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Express check-in at the airport with Fast track service

In air travel, the flight is not the most tiring part.. Passengers spend a lot of time and nerves, dealing with pre-flight formalities - passport and customs control, check-in for a flight, etc..

With the Fast track service, all procedures are carried out in an accelerated mode.

What is fast track?

The passenger is accompanied by a specialist, who takes care of all the necessary formalities.

Arriving at the airport, you meet with your assistant. All procedures go through without queues in priority order. If desired, an assistant will accompany you to the boarding gate.

The escort helps to pass:

  • flight check-in;
  • customs and border control;
  • phytosanitary and veterinary control;
  • pre-flight screening.

Clients often have priority in choosing a location. On a separate request - delivery to the gangway of the aircraft in a comfortable minibus.

The scheme of actions upon arrival at the destination is similar. The escort also helps to collect luggage and escorts you to the exit from the airport..

Fast track especially saves, if you are late for your flight. However, it is necessary to order the service in advance - at least for 1,5 hours before flight departure.

Additional advantages of fast track

We provide Fast track service for passengers of any airline: how to take off, and arrival - around the clock.

Fast Track is often combined with the option "visiting business lounges", where you can expect a flight in peace and relaxation. Comfortable sofas and armchairs are at your disposal., buffet or bar,television, chargers for phones.

Dressing rooms are installed in the business lounges of advanced airports, shower cabins, spas, hairdressers - a small oasis of increased comfort and convenience at your service.

Some airports add zest to the design of the halls. So, in one of the halls of Sydney Qantas Airport, passengers admire the luxurious vertical garden, and the lounge at Helsinki Airport changes its design depending on the time of day and season.

Differences from Meet & Assist

If the speed of procedures or maximum comfort is not the main thing, then passengers apply for the Meet service & Assist.

escort helps:

  • don't get lost at the airport, especially topics, who flies for the first time or is poorly oriented;
  • find the right check-in desk or terminal;
  • find a baggage claim.

Meet service & Assist can be ordered separately, but more often it is issued with Fast Track or a visit to the "business lounge".

How to order a service?

You can order individual escort at the airport at End Now Pleasure. The cost depends on the city of departure and arrival and the inclusion of additional services - everything is discussed in detail with the manager.

It is possible to order the service online - in the section "ZOLD and business lounges" on the official website of the company.

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