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Flight to Cyprus by business jet

flight to Cyprus by business jet

Cyprus is a popular resort among residents of the CIS countries on the Mediterranean coast. Therefore, flights to this point from Moscow are made almost daily. Airports there are built in accordance with all European standards, so they can accept almost all models of aircraft. And to make the trip to the sunny country even more pleasant, more and more customers choose the “Business Jet to Cyprus” service.

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Flight to Cyprus by private jet

Passenger flights to the resort are often busy, because the island is visited by more and more tourists every month. Book a private jet rental for your flight. It is convenient, comfortable, safe and profitable with the right company for clearance.

In a private airliner, you can fly to the desired point faster than with a regular flight, because passengers save time on registration, control, filling out documents.

A private flight means increased comfort and complete safety. All private jets are regularly sterilized, which is important in the context of the spread of coronavirus disease.

Jets are different in size, class, passenger accommodation and flight speed. Thanks to the long-term cooperation of our company with the world's air carriers, we will offer the perfect option for travel. 37 airlines provide business jet tickets to Cyprus from Moscow. Choose a plane for your trip with our consultants.

How do we book a business jet to Cyprus for you?

In order to buy a ticket to Cyprus by business jet, our employees need to conduct a 5-minute consultation with the client. During the conversation, the manager clarifies the details of the trip and the desired dates, and then asks the customer to reset the scans of the necessary documents and prepayment.

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In the future, our company prepares an agreement on the receipt of services and is looking for a business jet to Cyprus. We select tickets, book them and then provide all the information received to the buyer. He checks it and only after that makes the full amount of payment.

If the client does not have the necessary documents, our company undertakes this as well. In a short time, we will help you get a passport, visa and a certificate (or passport) about Covid-19. Buy paperwork from us, saving time and nerves.

Why choose us?

Our company is number 1 in air travel by business class airliners. We have been providing these services for more than 20 years and during this time we managed to find many regular customers, book more than 50,000 tickets, arrange flights to 79 countries, and we do not plan to stop there.

In addition to flights abroad, we also organize domestic flights in this way, one of the most popular is flight Moscow-Sochi by business jet.

We are chosen for reliability, guarantees of work and a pleasant price. After all, our partners offer the best private jets to Cyprus to the company's clients. Managers advise in detail and “lead” the flight to the very touchdown, being in touch 24/7.

Unlike most closed clubs, which require initial contributions of at least 10,000 euros, we are open to our clients and provide quality service to everyone without a fee.

The jets that our company works with are always in perfect condition and as safe as possible.

Departure and arrival airports

As a rule, private jet travel from Moscow originates from the Vnukovo-3 VIP terminal, but there are other options:

  • Sheremetyevo;
  • Domodedovo;
  • Ostafyevo;
  • Bullish;
  • Pulkovo 3.

As for the airports of the island, business liners accept the following:

  • Larnaca;
  • Pathos;
  • Nicosia;
  • Herian.

All air berths ensure the privacy of passengers. We work only with professionals and take into account the wishes of the client when issuing tickets.

Airfare to Cyprus from Russia

The cost of a private jet to Cyprus depends on the type of aircraft, the number of passengers in it and the dates for the flight. The approximate pricing policy for 1 hour in the sky (fly to the island 3-4 hours) is presented below:

  • 5500-6500 € on large liners;
  • 2400-4000 € for light aircraft;
  • from 11,000 € on business aircraft;
  • from 1000 € for a turboprop.

These prices are approximate, and the client can find out more accurate information simply by calling our managers.

Jet sharing to Cyprus

Jet sharing is a profitable offer for the client. It is a per-seat rental of a jet. That is, the cost of the total rental is divided into the number of air passengers that are on the liner. In the case of a business jet, this can be a maximum of 13 people. Book your seat on the liner to Cyprus with us, for example, by calling 8-495-1-666-959.

Available business jet models

  • Pilate PC-12 (accommodates up to 6 tourists);
  • Pilate PC-24 (there are 6 passenger seats on board);
  • Cessna Citation Mustang (fly up to 4 people)
  • Nextant 400XTi (high-speed airliner for up to 7 people);
  • Cessna Citation Bravo (designed for 7 passengers);
  • YAK 40 VIP (up to 13 people can be in the cabin);
  • Cessna Citation Bravo (seats 8 passengers);
  • Cessna Citation CJ1+ (capacity 6 people).

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