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How to apply for Vanuatu citizenship and not pay taxes 20 years

For 5 years of Vanuatu business immigration, more 4000 foreign investors have issued a passport under this program. Vanuatu - an archipelago from 83 islands in the pacific ocean, with the total population 300 thousands of people. What attracts this distant state of wealthy Russians, how to get vanuatu citizenship and how much does it cost, learn from the article below.

Ways to obtain Vanuatu citizenship for Russians

Citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to obtain a Vanuatu passport in three ways:

  • Live in the Republic longer 10 years.
  • Marry an islander.
  • For investments.

The government is interested in attracting foreign investment, they make up 20% budget. The state gained independence only in 1980 year and since then has been actively developing for investors' investments. Money goes to education, medicine, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure.

The investor has all the privileges of citizenship, but cannot be employed in government agencies to participate in elections. He becomes a tax resident of the Republic:

  • if you have lived on the islands for more than six months,
  • registered a company.

In the second case, the investor is obliged to pay the state 20 years to $300, without providing accounting reports.

Vanuatu Protects Business Data of Tax Residents, companies and their owners, registered in its territory. Except cases, when such a person is suspected of a crime.

Vanuatu passport: what gives its citizens

There is a minimum 5 reasons for Russian businessmen to consider Vanuatu as a second citizenship:

  1. Possibility of unhindered access to 95 countries. Permission to live in the UK up to six months, a year in Australia and up to 5 years in the US on a B1-B2 visa. A Russian with a second citizenship has the right to enter the countries of the Schengen zone, open accounts in European and American banks, apply for scholarships from European universities.
  2. Available investment volume, amount per applicant $130 000, and $15 000 for each family member. It is enough to prove the legality of income, no criminal record, pay fees and have on account $250 000. The last condition is necessary, to prove to the government: the applicant does not apply for financial assistance from the state.
  3. Processing speed 1-2 months. This is an important advantage, when the decision to immigrate must be made quickly. Dependent children of the investor may apply for citizenship together with the main applicant, spouse or spouse, parents from 50 years. At the same time, the investor and his family are allowed to issue a passport remotely and not visit the islands.
  4. tax incentives. There is no inheritance tax for foreign investors, income, luxury, capital gain, stock market profit. There is also no open business tax for tax residents.
  5. Eco-friendly space. There are no factories here, actively developing "green" energy from alternative resources. Comfortable climate, +25-30 most of the year. exotic landscapes: rainforests, healing water lakes, waterfalls. And no dangerous snakes, spiders, which can be found in Australia. Of the dangerous diseases - the risk of malaria.

A set of documents and the cost of Vanuatu citizenship for Russians for investment

The department does not require the applicant to know the language and culture of the country or have business experience. Vanuatu passport applicant required:

  • be older 18,
  • not get in trouble with the law,
  • provide a medical certificate,
  • prove legality of assets,
  • have in a bank account from $250 000,
  • confirm dependent status (bills for their stay, education).

All payments are made in US dollars. Vanuatu citizenship is available to Russians for making a contribution to the budget $130 000. For spouses, the amount increases to $150 000. For each dependent: baby up 25 years or a parent older 50 surcharge 15 one thousand dollars. Thus, average family from 4 people will invest in the development of Vanuatu from $180 000. At the same time, adult children of the applicant cannot be married., surcharge $15 000 just for those kids, who does it contain.

Additional expenses

  • due diligence investment due diligence in total $5 000. This is a single tariff regardless of the number of applicants. It is non-refundable in case of refusal of citizenship.
  • filing fees, document verification, production of a certificate. The cost depends on the composition of the applicant's family, varies from 100 to 500 dollars.
  • delivery of passports of all applicants, cost from $3 000.

The investor applies for citizenship and immediately pays a quarter of the investment amount. Across 2 weeks The Citizenship Commission makes a decision on his application. In case of refusal, the Commission will return the invested 25%. If yes, the remaining amount must be paid within 5-90 days. If the investor fails to meet the deadline, the deposit remains in Vanuatu.

End Now Pleasure specialists control all stages of business immigration. Help to avoid mistakes in the application, collect, translate and submit documents to the government of the Republic for obtaining citizenship of Vanuatu.


Who will not be able to obtain Vanuatu citizenship by investment ?

Faces, who cannot prove the legality of income, providing false documents. As well as convicted of serious crimes, currently under investigation or wanted.

What is the validity period of a Vanuatu passport?

Passport valid 10 years, you can change it remotely for a small fee.

Can I get Vanuatu citizenship by birthright??

Yes, if the child is born in the territory of the Republic, or with additional payment $15 000 when applying for citizenship to a parent.

Is it possible to have a second citizenship in Vanuatu?

Yes, while the Russians do not have to give up the first.

How to get a Vanuatu passport?

Make a contribution to the economy of the Republic from $130 000, have no criminal record, prove the trustworthiness of the assets.

Can you get your investment back over time??

Not, money goes to the development of the country.

Do I need to fly to Vanuatu, to get citizenship?

Not, all issues can be resolved remotely. V 2020 sworn in via video link.
Now you can pay for the departure of a diplomatic representative to the applicant.

Can I apply for Vanuatu citizenship on my own??

Not, documents can be submitted through an authorized organization. End Now Pleasure will help collect all the documents and transfer them to a certified organization.

What are the restrictions on the rights of a citizen for investment?

The investor does not have the right to participate in elections and work in the public service.

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