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Best Premium Fitness- and wellness clubs in Moscow

More and more people are becoming active fans of a healthy lifestyle and fitness. To achieve results, need to choose the right place, where all the conditions and equipment for sports in a comfortable atmosphere will be provided.

Best Fitness- and luxury wellness clubs in Moscow

We have already written about one of the premium clubs in Moscow - wellness club «Clean ponds». The fitness spaces listed below are not inferior in terms of service level, the quality of the equipment and the general atmosphere.

World Class Luxury. Zhukovka

The World Class network is represented in many cities of Russia. Clubs offer quality equipment, personal trainer services, pools and spa areas.

Premium wellness center «World Class Luxury. Zhukovka» – an exclusive place for lovers of sports and a healthy lifestyle. The fitness space is not located in the city itself, and outside the Moscow Ring Road, in the village of Zhukovka. This is a private club.

Clients can choose from a variety of training destinations, such as cardio, power training, functional training, yoga, pilates, dancing and many more. Each direction includes an individual training program, which is developed by specialists taking into account the goals and physical fitness of the client.

For those, who are looking for intense and fast results, innovative training programs available: EMS training, HIIT workouts.

In the club luxury equipment Artis from Technogym, several pools with pearl baths, underwater geysers. Subscription includes:

  • Workouts, online consultations, personal trainer recommendations;
  • Visiting other World Class centers in Moscow, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg;
  • Personal concierge service Quintessentially;
  • Individual laundry;
  • Personal locker.

The cost of a club card in World Class Luxury in Zhukovka for a year - from 500 000 rub.

Encore Fitness City

Encore Fitness network is represented 3 clubs in Moscow. There is one fitness center in St. Petersburg, Sochi, Yekaterinburg. Encore Fitness City - flagship set, area 3900 m² is located in Moscow City on 3 skyscraper floor «Eye».

In club 9 group fitness areas, martial arts zone, cardio zone, Gym, pool, cycle studio, Spa, coffee.

For training:

  • The strength zone is equipped with Hammer Strength MTS machines;
  • Cardio Zone Equipment - Life Fitness Discovery SE;
  • ICG7 trainers in the cycle studio. Classes are held according to the most popular and author's programs;
  • Swimming pool with 3 tracks long 25 meters. Aqua Strength classes are held in the pool, intensive training Aqua HIIT, lessons on SUP'P boards, power training. Relaxation zones with hydromassage.

For relaxation:

  • Thermal complex: classical, Finnish and salt baths, hammam, biosauna, snow room. Relaxation area with massage chairs;
  • Still Spa. Massage, antiaging therapy, hardware cosmetology. Plus salon services: hairdressing, makeup, manicure, pedicure;
  • Encore Cafe with a balanced fitness menu.

Subscription price per year - from 230 000 rub.

Golden Mile Fitness & SPA

This wellness project is located in the residential complex «Park Palace» in Khamovniki. Club of striking Italian architecture 5500 m². On its territory: bath-thermal complex, SPA center, Gym, beauty Studio, children's space, oriental medicine rooms and a restaurant.

Here you will find a training program for adults and children, there are even classes with babies from 4 months in a separate children's pool. Among the additional services: nutritionist consultations, making meal plans, full wellness support, online training and more, down to the little things, how to wash sportswear.

Bath and thermal complex provides individual and group services. In addition there are services of bath attendants, massages, aromatherapy, peelings. There is:

  • Russian bath with a steam room;
  • Hammam;
  • salt room;
  • herbal saunas;
  • Relax zone;
  • Fonts;
  • Bath soft drinks and snacks.

Spa offers:

  • Medical services (analyzes, other research);
  • Massages: from children to classic and thai;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Hardware, therapeutic, aesthetic cosmetology;
  • Manicure.

Center for Oriental Medicine mainly focuses on Ayurvedic practices, general strengthening and recovery, yoga, qigong.

Club card of the children's room gives the right to attend not only fitness classes. Children can play here, take up painting, visit master classes. For babies up to 3 years there is a fitness babysitting service.

Golden Mile Fitness Annual Membership Cost & SPA - from 320 000 rub., there are deposit subscriptions for 500 000 rub.

Royal Wellness Club

This two-level wellness club with a spa center is located in the center of Moscow on Kutuzovsky Prospekt at the Radisson Collection Hotel. Works 7 days a week from 7 morning (weekends - from 8:00) to 12 nights.

On the square 3500 m² located gym, solarium, sauna, large swimming pool and cafe, where to order healthy food and drinks. Group yoga classes are held, pilates, sports aerobics, boxing and other areas, as well as personal training with an individual approach, SPA treatments, massage.

