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Dassault Falcon 10X - the largest and most powerful business jet

Dassault Aviation is a French manufacturer of regional, military and business- aircraft . In mine 2021 Dassault announces Falcon 10X . Then falcon 6X c 2018 year, dassault falcon 10X will be presented to the public.

Flight and technical characteristics

As stated in the presentation, created «from a new leaf» this business- jet will set a new standard in flight performance, cabin comfort and technical equipment compared to other aircraft.

Among the popular aircraft owners Falcon – American singer Taylor Swift and businessman Richard Branson.

Commissioning of the new flagship is scheduled for the end 2025 of the year. Its speed will reach 0,925 Maha.

Dassault Falcon 10X aircraft whose flight range will be 13 900 km. Recall, that its predecessor 8X had about 12 000 km.

10X as well as Global 7500 and the G700 promises to make long-distance travel possible, but at cruising speed 0,85 Maha.

Falcon 10x JET can accommodate up to 16 passengers, while providing maximum comfort and space.

It will be possible to buy falcon 10x after commissioning. Approximate falcon 10x price per 2021 year is 75 billion US dollars. The cost may change at the time of commissioning. Business-jet flights will connect such cities as: New York and Shanghai, Los Angeles and Sydney, Hong Kong and New York, Paris and Santiago. The aircraft can withstand more 15 hours in the air without landing.

10X will have the most spacious cabin on the business jet market. Windows at 10X will be on 50% more, than on 8X. Numerous options for cabin layout. On board it will be possible to plan 4 equal zones. Also in the owner's apartment there will be an area designed for a king size bed.. According to the presented photos , cab 10x impresses not only with its dimensions, but also the interior.

At what price it will be possible to rent a jet is still unknown. But presumably an hour of flight will cost from 13 000 15 000 dollars. Why will the prices be different?, you ask. The thing is, that many factors affect the cost of rent. Therefore, prices will vary depending on the mission..

Detailed Specifications

Aircraft Falcon 10X — unparalleled passenger comfort and breakthrough flight safety technologies.


  • External height: 27 feet 7 inches| 8,4 m
  • Wingspan: 110 feet 3 in| 33,6 m
  • Length: 109 feet 7 inches| 33,4 m
  • Cabin height: 6 feet 8 inches| 20,32 m
  • Interior width: 9 feet 1 inch| 2,769 m
  • Cabin length: 53 feet 10 inches| 16,408 m
  • Interior volume: 2780 cube. feet | 78.72 cube. m
  • Internal baggage: 198 cube. feet| 5.60 cube. m

Weight characteristics

  • Maximum takeoff weight: 115 000 pounds| 52 163 kg
  • Maximum landing weight: 61 300 pounds |27 805 kg
  • Maximum weight without fuel: 67 800 pounds |30 753 kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 51 700| pounds 23 450 kg.
  • Maximum load with a full tank of fuel: 6000 pounds| 2721 kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 115 400| 52 344 kg


  • Number of engines: 2
  • Engine: Rolls Royce Pearl

Popular questions

What is the range of the Falcon 10X aircraft

The flight range will be 13 900 km.

What is the speed of the Falcon 10X

The speed of the new flagship will reach 1103 km / h.

What is the maximum flight altitude of the Falcon 10X

The maximum flight altitude is 15545 m.

What is the cabin height and length of the Falcon 10X

Height is 2.03 m, and the length is 16.4 m

How much luggage space does the Falcon 10X have?

Trunk volume 10X is 5.6 m3.

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