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British citizenship for a Russian citizen in 2023

Great Britain is the center of economic, business and creative connections, that is why it is so attractive for wealthy people to live. Find out what you need, to obtain citizenship in England for a Russian citizen .

What gives British citizenship

  • The British passport allows its holders visa-free entry to 185 countries of the world.
  • Prestigious universities put the UK at the top of the world rankings for the quality of education. The diploma of such a university is a guarantee of employment of graduates.
  • Comfortable climate: average temperature +20 and warm winters with above freezing temperatures and occasional snowfall.
  • medieval cathedrals, parks, fabulous architecture of small towns make visitors fall in love and make the Kingdom a dream country to live in.

How to get UK citizenship

British citizenship for Russians is available in the following cases:

By birthright for children up to 18 years

When at least one of the parents is a British subject, either parents live in a country with the right to permanent residence or on a visa with the right to obtain permanent residence.

By right of kinship or family reunification

British citizenship for Russians through marriage is possible after 3 years of cohabitation with an Englishman or a permanent resident.

After 5 years of residence on a long-term business visa with the right to permanent residence

  • Tier 2 – visa for employees, employed by a British employer.
  • Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa.
  • Global Talent Visa - for digital professionals, workers of culture and science.
  • Start-up Visa - entry permit for entrepreneurs, starting a business in England. The business plan must be approved by an authorized organization from the list on the government's official website. This visa cannot be extended, but you can change category, continue working and then apply for British citizenship .

For investments

UK Citizenship by Investment Available on a Visa:

  • Tier 1 Investor - from 2 to 5 years, depending on the amount.
  • Innovator Visa – от 3 years subject to the qualification requirements for the company.

Let's take a closer look at the last option. , how to get citizenship in England for a Russian citizen by investing in the economy.

UK Citizenship by Investment Rules

For, to become an English citizen, you need to go through several steps:

  • Apply for a long-term entrepreneur and investor visa. For this:
    • be older 18 years,
    • have an approved business plan (for Innovator Visa),
    • provide an account statement, independence from state benefits,
    • confirm the reliability of investments,
    • speak English (for Innovator visa),
    • provide a certificate of no criminal record and health status.
  • Documents can be submitted to the visa center at the place of residence, at the UK Home Office. Be sure to translate into English and notarize.
  • live 3-5 years on selected visa, obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain or permanent residence status in the UK . An applicant for indefinite residence must confirm knowledge of English at B1 level and pass the Life in the UK test for at least 75%. Questions are open and you can prepare for them in advance..
  • After one year, the resident is eligible to apply for British citizenship. You need to pay a fee, prove that there are no problems with the law, financial viability, intention to reside in the Kingdom and take the oath. Once the applicant has naturalized, you can start Obtaining British citizenship by close relatives.

End Now Pleasure arranges emigration on a turnkey basis. Collection of documents, drawing up a visa application, support at every stage of the move.

Tier Investor Visa 1 Investor

This is a long stay visa with the right to a UK passport. Minimum investment amount – £2 000 000 and UK permanent residence status through 5 years. For £5m, you can claim indefinite residence through 3 of the year, for £10 million - through 2. Investment Options: bonds, investment funds, companies or shares in resident companies. An additional interest for applicants is the opportunity to return their money through 5 years.

To apply for an investor visa, a candidate must confirm the reliability of income, open an investment account, have a certificate of no criminal record. While knowing the language, no need to have business experience or provide medical certificates.

By Tier 1 Investor can live in England, get education, work. Visa valid 3 of the year, then it can be extended for 2 year or apply for permanent residence, if the investor has invested enough funds.

WITH 17 February 2022 Tier visa ban issued 1 Investor. If you already have this visa, you have the right:

  • apply for permanent residence,
  • extend visa,
  • arrange paperwork for your family.

After 17 February 2022 apply for Tier 1 Investor or switch to it from another category is impossible.

Innovator Visa

Another option, how to get british citizenship for russians. The category is designed for entrepreneurs with a promising innovative project. It can also be used by beginners, and experienced businessmen. The key requirement is the uniqueness of the idea and the willingness to invest in it from 50 000 pounds.

Innovator visa requires official approval of the business plan from an authorized organization. Having received it, the investor must open a company and actively develop it. You can work on the project on your own or with a team of partners, wherein 50 000 each participant must have. With this visa, you can open several businesses at the same time, but you can't work.

Visa is issued for 3 years with multiple extensions. Innovator Visa enables foreign entrepreneurs to create a business, freely cross the border, move the family to Europe, obtain permanent residence status and second citizenship in the UK .

The basis for acquiring citizenship in the UK is the fulfillment of qualification conditions. For 3 years of work on the project, you must complete at least 2 conditions:

  • invest in it from £50 000,
  • create 5 jobs starting at £25 000,
  • create a minimum 10 full time jobs,
  • achieve an annual company income of £1 000 000,
  • export products worth £100 000 arrived,
  • double the number of clients,
  • conduct scientific and technical research, apply for intellectual property protection.


How to get British citizenship?

live 5 years in the country on an immigrant visa with the right to permanent residence.

Who Cannot Get British Citizenship?

Face, providing false information about yourself. That, who violated visa requirements, is in a fictitious marriage, committed an intentional crime, violated UK nationality law .

Can I change visa categories??

Yes. For example, Start up cannot be extended, but you can change to Innovator and continue to develop your project, with subsequent registration of permanent residence and English citizenship .

Will the child acquire British citizenship by birth??

Not. To do this, at least one parent must be a British citizen or have the right to permanent residence.

Who better to get British citizenship?

Tem, who is ready to move to Europe, get an education or give it to your children, build a business and live a long life in a European country.

Is it possible to have dual citizenship in England?

An agreement was signed between Russia and the UK, according to which the holder of two passports does not pay double taxes. The holder of an English passport cannot work in Russia in a public position, establish a media outlet or be the owner 20% his shares, be a member of the Public Chamber.

How to get UK citizenship through marriage?

Officially register a relationship and live together from 3 years with a British subject or permanent resident.

How Russians can get a UK visa?

Together with experienced specialists of End Now Pleasure or on your own. Choose an immigration program, collect and translate certificates, extracts, make copies, fill out the form in English, choose a consulate, schedule an interview, prepare for an interview, pay the fee.

Do I need to report in Russia about obtaining a second passport??

All Russians, having a passport in England , obliged within 2 months to notify the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia about obtaining British citizenship.

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