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Overview and comparison of Falcon models 2000 LXS and 2000 S

Falcon 2000 LXS

Belongs to the class of heavy jet private aircraft. Manufacturer: Dassault Aviation (France). Belongs to the category of medium-sized jets. The model aircraft was presented in 2012 G. The model outperforms its competitors in fuel efficiency. Longer range than predecessor Dassault Falcon 2000 LX. Previously there was another version of Falcon 2000 EX. Falcon plane 2000 The LXS is capable of climbing up to 14 325 m, which is available to few aircraft. This expands the options for choosing the best route.. The advantage of this height is less turbulence.

Falcon 2000 LXS is capable of operating at high temperatures and in mountainous areas. Flight range — 7410 km. The main feature of this model is that, that it is capable of taking off and landing on a short runway, as well as long. This fact affects the possibility of greater access to airports compared to other jets of this class..

Existing Easy II avionics reduces pilot workload. Pilots become more aware of flight conditions, including during night flights.

It is considered comfortable to stay for 10 passengers. For convenience, the chairs are transformed into sleeping places.. Tables available, they can be removed if necessary.. Thanks to existing 18 portholes, creates a visual increase in space. More daylight enters the cabin. Passengers have access to landscape beauty, which creates maximum comfort. It is possible to control the lighting in the cabin, set the desired air temperature, open and close electronic blinds.

The plane has everything not only for work, but also for fun. There are monitors with a diagonal 22 in, it is possible to play video. Built-in Rockwell Collins Skybox wireless system for passenger convenience, which gives access to the Apple iTunes library to share TV shows on board.

Falcon 2000s

Belongs to the class of medium-sized jet aircraft. Internal slats, unusual interior, automatic braking system — that, what makes this business jet different from the Falcon 2000 LX. Falcon 2000 s capable of flying in high temperatures and high altitude terrain. Flight altitude — to 14 325 m. There are no planes at this altitude, operating regular flights. Flight range — 6200 km. Takeoff and landing can be carried out on short and long runways. This means, that the plane can land at many airports in Europe, where the stripes are not very long.

Two turbofan engines make it possible to throw at 20-40 % less nitric oxide, than allowed by the requirements.

The aircraft easily accommodates 10 passengers. In the cabin, excellent sound insulation and noise reduction. Three types of interior are offered, in different colors: white, beige, brown. Telephone communication is provided for a comfortable stay of air passengers., galley, dual blu-ray player, inverter.

According to the dimensions and interior trim of the Falcon model 2000 LXS and Falcon 2000 S do not differ. From the photos and diagrams, these two jets are also difficult to distinguish.. The difference in flight distance and the price of renting and buying.

Interesting Facts

  • Thanks to the automatic braking system of the falcon 2000 S decreases the mileage during landing on 46 m.
  • Take off model 2000 S is gaining altitude 1326 m for 1 a minute. A fighter jet takes off at such a speed.

Flight performance

Characteristic Falcon LXS Falcon 2000S
Maximum flight range 7410 m 6200 m
High cruising speed 893 km / h 880 km / h
Cruising speed 915 km/h 907 km / h
Maximum operating speed (Mmo) 0,862 What 0,862 What
Takeoff distance (SL, ISA, MTOW) 1425 m 1318 m
Roll out 689 m 705 m
Max cruising altitude 14 326 m 14 326

Weight characteristics

Characteristic Falcon 2000 LXS Falcon 2000 S
Maximum takeoff weight 19 414 kg 18 605 kg
Maximum mass without fuel 10 698 kg 9730 kg
Maximum allowable landing weight 17 826 kg 17 840 kg
Maximum payload 2245 kg 2245 kg
Optimal number of passengers 6 6
Maximum number of passengers 10 10


Characteristic Falcon 2000 LXS Falcon 2000 S
Engines Two Pratt engines & Whitney Canada PW308C. Two Pratt engines & Whitney Canada PW308C.
Rated takeoff thrust (each engine) 31, 14 kN 31, 14 kN
Avionics Honeywell EASy II Honeywell EASy II


Characteristic Falcon 2000 LXS Falcon 2000 S
Cabin height 1.88 m 1,88
Cabin width 2,34 m 2,34
Cabin length 7,98 m 7,98
Cabin volume 29 куб.м 33,06 куб.м
Luggage compartment volume 3,7 куб.м 3,7 куб.м
Fuselage height 7,60 m 7,60 m
Fuselage length 20,23 m 20,21 m
Wing span 19,33 m 21,39

Cost of ownership and maintenance

When servicing the jet, keep in mind the running costs of maintenance: fixed costs (another name for fixed costs) and variable costs.

Fixed costs include

  • crew and technical staff training;
  • payment for the work of the crew;
  • hangar rent;
  • insurance;
  • payment to the management company, which monitors the maintenance of the technical suitability of the aircraft;
  • unplanned additional expenses.

Variable costs include

  • fuel costs;
  • maintenance dependent on flying hours;
  • engine repair;
  • expenses for transportation of the crew, landing;
  • additional costs, this may include agency fees for the work of third parties.
Cost type Falcon 2000 LXS Falcon 2000 S
fixed costs 545 000 $ 595 126 $
variable costs 530 000 $ 565 000 $
Annual costs (200 flight hours per year) 1075 000$ 1 160 126$

Falcon rental 2000 LXS starts from 5500 $ per hour. More exact cost depends on the year of issue, from the chosen interior. The price of a new jet of this model — 34 000 000 $. Used aircraft are in the range 29 000 000 $.

Falcon rental 2000 S starts from 5000 $ per hour. The price of a new jet of this model — 27 700 000 $. Used aircraft can be bought for 15 000 000 $.

Popular questions

What other jet models does Dassault Falcon have?, issued in 2000 years?

  • Dassault Falcon 2000 (first called Falcon X), first flight to 1993 G.
  • Falcon 2000 EX, 2006 G.
  • Falcon 2000 DX, 2007 G.
  • Falcon 2000 7X, 2007 G.
  • Falcon 2000 LX, 2009 G.

What is the latest jet model from Dassault Falcon?

According to the latest news, in my 2021 Dassault Aviation introduced a new jet aircraft Falcon 10X. Estimated cost — 75 000 000 $. Sales are scheduled for 2025 year. Video review can be found on YouTube..

What is included in the Easy II avionics system?

The system helps the pilot to fly safely. In case of arrival at the airport, where the temperature is very low, the system calculates the height. Easy II includes runway readiness system ( RAAS). Aviation telecommunications network (ATN) provides information about other aircraft, who can help in case of an emergency.. Has infrared vision function and automatic descent mode.

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