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How to obtain Mexican citizenship for a Russian citizen

Mexico is in the top 10 countries for hospitality and ease of adaptation for migrants. Moving to Mexico for permanent residence from Russia can be the beginning of life in an interesting and vibrant country. Let's consider legal ways of immigration.

Features of a Mexican passport

The following preferences are available to citizens of the United Mexican States:

  • Travel to 150 countries without visas, including Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia.
  • Prospects for tourism business, production, IT, medicine, developed construction market.
  • Investment potential and the opportunity for foreigners to open their own enterprise in a free trade zone.
  • Instant money transfers with minimal tax.
  • The right to education in local schools and universities.
  • Low prices for household expenses. The cost of living here is not more expensive, than in large cities of Russia. For example: a cup of coffee - $2, liter of petrol $1,1.
  • Life in a country with a tropical sunny climate, gorgeous beaches. national parks, colonial cities, a wide range of entertainment: deep sea fishing, yachting, diving. Kitchen, music, dancing, holidays and colorful architecture attract Russian citizens.

Citizenship in Mexico for Russians is available already through 5 years of legal residence: 4 years in the status of a residence permit - residente temporal, 1 year for permanent residence - residente permanente. Different categories of applicants for Mexican citizenship have their own requirements, we will talk about them further. Permanent residence grants an indefinite right to reside. Someone chooses to remain in this status, and someone is applying for citizenship.

Resident card

One advantage is the relatively lenient Migration Law. Certainly, when it comes to legal travel. The term of the first residence permit - 12 months, then the resident extends it until 4 years, this is the maximum time. Then you can apply for permanent residence and a passport.

A residence permit in Mexico for Russians is available on the following grounds:

  • Financial independence. Applicants must prove a stable income of at least $3 000 or confirm savings from $50 000. Validity - residence permit for a year with the possibility of extension. For pensioners, the amounts are higher - from $5 000 monthly income or savings in the amount $207 000. Non-working pensioners with such a budget can immediately apply for permanent residence.
  • Real estate investment from $414 000 or in business - from $207 000. The applicant submits an agreement for the purchase of company shares, transfer documents, confirmation of transfer of the amount.
  • Student residence permit with annual renewal until the end of studies. Unlike others, this residence permit does not count towards future permanent residence and citizenship. The way out for future graduates is to start a family or get a job and change the type of residence.
  • Work permit. Valid until the end of the contract. Important, so that the employer has permission from the migration service to hire foreign workers. Across 5 years the applicant is entitled to apply for a passport.
  • Family reunion. At the same time, the wife of a Mexican receives a residence permit for 2 of the year, spouse of a resident with a residence permit - for 1 year. Relatives receive a residence permit for a year, and the passport of Mexico in the general order through 5 years. Together with the applicant, a Mexican relative must come to the migration office.

Candidate, being in Russia, applies to the Consulate with an application and a set of translated documents for a resident visa. Entry permit period - six months. Then he comes to Mexico. From the moment of crossing the border, the immigrant has 30 days, to come to the immigration office and get a resident card. The Russian provides a set of documents, submits biometrics, photographed, pays the fee and receives a residence permit.

A visitor with a residence permit in Mexico has the right to open a bank account, cross the border without restrictions, start a business, buy a car and a house.

Mexico real estate

The government allows foreigners to buy real estate. Moreover, residence permit status is not required for this purchase. V 2023 the price of the object must be from $400 000. The owner can use the object himself or rent it out. But there are also limitations..

Foreigners can buy property across the country, except for the area 50 km from the coast and 100 km from the border. It is forbidden even with a residence permit. The exit for investors from Russia is the purchase of real estate through a banking trust. A bank trust must be renewed annually. The cost of its renewal is approx. $500.

How to become a Mexican citizen

Grounds for obtaining citizenship: birthright and naturalization.

By birthright, a passport is issued:

  • Children, born in mexico, in a family of any nationality. Territory of Mexico extends to ships and aircraft, registered in the country.
  • Children, born to Mexican parents outside the country.

Eligible for Mexican citizenship by naturalization:

  • Spouses, married to a Mexican 2 years.
  • Faces, living in Mexico more 5 years.
  • child's parents, born in Mexico and lived here from 2 years at the time of application.
  • For special merit. Applicants, recognized in science, techniques, art.

How to obtain Mexican citizenship for a Russian citizen

Requires certain naturalization steps:

  • Live as a permanent resident for five years.
  • Pass a Spanish language test and get a confirmation certificate.
  • Apply to the migration office. It contains personal information: name, address, profession, nationality and reasons, for which you want to obtain citizenship.
  • Pass a criminal record check, medical examination and pay the state fee.
  • Pass an interview with the Naturalization Commission. Answer interview questions about motives, knowledge of history, culture and laws.
  • Obtain citizenship certificate and passport.

For 24 months before applying, the applicant cannot leave the country for more than six months.

Obtaining Mexican Citizenship May Have Its Difficulties. The naturalization process takes from several months to several years.. Worth considering, that the law changes regularly, therefore, for up-to-date information, we recommend contacting End Now Pleasure.

How to go to Mexico from Russia

Tourists from Russia do not need a visa, if the period of stay in the country is less 180 days. A Russian can fly with a free electronic permit. It can be done independently and free of charge on the website of the Consulate. Mandatory requirement - air travel, purchased return ticket and booked accommodation.

For Russians, who plans to immigrate to Mexico from Russia, you need to obtain a visa at the Consulate on one of the legal grounds, described above.


Mexican government may revoke citizenship?

Yes, There are several reasons given in the law., including, absence of a citizen during 5 years or the issuance of the next passport after the Mexican.

Is it possible to keep Russian citizenship?

Yes, you can keep Russian citizenship.

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