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How to become a citizen of the Argentine Republic

Argentina is a country with one of the most attractive citizenship procedures. She's simple, comfortable and well crafted.

Benefits of Argentine Citizenship

  • To get an Argentine passport, it is not necessary to renounce the current citizenship or citizenships.
  • Simple registration procedure - no need to take an exam in history and knowledge of the language.
  • The speed of obtaining citizenship 1.5–3 years.
  • Visa-free entry on an Argentinean passport to European countries (Schengen), Russia, Great Britain, Ukraine, Belarus, Japan and New Zealand, a number of countries in Africa and Asia; US visa is granted immediately on 10 years with a minimum failure rate.
  • Free education and medicine.
  • Comfortable climate.
  • One of the cheapest countries to live in the world.

the cost of living, for example, in Moscow for 31% expensive, than in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. And speaking of European countries, in Barcelona (Spain) life is more precious 176%.

Features of citizenship

  • The bureaucratic machine of the country can hardly be called flexible, but it's pretty simple, understandable and incomprehensible.
  • A child born in Argentina immediately becomes a citizen of the country. The child of the same naturalized citizens, who was born outside the country, it won't be.
  • The black dollar exchange rate is two times lower than the official one and it is unprofitable to make payments with a bank card.
  • Much attention is paid to human rights. In this situation, this is a plus., and minus. On the one side, it's free education and medicine, which even illegal immigrants can count on. At the same time, building hijacking is rampant in the country., lands and houses: for example, widespread schemes with the settlement of a family with a child on fake documents of sale. Finding out the truth takes a lot of time during which a family of scammers lives in the house.
  • Service sector is low quality and underdeveloped.

Investment options

The way to obtain Argentine citizenship by investment is considered one of the most effective and is valued by businessmen., who do not want to spend time in the visa queues of consulates.

Minimum investment amount 1 500 000 pesos. It is approximately 9 500 US dollars at the official rate. The beneficiary needs to choose the scope of investments, which will be of interest to the country. It could be production, commercial or service areas.

To start the citizenship procedure, it is necessary to prepare a package of documents and register in the electronic queue through the web system of the RaDex migration department. Documents can also be submitted electronically., through the same system, but it will still need to be on the territory of the Republic.

The required package of documents for a Russian can be conditionally divided into 2 categories.

Standard Package, the same as for obtaining a temporary residence:

  • identification, passport or citizenship certificate,
  • birth certificate,
  • Argentina certificate of no criminal record,
  • certificate of no criminal record in the Russian Federation,
  • entry stamp in passport,
  • proof of address or bill for any utility bill.

Commercial package:

  • investment project in spanish,
  • documents confirming the legitimacy of investment funds and transactions through banking or financial institutions, authorized by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.

Documents must be properly certified and translated into Argentine.

After the checkout process has started, you will need to pay fees and pass an interview at the migration office. If you submit documents through the RaDex web platform, then payment documents will be generated automatically, and the investor has to wait for an invitation to visit the migration department or a request for clarifying information.

Temporary residence is granted to beneficiaries for a period of one year and must be renewed annually, but after 2 years you can get citizenship.

End Now Pleasure specialists will help you collect the necessary package of documents for obtaining a residence permit through investment.

Along with the apparent simplicity of the procedure, it is necessary to show pedantry during the preparation of documents and the passage of all stages of registration. The employees of the departments act strictly according to the instructions, any deviation from accepted norms, work not in favor of the applicant. There are simply no schemes by which you can somehow influence the process., to simplify or speed it up.

What gives Argentine citizenship to a businessman

At first sight, the decision to develop a business in Argentina may seem risky. The reason for this:

  • High inflation rate - 50-70%;
  • Tight currency regulation;
  • Prohibition for companies to receive international investments and loans;
  • High tax burden;
  • Low labor costs for workers, and at the same time the low level of their qualifications;
  • Rigid labor laws: it's very hard to fire someone.

Nevertheless, there are many advantages for those wishing to invest in the Argentine economy..

