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How can a Russian get Lithuanian citizenship?: step by step guide

Lithuania is a member of the European Union, small country with a strong economy and favorable tax laws. For legal residence in the country, foreigners need a residence permit. The Migration Department issues a permit for 1-3 years with the possibility of extension. Across 5 years can apply for permanent residence, and through 7-10 years - about citizenship.

Advantages of the passport of the Republic of Lithuania

Lithuanian passport gives citizens a number of advantages, beneficial for personal and professional purposes:

  1. Access to the European Union. Citizens can travel freely, work and live in the Republic without the need for a visa or work permit.
  2. Comfortable travel. Opportunity to visit 180 countries without visas, which makes traveling for business or pleasure much more convenient.
  3. Facilitated procedure for obtaining a residence permit in any EU member state.
  4. Promising employment and career opportunities.
  5. Growth in the quality of life: access to European level medical care, social security and protection in accordance with the law. The best universities in Europe give preference to applicants with an EU passport. The opportunity to give children a better education will interest the parents of future students.
  6. Opportunity to use economic and trade resources of the EU, contributing to the strengthening of the country's economy. Tax incentives for businessmen.
  7. Support abroad, consular assistance and government protection in case of emergency.

Lithuanian citizenship attracts Russians with a stable economy and a high standard of living, easy access to Europe and other privileges.

How to obtain Lithuanian citizenship for a citizen of the Russian Federation

The Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Citizenship provides for several ways to obtain a passport:

  1. Origin. For children, one of the parents is Lithuanian. The right to citizenship of Lithuania by origin does not depend on the country of residence of the applicant.
  2. Repatriation. Applicants, who were citizens before 1940, as well as their children and grandchildren, have the right to restore Lithuanian citizenship by roots.
  3. Marriage with a citizen of Lithuania. In this case, you can get a passport through 7 years of cohabitation.
  4. Naturalization. You can apply through 10 years of legal and continuous residence.

All applicants for a Lithuanian passport, except for repatriates, must prove language proficiency, history and culture of the country. To do this, each applicant takes a paid test. Disabled or mentally ill persons are exempted from the exam, older pensioners 65 years.

The Citizenship Law also defines the conditions, under which it can be lost, for example, voluntary refusal, conviction for crimes or default, such as military service.

Requirements for the applicant and the list of documents

The easiest way for Russians to obtain Lithuanian citizenship is to have close relatives in the Republic. The applicant must provide documents to prove kinship with Lithuanians and the minimum package of documents. For Russians, who apply for naturalization, the list of requirements is wider.

The applicant must know the language and laws of the Republic, legally live in the country from 7 or 10 years (depending on the method of obtaining citizenship), have a legal source of income and a declared place of residence.

Six steps on how to become a citizen of Lithuania for a Russian:

  1. Collection of necessary documents. Each must be translated and notarized. Kit depends on base, by which the applicant receives a passport. The list includes:
  • international passport,
  • Marriage certificate,
  • birth certificate,
  • certificate of origin for returnees,
  • permanent residence card,
  • current photos 4x5,
  • bank statement or proof of employment to verify income,
  • certificate of no criminal record,
  • language test certificate,
  • statement,
  • receipt of payment of state duty in the amount of €62.

2. Submission of an electronic application through the information migration system MIGRIS. During 3 months personal visit to the Migration Department, where the applicant submits the original documents and their certified copies. According to the law, documents can be presented to the Department by the authorized representative of the applicant. Just show your ID, power of attorney or agency agreement.

3. Passing the language and constitution test to assess knowledge and understanding of the country. Applicant must be able to speak, read and write in Lithuanian, demonstrate your positive attitude towards the Republic and its values.

4. Written renunciation of Russian citizenship.

5. Oath of allegiance after checking all documents and successfully passing the tests.

6. Obtaining a Certificate of Citizenship from the Government.

The term for consideration of each application is from six months to 3 years. The fastest way to obtain Lithuanian citizenship is for a citizen of the Russian Federation by origin, longer - on the basis of naturalization. Consult And Now Pleasure: we will give a recommendation for choosing a company, which will provide comprehensive support in obtaining citizenship.

Lithuanian citizenship for Russians by investment

There is currently no active Golden Passport program in the Republic of Lithuania. It is impossible to become a citizen solely for financial investments in the country's economy.

Lithuanian citizenship as a second

Lithuania recognizes dual citizenship only for certain categories of persons. Russians can keep a Russian passport and get a second one, if this:

  • Applicants, deported before 1990 of the year, their children and grandchildren.
  • Children with dual nationality at birth.
  • Children, who were adopted by citizens of Latvia.
  • Spouses of Latvian citizens.
  • Refugees.

Other foreigners must provide a written renunciation of their native citizenship. Important to keep in mind, that dual nationals are subject to the laws and regulations of both countries and are required to fulfill their duties, such as paying taxes and serving in the military.

How to enter Lithuania

WITH 12 september 2022 border for Russians is closed, issuance of visas is suspended. The exception is:

  • family members and returnees,
  • carriers,
  • persons, crossing the border in transit.

Lithuanian citizenship: assistance in obtaining

Moving and paperwork - long procedure, requiring knowledge of immigration law. If you intend to obtain a Lithuanian passport, We recommend consulting with the managers of End Now Pleasure. We have many partners, who can help you.


Does Lithuania recognize dual citizenship??

Dual citizenship in Lithuania only for certain categories of persons, specified in the article. In other cases, the Russian passport will have to be abandoned, otherwise the application will be denied.

How can I get Lithuanian citizenship?

A passport can be obtained on various grounds: if one of the parents is a citizen of the Republic, have Lithuanian relatives, you are married or have lived 10 years in the country legally.

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