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How to apply for a residence permit in New Zealand: investor guide

New Zealand is again in the top 10 countries to top the World Happiness Index this year. (World Happiness Index) - rating, compiled by the UN based on surveys and such factors, like GDP, life expectancy and other indicators of quality of life.

Benefits of New Zealand citizenship

The country is known for its stunning nature and friendly, hospitable people. New Zealand citizenship in demand, because it is considered one of the best places in the world to do business and raise a family. The following factors influence this:

  • The quality of life. There is almost no crime in the country, a high standard of living and a strong sense of community. Quality healthcare and education. There are social benefits.
  • economic freedom. Low unemployment, government assistance and comfortable conditions for business, simplified tax program is the basis of a stable economy.
  • The ability to travel. More 100 countries available to visit without a visa or with a visa on arrival. Popular destinations: Australia, England, Canada, countries of the European Union and Asia, USA. It also makes it easier for New Zealand citizens to study, work or do business in other countries.
  • Natural beauty. breathtaking landscapes, mountains, forests, lakes and beaches - this attracts lovers of outdoor activities and adventures, as well as people, who are looking for a place to live surrounded by nature.

Features of life

There are several points, which should be taken into account, who is planning to move to New Zealand.

  • Expensive place to live, especially in cities like this., like Auckland and Wellington.

Cost of living in Wellington 45% higher, than in Moscow. Estimated monthly expenses for a family of four: 7 688 NZ$ (a little more 4 800 $ USA). Cost per person: 4 225 NZ$ (approximately 2 650 $ USA).

  • Housing affordability is a major concern for residents. Few have their own homes.. This happened due to increased demand., especially in big cities, high land and construction costs. That is why in New Zealand you cannot get a residence permit for investing in ready-made housing..
  • The territory of the country is conditionally divided into economic zones. For employment, this limits the ability to freely choose a place of residence for applicants with a narrow specialization.
  • New Zealand is a relatively isolated country, what makes traveling to other parts of the world expensive and time consuming. For businesses, this remoteness makes international logistics difficult., which in turn affects the time and cost of delivery.
  • In order to feel comfortable in the country, Good knowledge of English is desirable.
  • Ecological awareness and environmental protection are highly developed in the country. Gotta be ready for that, that it will affect habits and lifestyle.
  • The climate in New Zealand is generally mild., but can be unpredictable: it is not uncommon for some areas to experience frequent weather changes on the same day. Heavy rainfall in coastal areas, floods and storms.

Finally, worth considering, that moving to New Zealand takes time and resources, including the process of obtaining necessary visas and work permits, as well as adapting to a new culture and lifestyle.

Investment options

Undoubtedly, the prospects for immigration to New Zealand for investment are of considerable interest to wealthy Russians. The country has become an attractive destination for businessmen, who want to obtain a second citizenship and seek to protect their assets.

Why foreign investors benefit from doing business in New Zealand

  • Political stability – low risk of political unrest, that could adversely affect business operations.
  • Diversified Economy with a focus on the service sector, tourism, finance and technology. Well developed infrastructure, low level of corruption.
  • New Zealand is rich in natural resources: fertile land and abundant water make it an attractive place to start an agricultural business, tourism and work with renewable energy sources.
  • strategic location in the Pacific region is convenient for doing business with Asia and Australia.
  • Easier access to international markets. Have free trade agreements with several countries, including China, Australia, Canada, Japan and USA. New Zealand is also a member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).
  • Favorable business environment: low taxes, convenient regulation, there is a supportive network of public institutions and private organizations. Mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property and investor rights have been fine-tuned, which reduces business risks.
  • Availability of highly qualified personnel. Entrepreneurs and investors, who wish to organize high-tech production in the country, can invite specialists with them on a work visa or find an employee in the local labor market.

How to get a residence permit in New Zealand by investment

New Zealand does not have a special citizenship by investment program.. However, there are visa programs under which foreign citizens can invest in the economy of New Zealand, to get a residence permit, and later citizenship:

  • active investor plus visa,
  • business work visa.

