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Step into Europe. How to get a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship of Austria

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If you have a desire to move to a country with a high level of medicine, education and ecology, with green, lush forests, then Austria will definitely be the best option. You will have the opportunity to work and study freely throughout the European Union, travel around the Schengen countries.

If you are interested in the opportunity to move to the EU with the help of investments, the best option at the moment is apply for permanent residence in Malta. Registration will take from 5 months.

Benefits of Austrian citizenship

Immigration to Austria is an excellent choice for a quality life. Austrian citizenship gives all rights in full, including participation in elections. Other benefits:

  • civilized well-ordered society;
  • modern education for children;
  • high social guarantees and provision;
  • quality medical care for the elderly
  • extradition to another state is excluded.

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If you are not in a position to help the Austrian economy with investments and are not born married to an Austrian, then you will have to face some difficulties on the way to citizenship. But there is a way to get citizenship by naturalization. To do this, you will first have to obtain a residence permit and permanent residence. Let's take a look at their benefits below.

Conditions residence permit permanent residence
Exams You must provide a diploma or certificate (at the time of submission no older than a year), which confirms knowledge of the German language at the elementary level A1
The property When immigrating, it is necessary to have a long-term lease of real estate or to buy property. From the date of purchase or lease, 12-18 months should pass. You need a contract confirming the purchase or lease of real estate in Austria
Mandatory residence in the country The person must be within the country for at least 183 days
Extension Submission of documents for a residence permit is carried out according to the scheme: the issuance of documents first for 1 year, again for 1 year, and with the next application for 3 years. After this period, an application for permanent residence is considered
Residence in the EU You can live in any EU country for no more than 3 months within six months Unlimited residence in any EU country
Right to work No right to work Unrestricted right within the European Union
Having a business No right to do business Doing business is allowed throughout the EU
Possibility of entry without a visa 140 countries + Schengen, Canada, USA and UK Over 150 countries including the United States of America
Children's education Any university in the EU Any university in the EU

Interesting fact
Austria was the first of the EU countries to switch more than 50% to energy-saving technologies. Now the country receives more than 65% of energy from renewable sources.

Ways to obtain Austrian citizenship

Let's look at several ways to obtain citizenship in Austria.

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"Blood Right"

Children born in marriage automatically acquire citizenship if one of the parents is a citizen of the country. Citizenship is also acquired automatically if paternity is recognized or established by the court within 8 weeks after the birth of the child. However, after missing the deadline, the child has the right to a simplified registration procedure. Adopted children under the age of 14 automatically become Austrian subjects.

Obtaining citizenship through marriage

An applicant can obtain an Austrian passport if he has lived in the country for 6 years and has been married to an Austrian citizen for more than 5 years.

In a similar way, one can get German citizenship. Just keep in mind that attempts to deceive the law face liability, up to criminal.

By naturalization

Migrants who have legally and permanently resided in the country for more than 10 years can apply for citizenship, of which at least 5 years with a residence permit. Requirements for naturalization:

  • No criminal record; unfinished criminal, administrative cases and offenses.
  • Financial independence - confirmation of a fixed and regular income, including alimony, benefits, etc. Exceptions only for disabled and seriously ill people.
  • Knowledge of the German language; Austrian history, democratic system and its basic principles: written examination.
  • Loss/renunciation of previous citizenship.
  • Lack of links with extremist and terrorist organizations.

Other options for obtaining Austrian citizenship

These are special cases, for the sake of order we will indicate them. The following persons can apply for Austrian citizenship:

  • victims of Nazism;
  • honored workers of art or science;
  • former Austrians who voluntarily renounced their citizenship and decided to immigrate to another country.

It is not possible to obtain Austrian citizenship by investment. But you can get a residence permit without knowledge of the German language and permanent residence. This will require investing from 6-10 million euros in the Austrian economy.

The procedure for obtaining Austrian citizenship

Applications are accepted by consular offices abroad according to a specific list of requests:

  • registration of citizenship for minors;
  • renunciation of citizenship;
  • implementation of the verification of the presence, as well as the absence of citizenship.

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If it is necessary to apply for the acquisition of citizenship by a minor citizen, it will be necessary to make a separate entry for each child. Issues related to renunciation of citizenship are made using a separate entry for each family member. You can get by with just one entry per family to apply for a citizenship test.

Interesting fact
Austrians get the right to vote later than in the Russian Federation - at the age of 19.

Citizenship process:

  1. Consultation in the department of the migration service at the place of residence in Austria; receiving an application form, a list of documents
  2. Submission of application, documents, payment of fees and charges
  3. Passing the citizenship test
  4. In case of successful consideration of the application: obtaining a letter of guarantee, taking an oath and obtaining a certificate of granting Austrian citizenship. Consular fee for a certificate of citizenship - 48 euros, for children under 2 years old - free of charge.
  5. Registration of internal documents: ID-cards (identity card) and passports. An ID-card is issued within 10 working days, its registration costs 62 €, for children from 2 to 15 years old - 27 €, for children under two years old - free of charge. The passport will be ready within five working days, its cost: 76 €, children 2-12 years old - 30 €, infants under two years old - free of charge. When changing the registration - an additional fee of 29 euros. Additional Information: on issuance of identity card, issuance of a passport.

