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Shopping with a Stylist - Custom Capsule Looks

A professional stylist helps to turn a chaotic shopping trip into a pleasure. They, who have never tried, do not represent, What does a hike with a specialist look like?.

The cost of the service varies from 5 to 20 thousand rubles, and it is available not only to public figures. The advantages are clear: you save time and buy, what suits your figure.

According to statistics 8 from 10 girls turn to the stylist after the birth of children, drastic changes in shape, divorce or promotion. A new life stage marks a change in the image.

Why contact a stylist? founder and practicing shopper stylist Olga Kim shares two main reasons, benefits of hiking with a specialist:

  1. saving money. With a stylist, you can forget about emotional purchases. He only picks, what goes together, suits you and will bring joy.
  2. Time saving. For 2-3 hours a woman tries on so many things, how much would you try on 10 hours of tedious shopping.

In the work of a stylist, shopping itself takes up a small part of the process.. The main task is to understand, what image suits a woman, based not only on external data.

Stylist explores personal interests, Family status, Lifestyle, down to musical preferences. Every little thing plays a role in creating stylish looks..

How is shopping?

The stylist creates a shopping route and an action plan, and together with the client goes to specific stores.

For 3-5 hours a woman receives ready-made images from several things, which are perfectly combined with each other. Images can be for everyday life or for specific events - holidays or celebrations.. Also accessories are selected., shoes, decorations.

The number of images is agreed in advance, based on the budget and wishes of a woman - you can pick up stylish things within and 20 outside., and 100 thous. rubles.

Most stylists keep in touch with clients after shopping.. Alexandra Ivanova-Gazinskaya, image maker and stylist of the Fashion Sentence program, gives its clients a personalized photo-instruction. It contains photo collages of images with previously purchased items.. The only thing left for a woman to do is open her phone in the morning, choose an image and get the right things.

But the stylist-mentor Olga Efanova, after choosing clothes, consults on WhatsApp for another month: you can get an assessment of images and get answers to questions.

How to order shopping with a stylist at End Now Pleasure?

Write us an e-mail or leave a request - we will contact you and discuss, how it works.

The meeting with the stylist takes place in a pleasant atmosphere, where you can discuss all the details. Only then does our collaboration begin..

We guarantee a new bright style and a charge of excellent mood!

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