  • Cruising speed - 904 km / h
  • Crew - 2 human
  • The maximum number of passengers - 16

In the Russian Federation, two 7x aircraft are used to transport senior state officials on the basis of the Rossiya Aviation Company.

Falcon business jet features 7 X

The private jet has a top speed 904 km/h and flight range in 11020 km. Due to the high lift force of the wing, the liner will be able to take off from high-altitude airports in short periods of time and make long flights at high temperatures in rarefied air..

We give interesting data on the development of the aircraft: Falcon is Dassault's first airliner, which was designed in a virtual environment. A special program was used in the development, which allowed me to think through every detail of the assembly, salon design. The main advantage of this development was the possibility of testing and maintenance.

Big Advantage — this is the ability to use the fly-by-wire flight control system, which makes the load on pilots much less.

The aircraft has a Honeywell Primus Epic "Enhanced Avionics System" avionics suite (EASy), used on models 900 EX и 2000 EX, but more advanced. The complex is equipped with systems: digital radio, navigational, advanced satellite, as well as the flight control system.

The aircraft is equipped with three engines, which are equipped with a digital vibration control and monitoring system. Aircraft engines reduce fuel costs: it consumes 15–30% less fuel.

Here are some features of 7x business jets

  • Low level of aerodynamic noise due to the new form of cockpit glazing provides a quiet stay for passengers.
  • The business jet is equipped with an ecological system with climate control, which maintains a comfortable pressure in the cabin and a constant temperature, provides fresh and humidified air.
  • The aircraft is equipped with a 7-channel satellite communication system.

Salon is comfortable and spacious. The interior space includes two zones: work and recreation area. The comfortable length and width of the aircraft allow passengers to walk, rest or work during the flight.

An interesting fact, that the cabin allows passengers to stand to their full height during flights, as it is designed for long 13-hour flights. The kitchen is located in the forward part of the cabin., crew rest area and toilet. In the tail section there is a dressing room and a luggage compartment., toilet for passengers. Passengers have access to the Internet, ability to stream video- and high quality audio content in the cabin, as the aircraft is equipped with modern equipment.

V 2009 Falcon 7X named best business jet, and in February 2009 business jet cleared for a steep descent landing at London City Airport.

The company allowed 80 trained pilots to operate flights from Teterboro, state of new jersey, to London City and back without intermediate refueling at 2010 year. Also this year, deliveries of the first aircraft to India and China began..

Falcon 7x specifications

Interior characteristics

  • Length - 11,91 m
  • Cabin height - 1,88 m
  • Width - 2,34 m
  • Volume (without cockpit and luggage)- 1,552 cube. feet
  • Trunk volume - 4,45 m 3

External dimensions

  • Length — 23,19 m
  • Height - 7,83
  • wingspan - 26 m

Weight characteristics

  • Maximum Zero Fuel Weight – 18 597 kg/41 000 pounds
  • Maximum amount of fuel - 14 488 kg/31 940 pounds
  • Landing weight - 28 304 kg/62 400 pounds
  • Takeoff weight - 31 751 kg/70 000 pounds


  • Company — manufacturer - Dassault Aviation
  • Rated takeoff thrust SL-ISA – 6 402 pound


  • Manufacturer — Pratt & Whitney Canada
  • Nbr/Type — 3 x PW307A
  • SL-ISA traction — 28,49 kN

Rental and maintenance cost

Aircraft rental costs 8 000 € per hour. The price of a new Falcon 7x is 52,000,000 $. The cost of a used one is on average from 23,000,000 $ depending on the general technical condition and flying hours.

Below are the approximate hourly costs for the falcon 7x.

variable costs Hourly costs
Fuel cost $279,840
Maintenance $71,281
Engine overhaul $138,368
Crew/landing/handling fees $80,000
miscellaneous $30,000
Total $599,489

We give the total costs 7x

annual cost Total flight hours per year - 200 h
Crew salary $343,725
Education $91,563
Insurance $41,791
Management $78,000
Hangar $71,429
miscellaneous $28,637
General Fixed Costs $655,145

The total annual costs are $1,254,634.

Popular questions

What is the difference between Falcon 7x and Falcon 900?

The main difference between the 7x model and the 900 - speed wing, whose area is 40% more than the model 900.

How much luggage space does the Falcon 7x have??

The trunk volume of the falcon 7x is 4,45 m 3

What is the maximum capacity of a business jet?

capacity - 18 passengers

How much does a Dassault falcon 7x cost??

The price of a new Falcon 7x is 52,000,000 $.

What is the height of the cabin "Falcon 7x"?

Height is 1,88 m

What is the width of the aircraft cabin 7x?

Width is 2,34 m

What is the interior length of the Falcon 7x?

11, 91 m

What is the total annual cost of owning a business jet?

General annual cost — $1,254,634.

What is the price per hour to rent an aircraft 7x?

Rent — 8 000 €

What is the maximum cruising speed of the aircraft??

speed reaches 904 km / h.

What is the maximum range of a dassault falcon 7x?

flight range up to 11020 km

When did the first flight of the 7x business jet take place?

The flight took place in 2005 year

What is the main benefit of climate control ecosystem?

The ecosystem maintains a comfortable cabin pressure and a constant temperature, provides fresh and humidified air.

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