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Citizenship of Hungary. Benefits and ways to get

Hungarian citizenship is a ticket to Europe with all the positive prospects for business, life and study. Let's figure it out, what ways to get a Hungarian passport exist and how to get Hungarian citizenship for Russians?

Benefits of a Hungarian passport

  • Rights of a European resident: quality medicine, education, banking system.
  • Limitless travel. Hungary is a member of the European Union and the list of Schengen countries. A Hungarian subject may move freely throughout 150 states.
  • historical value. Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe, there are a large number of architectural monuments, fortresses, castles.
  • healthcare. On its territory more 60 thousand thermal springs, a wide range of resorts with wellness programs.
  • Business. Opportunity to develop the company in the global market.
  • Affordable cost of living. According to Numbeo, in Budapest transport costs, products, sports and other categories are two times lower, than in Moscow.

How to become a citizen of Hungary

The algorithm for obtaining a Hungarian passport consists of 4 steps:

  1. Visa D. The applicant submits documents for a long-term visa to the consulate at the place of residence. The list includes a questionnaire, references, biometrics, fee of €110. Validation period up to 2 months.
  2. residence permit. Within a month from the date of arrival, a citizen submits an application for a residence permit to the immigration office. Validation period up to 2 months, time depends on the base, according to which the applicant applies for a residence permit.
  3. permanent residence. After several years in the status of a residence permit, you can apply for an indefinite stay. It is important to submit documents a month before the expiration of the residence permit. For €38 and 70 days of verification, the resident receives a permanent residence card.
  4. Citizenship. Across 3 year, the applicant submits documents to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Unified Customer Service Office in Budapest. Exception - returnees. They have the right to apply at their place of residence. Having received approval, the applicant takes an oath and receives a certificate of citizenship.

How to get a residence permit in Hungary for a Russian citizen

Business immigration

One of the grounds for issuing a residence permit is the purchase or opening of a company in the country. If the residence permit status is approved, a foreign entrepreneur can live, work in the country for a year and renew the permit every 12 months. Conditions must be met:

  • stay in the country more 183 days,
  • rent or buy a home,
  • pay taxes and conduct legal business activities.

Starting a business costs from €2500. Across 5 years, the founder has the right to apply for permanent residence. Your company does not 100% temporary residence guarantee. Maybe, the applicant will first receive a long-term visa and only then go through the next steps from a residence permit to a passport.

Residence permit for financially independent

Residence permit without work permit, suitable for wealthy citizens with a stable income. To obtain a residence permit of this category, the applicant must open an account with a local bank in the amount of €10 000, buy or rent a home and take out insurance. Separate supplement for each relative. Residence permit is valid for a year, must be renewed every 12 months.

Digital Nomads White Card

A new way of short-term relocation. Suitable for employees or managers of foreign companies, working remotely and not tied to a specific place of residence.

Requirements for applicants:

  • Monthly income from €2 000 over the past six months.
  • No income from Hungarian companies.
  • Stay in Hungary for 3 months from 6.

White Card validity period 1 year, by 12 months, it can be extended once. The White Card has limits:

  • Residence under this permit does not count towards permanent residence.
  • You can't transport your family on it., each relative submits documents independently.
  • She does not give permission to open a business, not available for persons with a residence permit of an EU country.

The applicant attaches to the application: fresh photos, consular fee €110, grounds for stay (employment contract, registration and financial documents of the company, in which the applicant has a share). As well as the obligation to leave the country in case of refusal of the White Card. Migration Service checks documents 30-45 days. If inaccuracies and errors are found, the department has the right to require additional paperwork and extend the verification period. You can appeal the denial within 8 days and for €160. File a complaint with the same consulate, Where did the applicant apply?.

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Obtaining Hungarian citizenship

Today, for foreign citizens there are 4 how to get a hungarian passport: naturalization, marriage, by birthright, repatriation.


A person is entitled to Hungarian citizenship through naturalization, living in the country more 8 years: 5 years in the status of a residence permit and 3 years with the right to permanent residence.

The applicant must have a legitimate reason for residence: study, work, have housing. During these years he can leave the country, but not more, than on 45 days for 12 months. To obtain a passport, you will need to pass an exam on knowledge of the language and political structure of the country, confirm stable income, own or rent a home, be honest before the law.


A popular and not the easiest way to obtain Hungarian citizenship. The spouse of a Hungarian citizen issues a residence permit after a month of cohabitation, and citizenship through 3 of the year. The difficulty lies in the mandatory exams on knowledge of the social structure of the country, Hungarian, and a thorough check of the marriage for fictitious.

By birthright

The child receives Hungarian citizenship automatically, if one of his parents is a citizen of Hungary. At the same time, it doesn't matter, what country was he born in. An adopted child acquires citizenship through 3 years of residence in Hungary.


Hungarian citizenship by repatriation is available to descendants of ethnic Hungarians, born in Vojvodina, Transylvania, Southern Slovakia, Transcarpathian region. Birth certificate will be proof of relationship., marriage, archival documents. Repatriation is free legally, documents can be submitted to the consulate. Allowed, that a repatriate may not speak Hungarian and, having received a passport, do not reside in the territory. His family is also eligible for expedited citizenship.. Obtaining Hungarian citizenship takes up to six months.

How to apply for permanent residence in Hungary by investment

To 2017 the country had an economic citizenship program. The status of a resident on it received more 3500 investors. Applicant has invested €300 in government bonds 000, in return received the status of permanent residence and through 5 years returned the invested funds. From additional expenses – €60 000 for clearance.

The program worked with 2012 of the year, and was one of the most affordable and fastest in Europe: checking took only 30 days. The applicant received freedom of movement within the Schengen, could choose to live in any country of the European Union, issue passports to all close dependent relatives.

WITH 31 March 2017 the government stopped issuing government bonds, as economic indicators reached the required level. Those investors, who applied before this date, managed to obtain permanent residence for themselves and their families and can apply for citizenship.

Today you can invest in an existing national business and, on this basis, apply for a residence permit. Hungarian passport will be through 8 years.


Who can apply for a Hungarian passport?

Face, legally residing in the country 3 to 8 years, with registration of residence, official income, knowledge of the language and the Constitution.

Does Hungary recognize second citizenship??

Yes, there is no ban on the second passport in the legislation. Russian citizen can keep the first passport. Hungary does not issue information about the new civil status. This is a matter of dual nationality responsibility.

How to get Hungarian citizenship the fastest?

Simplified naturalization procedure available for Hungarian spouses, adopted children, parents of minor Hungarians, they acquire citizenship through 3 of the year.

Is Hungarian citizenship available for Russians for the purchase of real estate?

Not. Real estate does not even guarantee a residence permit.

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