The Entrepreneurial Work Visa allows you to open and operate a business in New Zealand, while the investor visa is more focused on investing in the country's economy. Plus there is a difference in the allowed type of business activity and investment requirements.

Active investor plus visa

This is a visa for those who want to live, work and invest in the New Zealand economy. For an entrepreneur, one of its main advantages will be freedom of movement and the ability to do business with a number of partner countries under a simplified scheme..

The applicant must have at least 15 million New Zealand dollars (it is approximately 9 400 000 $ USA) or equivalent amount in available assets and funds.

Length of stay in the country - indefinitely.

Expenses for processing an application in the migration service from 7 900 New Zealand dollars (it is approximately 4 950 $ USA). Non-refundable in case of cancellation.

With this visa you can:

  • include spouse and children under the age of 24 years in the visa application;
  • apply for citizenship after 4 years of holding funds in New Zealand.
Stages of obtaining an investor visa for Russians:
  • Prepare a package of documents: identification, photographs, health certificate, certificate of no criminal record. Confirm in the application form, that you have a positive reputation and have not been investigated for fraud.

At the request of New Zealand Immigration, medical examination must be carried out in accredited clinics.

  • Confirm good English proficiency.
  • Apply for a visa.
  • After the Migration Service confirms the active investor visa application, needed within 6 months to transfer and invest funds according to the plan. It is allowed to invest in several stages.
  • Provide evidence that, that investment funds are earned or acquired (a gift, loan, inheritance etc.) legally.
  • Invest the funds referred to in the application as an eligible investment within 48 months.

Eligible Investment for Active Investor Plus Visa means investment, that are not intended for personal use. Funds must be in local currency or price equivalent. You can invest in listed stocks, charity, managed funds or direct investments. It is important to note, that investments in ready-made properties or shares in New Zealand companies may not be acceptable.

  • Investment amount, made during the investment period must be kept. After all conditions are met, can apply for New Zealand citizenship.

Entrepreneur work visa

This is a temporary visa., which allows you to open and run a business in New Zealand for up to 3 years. After this period, it can be re-issued or apply for a resident entrepreneur visa.

This way of obtaining New Zealand citizenship is much longer, possibly even associated with greater risks, but definitely cheaper., than applying for an investor visa.

Comparative table of working and resident visas of an entrepreneur
Entrepreneur work visa Entrepreneur residence visa
Applicant Evaluation Criteria Provide an identity document,health certificates.

Provide certificates of no criminal record from the police of your country or any other, in which more than 5 years after, how did you turn out 17 years.

Confirm in the application form, that they are not involved in commercial wrongdoing or fraud.

Have entrepreneurial education and/or business experience.

Have a valid visa, that allows you to do business.


Have the status of self-employed in the country for at least 6 months.

Criteria for evaluating the investment package Business investment at least 100 000 New Zealand dollars (approximately 62 000 $ USA).

Must score at least 120 Entrepreneur Work Visa scores, which evaluates:

  • age,
  • investment amount,
  • business experience,
  • advantage of doing business in New Zealand,
  • business location.

A detailed business plan must be submitted for consideration.

If you have at least 2 years of work experience, then you will need to invest capital in the amount of at least 500 000 New Zealand dollars (approximately 314 000 $ USA) and create 3 new jobs in the country.

  • Evidence must be provided that, that the business has achieved or exceeded its targets, outlined in the business plan.
  • Business must be profitable.
  • Business must contribute to New Zealand's economic growth.
  • The entire amount of capital must be invested, which is stated in the business plan.
  • Business must comply with New Zealand labor and immigration laws.
  • You can not apply for social benefits or assistance for business.
How long can you stay in the country Need to start a business within the first 12 months of visa validity.

By the end of the 12 month period, you will need to show, what:

  • made capital investments, referred to in the business plan,
  • business must realize the benefits, outlined in the business plan.

