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How to get citizenship of Grenada. Pros and Cons of Grenada Passport

Grenada is a small island nation with an area of 344 km2 with a population of about 113 thous. human. The state is located on the island of Grenada and the southern part of the Grenadines. Despite the small size, Grenada attracts immigrants. But you can get citizenship of Grenada only through an investment program for one of the existing options..

The Grenada Passport by Investment Program will be closed to citizens of Russia and Belarus from 31 March 2023 of the year.

Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

Why Grenada is chosen for citizenship?

  • Possibility of dual citizenship. To become a full citizen of Grenada, it is not necessary to renounce the main citizenship;
  • grenada passport visa free entry to 167 countries. including the UK, EU countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, China (30 days a year).
  • Signed mutual investment agreement with the United States gives the right to Grenadians to issue several categories of visas to the United States. An E2 visa is opened when buying a business in the USA. Lets live, work and study in the states. B-1/B-2 visas are open for a period of 10 years for tourism purposes 180 days a year.
  • Reduced tax payments. There is no tax on income from abroad, inheritance, wealth and capital gains. The property tax is 0,5%, for the transfer of property rights 5 to 15%, for dividends - 15%.
  • Opportunity to open accounts in EU international banks for currency transfers and its storage on deposits.
  • Additional Applicants. Along with the investor, family members can apply for citizenship: spouses, dependent parents, children.
  • Simplified Citizenship. The investor and his family do not need to take language and culture exams. Grenada residence permit or stay in the country is also not required.

Certainly, obtaining citizenship of Grenada has its drawbacks, but they are few.

Features of Grenadian citizenship

The following facts are difficult to attribute to the disadvantages of citizenship of Grenada: Is it pros or cons - it's up to the investor to decide.

  • You can't travel to the EU or the UK with a Grenada passport. You can spend no more than six months in the UK.
  • Time spent in the Schengen area is limited 90 the other day.
  • The economy is highly dependent on external factors, long-term investments can be risky.
  • Grenada is far from Russia. Long flights, no direct flights, Yes, there may be problems with transfers..

Troubles and surprises during flights can be avoided, if you contact the company «And Nau Plejea». Yes, we can fully prepare the flight: book a charter or arrange a private flight with a business jet. We collect all documents, we will agree on the lease / purchase of real estate we will accompany you at all stages of the trip.

Citizenship by Investment

Obtaining Grenada Citizenship Through Investment Is Almost Possible 25 years. The state program has changed several times, in particular, reduced the cost of a Grenada passport. To obtain citizenship of Grenada by investment in 2022 year investors need:

  • deposit from 150 000 $ (150 one thousand dollars) to the National Transformation Fund (NTF). Non-refundable fee;
  • or purchase real estate worth at least 220 000 $ (220 one thousand dollars). You can choose an object only from government-approved projects. Real estate can only be sold through 5 years after purchase. And Now Pleasure will select and offer a property from the list of available properties according to your requirements.

Additional charges:

  • If the investor moves under the NTF contribution program with his family, then a family of up to 4 people will have to pay 200 000 $. For each next family member 25 000 $. Fee for parents over 55 years - 50 000 $, and for brothers or sisters - 75 000 $.
  • Due diligence due diligence costs 5 000 $ for each person older 16 years.
  • Application fee - 1 500 $ from each person.
  • Consideration of the application is also 1 500 $ per person. For children before 18 years is paid for 500 $.

Company «And Nau Plejea» organizes emigration to Grenada from Russia from start to finish. We will prepare and submit all the necessary documents ourselves. Applying with us for citizenship of Grenada in 2022 year, You will save your time and eliminate the possibility of errors in documents. We will do everything for you.

Who Can Get Grenada Citizenship

How to get a Grenadian passport? First of all, meet the requirements of the state for future citizens. The requirements are as follows:

  • Investor. Adult (18+); not under sanctions; unconvicted, open criminal, court cases; no visa and citizenship denials; passed due diligence check.
  • Wife husband. Spouses must be legally married.
  • Children up to 30 dependent years (including children from previous marriages).
  • dependent parents.
  • Brothers and sisters from 18 years, completely financially dependent on the investor. Without children and spouses.

Upon positive consideration of the application, the investor and his family receive passports valid for 5 years. In the future, the passport can be remotely renewed for an additional fee..

If the investor has already obtained a Grenada passport, then only children under the age of one year can join the program. All other family members must be included in the initial application.


How to obtain citizenship of Grenada for a citizen of Russia?

Only through an intermediary, Can't apply on my own. Contact us at the office, by phone or email and we will go from application to citizenship in a few steps:

  1. And Now Pleasure Agent Consultation. Verification of documents, risk assessment. The procedure is confidential.
  2. Collection, preparation and sending of an individual package of documents by a team of lawyers, lawyers and notaries.
  3. Welfare check and waiting for its results. The Due Diligence procedure is carried out by the Government of Grenada, its dates are from 3 to 6 months.
  4. Application approval. Within a month of the approval of the application, the investor must pay the NTF contribution or purchase the approved property. And pay all taxes and fees.
  5. Documents receiving. The customer will receive all passports and certificates by courier.

How to get Grenadian citizenship without investment?

The short answer is no.

What does a Grenada passport give??

Beyond the benefits, highlighted at the beginning of the article, a citizen of Grenada enjoys the benefits and privileges of citizens of the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Is it possible to return the investment?

You can return the funds only if the investor has invested in the purchase of real estate after a 5-year period. For the period of ownership of the property, the investor receives from 2 to 5% annual rental income.

What kind of real estate is offered by the government for investment?

The main direction of Grenada is tourism. That's why, most often the government offers five-star hotels for investment, hotel complexes.

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