At honorary consulates, there is a surcharge of 30 euros for applying for a passport or ID card.

Where to apply

Contact us if you:

  • Want to get a residence permit;
  • Gathered to Austria for permanent residence from Russia;
  • You want to become an Austrian citizen.

We will help you at every stage of obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence or citizenship, no matter what country you are in.

Call us by phone: +7-495-1-666-959
Or send a request to the mail:

If you decide to start obtaining a residence permit, the right to permanent residence or citizenship on your own:

  1. Apply to the Austrian embassy with an application for a residence permit in the host country or in the Austrian municipality of the province where you plan to move. You must pre-register for the submission of documents.
  2. It is not possible to apply immediately for permanent residence. To do this, you must live in Austria with a residence permit for more than 5 years. An application for permanent residence should be submitted to the magistrate at the place of residence: they will issue a list of necessary documents and send it to the migration police or a separate migration service.
  3. To obtain citizenship, you also need to visit a magistrate.

Required documents

Immediately about the main thing! All documents in a foreign language are provided in the original, together with a translation into German certified in Austria. Only a certified sworn translator can certify a translation – a list of such translators is available on the pages Federal Ministry of Justice Austria.

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In 2021-22, the following documents will be required:

  • German exam results;
  • Agreement on the ownership / rental of an apartment;
  • Certificate of no criminal record;
  • International passport;
  • Photo size 35 x 45 mm;
  • income statement;
  • Residence permit at the place of residence;
  • Certificate of divorce / marriage / birth of a child;
  • Certificate of change of name or surname;
  • Extract on the absence of debt from the company of creditors.

This is a general list of documents - the exact package will be compiled in the responsible department of citizenship, based on the personal data of the applicant.

Exams and tests

  • German proficiency test ÖIF. To successfully pass it, it is worth pulling up your knowledge of German to level B1. They examine reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • Testing for knowledge of the laws, culture of Austria, its history. The test includes 27 questions, for successful passing the number of correct answers must be at least 18. There are difficult and simple questions, the main thing is to show care and perseverance. The government has created a special state portal to prepare for the test, there you can test your knowledge by online testing.

Minors studying in Austrian schools are exempted from taking the test.

Children under 14 years of age, persons with poor physical or mental condition are exempted from taking the exam and test.

Terms of consideration

On average, consideration of an application takes about 6 months, but the process can take up to a year and a half. One of the factors affecting the timing is the location of the office where the documents were submitted. In Vienna, for example, there is a long processing time for applications due to the large number of applicants. But there is a page about immigration and citizenship.

Possible reasons for refusal

Applicants may be denied emigration if they do not meet the requirements; errors in filling out the relevant document; serious misconduct or criminal record. In addition, emigration to Austria is not possible due to some of the following factors:

  • false documents;
  • Lack of reasons for obtaining refugee status;
  • low income;
  • Lack of compelling grounds for obtaining citizenship;
  • Marriage only for the sake of obtaining citizenship;
  • The presence of debts, up to unpaid Internet or a fine.

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It is also worth noting that there are a number of reasons why you can lose your existing citizenship. Let's look at them in more detail. The reasons for the loss of Austrian citizenship may be as follows:

  • The person has not renounced their previous citizenship within two years/applied for citizenship in another country;
  • A citizen enters military service in another country;
  • Working for another state negatively affects the reputation of Austria;
  • Voluntary renunciation of Austrian citizenship.

Double citizenship

As for the second citizenship in the country, everything is very strict, it can only be obtained by children who were born in the union of a foreigner and an Austrian. Upon reaching the age of majority, the child will not have to choose one of the citizenships, unless another state requires such a decision. Even if native Austrians under any circumstances become citizens of another country, they lose their citizenship.

Interesting fact
Austria is the only country in the European Union that has not joined the NATO military bloc.

Austria does not require renunciation of the citizenship of another country, only if Austrian citizenship is granted in the special public interest of Austria.

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Success in obtaining Austrian citizenship

We are well aware of how difficult it is to obtain Austrian citizenship on your own. There are many bureaucratic delays, minor legal nuances, running around with the payment of fees and duties on the candidate's path. And after all the work, there is no guarantee that an unfortunate mistake has not been made somewhere.

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This can be avoided.

  • Our migration lawyers know all the subtleties of filing applications, collecting documents - the risk of making a mistake is minimal.
  • The specialists of our company will themselves record the candidate for admission to the desired magistrate, migration service; pay taxes and fees.
  • We will prepare the future Austrian citizen both for the German language exam and for testing.

Our company AndNowPleasure will increase the chances of obtaining citizenship, save your time and nerves.
Our contacts: +7-495-1-666-959,

Legal basis

Austrian Federal Citizenship Law (Citizenship Law 1985)

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