  • Well developed agribusiness and mining.
  • Concepts such as "rollback", "corruption", mafia don't exist.
  • Argentina is a permanent member of MERCOSUR. To a union of countries with a common customs space, in addition to Argentina: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela (deprived of all rights and obligations), Bolivia participates as associate members in the bloc (in the process of joining), Chile, Colombia, Guyanese, Ecuador, Peru and Suriname.
  • E-2 Visa Opportunity - Allows citizens of countries such as Argentina to own and operate a business in the United States. This is a non-immigrant visa, which is renewable indefinitely and allows the holder to live in the United States.

Who Can Get Argentine Citizenship

There are two ways to obtain citizenship:

  1. by choice - such citizenship can be obtained by a child of Argentine parents, if he was born abroad; parents of a child born in Argentina; husband(a) Argentinian(that);
  2. naturalization is a lawsuit, which is carried out exclusively in the federal courts of Argentina.

Requirements for a resident candidate for naturalization:

  • age from 18 years,
  • accommodation in Argentina 2 years,
  • no outstanding conviction,
  • absence of dangerous diseases,
  • solvency.

The most popular methods of naturalization: investor, rentier (income from renting housing in Russia in the amount of at least 30 000 pesos), a student (schooling, institute, etc.), freelancer.

Not the most popular among Russians, but affordable: migrant worker, pensioner, scientists and specialized personnel, athletes and artists, religious, on treatment, refugees, family reunification.

How to get Argentine citizenship without investment

The procedure for obtaining citizenship is quite simple., you just need to follow a few steps:

  • choose the method of naturalization: a student, rentier, pensioner, worker, refugee and others;
  • prepare the necessary documents;
  • fly to Argentina;
  • apply to the civil court of Argentina for residency;
  • have 2 years of continuous and documented residence in the country;
  • justify livelihood: employment contract, pay slip.

Freelancer Exception (Digital Nomads - Digital Nomads), a simplified transit residence is provided for them.

The whole procedure for obtaining citizenship of Argentina for a Russian is divided into stages

  • A tourist — for citizens of the Russian Federation, no visa required for entry up to 90 days, but you must have a return ticket with you. This time is enough, to apply for temporary residence or immediately apply for citizenship.
  • Residencia Precaria or residence under consideration - in fact, this is a statement about, that documents have been accepted. Issued for a period of up to 3 months, during which a decision on granting citizenship will be made.
  • Residencia Temporal or temporary residence - issued a maximum of 3 year and requires an annual renewal. Allows you to freely leave and visit Argentina.
  • Residencia Temporal or permanent residence - issued after 3 years of legal residence in Argentina in case of registration of citizenship of choice.
  • Ciudadania or citizenship – you can apply immediately upon arrival in the country as a tourist. The process will take 1,5 – 3 of the year, during which you can leave the country for a long time.

There is little difference between citizenship and permanent residence: residents cannot vote in elections, unlike citizens..


Where can I get a list of documents required for obtaining citizenship of the Argentine Republic?

The most complete and up-to-date information is available at official website Republic. This is the Argentine analogue of the State Service website.

How much will the procedure for obtaining a residence permit as an investor cost??

In addition to the investment 1 500 000 pesos, need to pay processing fees. The amount of the fee will depend on the number of "purchased options". The official website of the Argentine government has immigration rate table.

If I open a sole proprietorship in Argentina, will this be proof of income for citizenship?

Not. This is a common misconception. Confirmation is only an employment contract concluded with the employer. You can carry out commercial activities in the country, but it will be a different procedure for obtaining citizenship.

What problems may arise with Argentine citizenship among Russians?

The attitude towards Russians in Argentina is calm. Due to the foreign policy of the Russian government towards the United States, ordinary people treat Russians favorably.

Will the rights of Argentine citizens by birth and naturalized differ??

Yes, but not significantly. We have already discussed above, that the child of naturalized parents will become an Argentine citizen only at birth in the territory of the country.

How long can you stay in the territory of MERCOSUR countries?

You can stay in the territory of MERCOSUR countries with restrictions: 90 days in half a year.

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