If the visa is approved, then you can enter and leave the country the required number of times, before expiration.

Opportunities Come to the country to buy a ready-made or open your own business.

Work in your own business in the country for up to 3 years.

Include spouse and children under the age of 24 years in the visa application.

Continue to conduct your business in the country.

Live, work and study.

Include spouse and children under the age of 24 years in the visa application.

At the end of the visa You can apply for a residence permit under the business visa category.

When, if the entrepreneur does not have time to fulfill all the requirements for a visa, you can apply for another one for 3 of the year.

You can apply for permanent residence in New Zealand.
Expenses Application fee from 3 920 New Zealand dollars (it is approximately 2 450 $ USA) - application processing fee. Not refundable in case of cancellation. Application fee from 6 860 New Zealand dollars (4 300 $ USA) - application processing fee. Not refundable in case of cancellation.
Time of processing Within 43 months Within 14 months

Under both programs, you can reduce the size of the minimum capital investment, if:

  • business related to science, IT or other important export sector;
  • business demonstrates a high level of innovation and prospects for rapid growth.

Due to the immigration policy of the New Zealand authorities, to the visa applicant, individual requirements can be made.

How to get a New Zealand residence permit without investing

Before becoming a New Zealand citizen, you need to apply for a residence permit under one of the suitable visa programs and live in the country for at least 2 years. The validity period of a visa depends on its type.. A residence permit allows a foreign citizen to live and work in the country on a long-term basis.

Beyond the question, how to become a New Zealand resident by investment, Russians are interested in visas, that provide an opportunity to reunite with family, get an education or work in the country.

Work visas

Among work visas, single out:

Skilled Migrant Resident Visa

Designed for people who have skills in demand among New Zealand employers and will contribute to its economic growth.

  • The first step to apply for a visa is to register on the website of the Migration Office and fill out an EOI application (expression of interest). If she is taken away, you will be invited to apply for a residence permit. For the preparation of documents and the submission of an application is given 4 months.
  • To obtain this visa, you must score a minimum 100 points on the EOI scale, which estimates the candidate's age (to 55 years inclusive), English proficiency,and also requires confirmation of qualifications and work experience.
  • Length of stay - indefinitely.
  • Application fee - from 4880 New Zealand dollars (approximately 3 000 $ USA).

Accredited Employer Work Visa

Temporary visa, suitable for those who have a job offer from a New Zealand employer.

  • You must work for an accredited employer for at least 30 hours per week; if the situation with the employer somehow changes, you will need to change the conditions of your visa or apply for a new one.
  • Length of stay - up to 3 years. If wages are higher than average 2 times or more or the position is included in the "Green List", you can apply for citizenship.
  • Application fee - from 750 New Zealand dollars (approximately 470 $ USA).
  • Application processing time - approx. 41 day.

Family reunification

Visas, that allow you to join the family - for those, who has a New Zealand citizen or resident family member. At the moment, the Migration Office offers 28 such programs.

  • For most visa programs, can include spouse and children under the age of 24 years in the visa application. At the same time, it will matter to what extent adult family members speak English. (will affect EOI scores).
  • Length of stay - corresponds to the resident visa, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions.
  • Application fee – depends on the type of visa program. Applying for a temporary visa costs from 211 New Zealand dollars (approximately 130 $ USA); application, which will correspond in duration to the partner's visa from 700 New Zealand dollars (approximately 430 $ USA); application, involving an indefinite stay 2750 New Zealand dollars (approximately 1 680 $ USA).

student visa

A paid student visa is suitable for those, who wants to study full time in New Zealand. You must pay the full tuition fee and register with an accredited educational organization.

  • Visa features include:, that it is issued for the same period, what is training, for which they paid; must visit the place of study; You can work part-time on a visa 20 hours per week while studying or full time during holidays, depending on visa conditions.
  • Length of stay - up to 4 years. At the end, you can apply for another student or work visa.
  • Application fee - from 375 New Zealand dollars (approximately 235 $ USA).
  • Application processing time - more 40 days.

