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Living and working in the UAE: How do Russians get a resident visa?

United Arab Emirates (UAE) today it is a center of attraction for qualified specialists, investors and entrepreneurs. The UAE offers attractive immigration conditions and life prospects to various categories of Russians. We will analyze the ways of legal immigration to the UAE and obtaining documents.

What gives UAE citizenship

Emirates is a popular destination for expats, looking for new career opportunities, better quality of life and change of scenery.

The passport of the United Arab Emirates is:

  • Legal stay in any emirate from 1 to 10 years.
  • Tax incentives for doing business: no income tax, income tax, capital gain.
  • Access to the banking system, accounts and loans. Ability to make transfers around the world.
  • Trips. The UAE passport is one of the most powerful in the world, entitles you to enter 175 countries.
  • The right to get a driver's license, but only in that emirate, where the resident visa was issued.
  • The right to education of children in local schools and the best universities in the world.
  • Access to healthcare, health care insurance.
  • Eligibility for Voting and Elections for UAE Citizens.

Applying for a resident visa, a citizen of the Russian Federation already has the right to transport family members, live and work, to enjoy all privileges on an equal footing with citizens.

How to get a resident visa for citizens of the Russian Federation

A residence visa is a residence permit for foreigners. Every visitor is required to register, to live and work in the UAE, leave and return to the country, study, start a business. Residence permit allows the owner to become a cosmopolitan, having no relatives in the emirates or a passport by birthright in the peninsula.

Russians have the following options:

student visa

For registration, applicants provide a certificate, international passport, birth certificate and certificate of passing the English language according to the international classification IELTS or TOEFL.

Validity of a student visa 1 year, can be extended until the end of the course. Excellent students can apply for a residence permit immediately on 5 years. The University independently controls the preparation and submission of documents to the Federal Office for Identification and Citizenship.

Work Visa

The most common method of obtaining a residence permit, the validity of this type of permit is until the end of the employment contract, average 2-3 of the year. A Russian citizen first receives a job offer from a company, based in the UAE, then the employer applies for a work permit and a residence permit on his behalf. The employee submits a resume, the passport, photographs, diploma of education, medical examination and insurance. The employer pays the visa fee, finances employee relocation.

If the income of a Russian is more $1 000 per month, he is entitled to transport his wife and dependent children. With income from $4 500 - apply for a resident visa to parents. Sponsor is responsible for accommodation of relatives, while they are in the UAE.

Freelance Visa

The applicant can work for himself or for a remote company. The key requirement is to obtain a work permit in one of the 30 free zone, free economic zones. License cost from $1 300 and depends on the type of work., that a freelancer does. Validity period of the permit 1 year, at the end, you need to extend the visa, and business license. The freelancer has the right to move with his family and act as a sponsor for her.

Entrepreneur visa

Entrepreneurs and investors can get a residence permit on 5-10 years for an investment of $136 000-545 000. You can start your own company, start a startup or invest in an existing organization. Investor can transport spouse, children, as well as sponsoring employees and issuing visas for them.

Buying a property

One of the common ways, how to obtain citizenship in the UAE for a Russian citizen - purchase of residential and commercial real estate. For $200 000 the investor receives a residence permit for 2 of the year, for $544 500 – on 10 years. The object can be ready for delivery or be under construction. The owner provides a contract of sale, a certificate from the Land Department with an estimate of the cost, the passport, certificate of no criminal record and medical examination. For the convenience of applicants, you can apply online and even buy real estate remotely.

Senior Citizen Visa

The program has been running since 2018 of the year. Applicant must be older 55 and fulfill one of the requirements: buy property from $275 000, have savings for the same amount or a pension from $4 000 per month. Pensioner provides a passport, bank statement, pension certificate and documents, confirming the fulfillment of investment obligations. Validity of a pensioner's visa 5 years.

Talent Visa

The UAE's policy towards migrants is strategic and aims to attract foreign investors and talent. For a visa 10 years qualified professionals with a doctoral degree in scientific and technical fields are eligible, doctors, teachers, athletes, reached professional heights. Each applicant must be accredited by the relevant agency.

Thus, the UAE government offers applicants 7 current programs for immigration. Having issued a residence permit, resident receives an Emirates ID: plastic identification card with personal information about yourself, including fingerprint. According to it, he becomes a full-fledged resident of the UAE before the expiration of the residence visa. As soon as it happens, documents and medical examination will have to be repeated.

How to obtain UAE citizenship for a Russian citizen

In the UAE, the majority of the population is foreigners. Many visitors live in the country permanently, but do not have citizenship.

According to the law "On Citizenship" 2021 Citizenship can be obtained in three ways: by birthright, married to an Arab and by naturalization. Conditions for obtaining UAE citizenship are strict, in particular, naturalization will have to live 30 years, know Arabic and prove a stable income.

WITH 2021 the government added two more ways to get an Emirates passport: for investments and special services to the UAE. This increased the flow of successful and wealthy people into the country: Emirates aims to become a global hub for talent and innovation. Favorable difference from obtaining citizenship in the UAE through marriage, naturalization and birth in that, that investors and talented specialists have the right to retain Russian citizenship and not give up their first passport.

To apply for citizenship by investment, the candidate invests in real estate, business and other sectors of the economy from $544 500. For this amount, he receives a golden visa for 10 years and after passing inspections, including UAE Cabinet approval, can apply for an Emirates passport.

An applicant for citizenship for special merit must prove his competence and uniqueness. Meet the established criteria: make a special contribution to science, be a professional with experience 10 years, get a patent, work according to the method, in demand in the UAE, be the owner of international awards.

5 steps on how to obtain citizenship of the United Arab Emirates for a citizen of Russia.

  1. Get a visa: contact the embassy, provide the necessary documents and pay the visa fee.
  2. Get residency. For example, invest in real estate, register a business or get a job.
  3. Apply for citizenship. To do this, contact the Federal Office and provide a package of documents: the passport, visa, registration, birth certificate and other papers upon request.
  4. Pass interviews and cultural knowledge exams, stories, country language.
  5. Obtain a passport of a citizen of the United Arab Emirates.

The applicant must comply with the laws, have sufficient income, to support yourself and your family.

Obtaining a resident visa and citizenship is a rather complicated process, but the benefits it acquires make it a worthwhile investment. Contact End Now Pleasure for up-to-date information.


Do I need to permanently reside in the UAE?, to keep the resident visa?

If a citizen is absent from the Emirates anymore 6 months in a row, visa will be canceled. It is possible to save a residence permit, crossing the border twice a year.

Is it possible to keep a Russian passport when applying for an Arabic?

This option is available only to investors and specialists. Other categories of applicants are required to renounce Russian citizenship in favor of citizenship in the UAE.

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