В Royal Wellness Club:

  • Equipment from well-known brands - Technogym and Kinesis;
  • DJ in the gym;
  • olympic swimming pool 5 tracks, long 50 m;
  • SPA area;
  • 3 bathrooms;
  • Services of cosmetologists.

Subscription price for a year - from 300 000 rub. Royal Wellness Club sometimes holds special promotions, and also offers yearly and multi-year memberships at substantial discounts.

Atmosphere Private Fitness

Another wellness club from Moscow City. In the mood for 58 and 59 floors of the tower "Empire", its total area 1000 m².

The main features of the club:

  • Only personal training, at the same time in the hall is engaged no more 7 human;
  • Lounge area for business meetings;
  • Golf simulators;
  • Cryochamber and barochamber;
  • Biohacking Lab;
  • Restaurant for customers Atmosfera Loung&Kitchen.

Trainings in the fitness area are held on the new generation of Technogym Artis Black simulators. In addition to cardio and strength training, they offer private yoga classes., Pilates, crossfit, stretching, martial arts.

SPA area offers massage, face and body treatments with premium cosmetics «Comfort Zone». During the visit, you can order food from the restaurants Bamboobar and Tutto Bene. There is also a thermal complex with a hammam., sauna, ice maker.

In the laboratory of the club Atmosfera, the organism is diagnosed and a personal method for monitoring sleep is compiled, nutrition and physical activity. Biohacking is aimed at the general improvement of the body, slowing down the aging process.

A subscription to the Atmosfera Private Fitness wellness club costs from 220 000 rub. in year, but there are promotions. The price of a club card can reach up to 750 000 rub.

How to choose a premium club

What is the difference between fitness- and wellness clubs

A fitness club is usually focused on activity and training in the gym to improve physical fitness.. Among the main services: simulators, group lessons, personal training.

Wellness Club focuses on a broader approach to health, including physical activity, nutrition, psychological well-being. Beyond training, there are spa treatments available, massage, saunas, swimming pools, yoga and meditation courses, healthy eating advice; parties are held, concert, healthy lifestyle master classes.

Therefore, the main difference is, that the fitness club is focused on active training, and the wellness club for general improvement in health and fitness.

Advantages and disadvantages of premium fitness- and wellness clubs

Top-class service in premium fitness clubs, as well as paid great attention to design and architecture - the quality of finishes, interior and general atmosphere.

Advantages of premium clubs

  • High level of service, personal service for each client.
  • The latest high quality equipment.
  • Large selection of services, including personal trainer, sauna, pool, spa salon, a restaurant.
  • Exclusivity and access to private events.

Cons of premium clubs

  • High cost of membership.
  • Not enough variety in group activities, as premium clubs are focused on individual training.

Membership cost

Of course, the price of membership in luxury clubs is higher, than in conventional fitness centers. The cost of membership depends directly on the club and services, which are provided.

Usually the subscription is issued for a year., but shorter terms are also available, for example, on 3 or 6 months. The cost of membership in premium fitness clubs in Moscow starts from approximately 220 000 rubles per year.

Membership includes gym classes, pool, sauna, and other services. Some clubs also include in its price the services of a personal trainer - the number of personal training, usually, very limited.


Choosing a wellness club is a big deal, which takes time and attention to detail. Here are a few factors, which should be taken into account:

  1. Choose a room closer to home, work or other frequently visited place. Also make sure, that there are enough parking spaces nearby.
  2. Pay attention to that, what equipment is available in the hall and at what level it is located. Check, does the fitness center have a pool, sauna, hot tubs, various group activities, etc..
  3. Check the level of professionalism of trainers. A good luxury fitness club should have certified and experienced staff.
  4. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the room, dressing rooms, showers, toilets. Make sure, that the wellness center follows the rules for the disinfection of equipment and surfaces.
  5. Prices for premium fitness centers are high, so make sure, that you can afford membership in the selected.
  6. Before, how to buy a subscription for a long period, ask for a free trial lesson or tour.
  7. Research reputation and reviews, before making a final decision. View reviews on the company's website, review sites and social media. Also make sure, that the club has all the necessary licenses and certificates, and also not been seen in any scandals or security issues.
  8. Check, what additional services are available and how much they cost. Most premium wellness centers offer personalized workouts, massage, Spa, dietary advice, etc..

Generally, the choice of club depends on your needs, goals and budget. But if you consider all of the above factors, you can choose the best.

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