Other categories

Other categories include national programs, programs for pensioners. For more information and assistance in preparing documents, we recommend contacting an immigration consultant or lawyer. Or contact our And Now Pleasure team - we will be happy to advise you on all types of immigration programs.

New Zealand provides many scenarios for obtaining a residence permit, but not all of them guarantee subsequent citizenship. Visa active investor plus - the fastest, but also the most expensive way to get a New Zealand passport. Citizenship is not granted on an entrepreneur's work visa, but this is a necessary step and subject to a number of additional conditions, can apply for citizenship of Novaya Zemlya. A student visa is one of the most difficult ways, but doable.

Who Can Get New Zealand Citizenship

You can become a New Zealand citizen by birth and descent, by adoption, as well as marriage or civil union. Besides, available for Russians 20 scenarios of visa programs at the end of which it will be possible to apply for citizenship. The length of stay in the country as a resident is usually 3-5 years.

There are special requirements for each of these methods of obtaining citizenship.. Choosing the right visa program depends on the circumstances and goals of the individual immigrant.

Registration of citizenship of New Zealand for Russians

The one who lived, studied or worked in the country for more than 2–4 years, has no violations under the terms of the visa regime, can apply for New Zealand citizenship.

Collection of necessary documents

Before applying for citizenship, it is necessary to collect a package of documents. The list will depend on, on what kind of residence permit the applicant lives in the country.

When forming a package of documents, you may encounter additional requirements or changes in the processing time of the application.

Citizenship Form

The next step is to fill out the application form for citizenship and attach the collected package of documents to it. Here are the main items you need to complete:

  • personal information: make sure, that the personal information is correct, up-to-date and consistent with official documents.
  • Accommodation information: information about life in New Zealand and any other countries must be accurate.
  • Health status: you must provide an x-ray and medical examination data.
  • Criminal past: information will be required regarding criminal convictions or pending criminal charges.

Having a criminal record does not preclude the possibility of obtaining New Zealand citizenship., just such a statement will be considered on an individual basis, taking into account the nature of the offenses.

  • Knowledge of English: is important in the design of most migration programs.
  • Acceptance Criteria: make sure, that all conditions of the program on which citizenship is granted are met, including the requirement to live in New Zealand for a certain period of time and be in good standing.
  • Supporting documents: must be properly formatted, translated and certified.
  • Signature and date: it is better to read the document carefully, double-check and only after that endorse it.

Payment of state duty

The completed application form, along with documents and payment, must be submitted to the Department of the Interior.

The application fee for New Zealand citizenship is currently:

  • from 470 USD for adults aged 16 years and older;
  • from 235 US dollars for children aged 15 years and younger.

citizenship ceremony

At the ceremony, the new citizen takes the oath of allegiance or confirms his loyalty to New Zealand. He will also be issued a certificate of citizenship.. The oath or affirmation includes a promise to respect the laws of New Zealand and be loyal to the country.

Obtaining New Zealand citizenship is quite difficult.. The essence of the process is, so that only one, who aspires to become part of the society of the country, has a positive history and strong connections in it, could get citizenship.


Can a Russian have dual citizenship with New Zealand?

Yes, both sides allow their citizens to have dual citizenship. Dual citizenship is supported by many countries, for example, Germany, Portugal and Iceland.

Where can I find out about programs that will allow me to join a family in New Zealand?

We recommend that you read the full list on the official New Zealand Immigration website.

How long will the department consider an application for citizenship?

It all depends on the individual circumstances of the applicant., the speed of providing the necessary documents and other factors. Approximately 3-14 months after the application is submitted, the Office of Citizenship will notify, was your application approved. If there are problems with the application, curator will contact you.

How to understand if I can score the required number of points when applying for a New Zealand work visa?

To answer this question use service New Zealand Immigration Service.

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