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How do Russians get Turkish citizenship in 2023 year

Türkiye is the white sand of the coast of Marmaris and the many-voiced color of the bazaar in Istanbul. Türkiye is people and an opportunity to touch the heritage of the Ottoman Empire. Türkiye is one of the most popular destinations for immigration among Russians. let's consider, why is the citizenship of the country so attractive and on what conditions in 2023 citizenship by investment.

Citizenship Advantage

Turkish citizenship has undeniable advantages, among them:

  • Visa-free regime with Turkey supports more than 100 countries (this includes European countries, Asia and Middle East). The United States provides the opportunity to work on an E-2 business visa and through 5 years to apply for citizenship on an E-5 visa.
  • High quality health care even within the framework of social security.
  • You can keep your existing citizenship and apply for Turkish as a second.
  • Relatively low cost of living, compared to other developed countries. For comparison: cost of living in istanbul 62 % cheaper, than in Dubai, and on 137 % below, than in London.
  • Acquired citizenship is inherited.

Features of citizenship

  • High tax rate. Only income tax 2023 set in size 23 %.
  • military service requirements - men aged 20 to 41 years are required to complete military service for up to 12 months.
  • A work permit replaces a residence permit. A foreign citizen with a work permit gets the right to stay in the country without obtaining a residence permit during the period of validity of the permit.
  • Higher education available only on a paid basis and after passing the Turkish language proficiency exam. Primary and secondary education is free.

Turkish citizenship by investment

To become a Turkish citizen, just choose one of 3 investment programs.

  1. Enter 500 000$ US to a Turkish bank account and hold the deposit for at least three years.
  2. Invest 500 000$ USA into a Turkish company and create at least 50 work places.
  3. Buy real estate worth at least 400 000$ USA.

After payment confirmation, Turkish citizenship is issued in a few months.

What gives citizenship to a businessman

In addition to a favorable geopolitical position, Turkish authorities create conditions for attracting investment in production. The country's statistics institute says, that economic growth in 2022 was 5.6 %

  • Türkiye is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Middle East. This makes it a center of international trade.
  • Developed shipping, which allows you to save on international logistics.
  • Stable and diversified economy, which is growing at a steady pace.
  • The country has a developed infrastructure and service sector.
  • Children of investors can go to kindergarten and go to school for free.

Turkish citizenship through real estate investment

Due to the unstable geopolitical situation, Russian investors do not risk investing in foreign assets. Therefore, among wealthy Russians, the method of obtaining citizenship by investing in real estate has become especially popular.. Besides:

  • It is not required to pass an exam on the knowledge of the Turkish language and the history of the state;
  • Across 3 years real estate can be sold without losing citizenship;
  • Can be purchased as a commercial, as well as residential properties;
  • No restrictions on the number of objects, the main thing is that the purchase was for an amount of at least 400 000 US dollars;
  • Yield 5–10 %.

"For example, on $545 000 can be purchased in the center of Alanya furnished apartment with an area of 140 m² or penthouse of 250 m² in a premium complex.» RBC.

But here, as an everywhere, there are nuances: property in Turkey must be insured (the cost of state insurance depends on the region); real estate tax depends on the cadastral value and is paid once a year.

Requirements for candidates

No criminal record, availability of medical insurance, confirmation of, that the investor is able to support himself and his family while living in Turkey.

The citizenship process

Takes time from 6 to 8 months and conditionally divided into 5 stages:

  1. Property selection, which will meet the minimum investment requirements.
  2. Obtaining a tax number and opening a local bank account.
  3. Acquisition of real estate: it is important to carry out legal due diligence; conclude a contract of sale; issue documents confirming the ownership.

A licensed appraiser must confirm the value of the property. Real and cadastral value should not differ. In case of violations, the investor will also lose the apartment, and citizenship.

  1. Registration of objects in the land cadastre and payment of taxes.
  2. Preparation of a package of documents. Registration of applications for a residence permit and citizenship (submit both applications at the same time). Together with an investor, have the right to acquire the citizenship of his spouse, as well as children up to 18 years.

Checking by migration services will take 2-3 months. After the application is approved, you can get a passport.

The approximate cost of obtaining citizenship for investment in real estate will be from 414,5 thous. US dollars. This includes the purchase of an apartment (from 400 thous. US dollars); real estate taxes and fees (from 14 thous. US dollars); state fees for obtaining citizenship (from 574 USD per family member)

How to get Turkish citizenship without investment

  • Origin. To activate the right to become a Turkish citizen by origin, It is enough for a Turkish parent to issue a birth certificate. Not important, in which country the child was born and what citizenship the second parent has. At the same time, it is possible to maintain existing citizenship and then the child will be a bipatride.

How to apply for Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate, is considered one of the fastest and takes about 6 months. We have already told, how to move to turkey from russia, on the example of the family of Viktor and Tatiana.

  • By marriage. For citizenship by marriage, need to apply for a family residence permit (issued for up to 3 years; available to foreign spouses and their minor children, and dependents), and upon completion, the process of obtaining citizenship is launched.
  • Naturalization. If a foreigner works or lives in Turkey on one of the eligible short-term residence permits for more than 5 years, applying for citizenship by naturalization. Let's specify, what matters here, period for which the resident left the country. Let's go to 6 months during the year, but no more than 1 year in total, for all 5 years.

Requirements for obtaining citizenship

Registration of citizenship can hardly be called a simple procedure and it will be necessary to comply with a number of requirements that the Turkish authorities impose on the candidate. Starting with the preparation of a package of documents and ending with compliance with investment conditions. However, for those who have enough resources and desire to get a Turkish passport, it's a guaranteed way to change your life.

Requirements for a resident depend on the method of obtaining citizenship. There are general requirements, that apply to candidates: good health (no contagious diseases), no criminal record, financial stability, basic knowledge of Turkish. Besides, the resident must live in the country for 3-5 years.


How much does it cost to apply for a residence permit in Turkey?

The amount of fees is regulated by Law No. 492 "On Fees and Fees" and is calculated according to the formula: rate 7$ USA for 1 month of stay, the rest by 1.5$ USA.

Is it possible to get Turkish citizenship with a criminal record??

Not, but there are still exceptions to the rule.. For example, the Turkish government may consider granting citizenship to individuals, who made a significant contribution to the development of Turkish society, even if they have a criminal record. Each specific case requires consultation with an immigration lawyer or a Turkish consulate, to determine eligibility for citizenship.

You can buy an apartment in Turkey with a mortgage?

Yes, it is quite possible. V 2022 Turkish banks issued loans to foreign citizens for up to 20 years. However, this method of investment has a significant drawback - it will be possible to apply for citizenship only after the mortgage loan is repaid.

What documents are needed, to apply for a residence permit by marriage?

Full list of documents with samples, as well as information on the rules and procedure for obtaining a residence permit for Russians is on the official website General Directorate of the Turkish Migration Service.

Why investing in Turkish real estate is more profitable, than in Europe or the UAE, for example?

Each of these areas has pros and cons.. It needs to be based on the specific situation.. Risk Information, profitability and housing prices are in our article on RBC.

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