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How to obtain citizenship of Kazakhstan for a Russian

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, in the second half 2022 more than a year from Russia to Kazakhstan 1 million people, approving the republic in the top 3 popular routes after Abkhazia and Turkey. Find out the reasons for the interest in the country, subtleties of legalization and how to obtain Kazakh citizenship for a Russian citizen.

Privileges of citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan

If a citizen has citizenship of Kazakhstan, he can:

  • Doing business on the territory of the republic.
  • Benefits when registering a company.
  • Free education and medicine.
  • Visa-free entry to 66 countries.
  • Use of international payment systems.
  • The right to vote and the opportunity to participate in political life.

Citizenship in Kazakhstan opens up a number of opportunities for its holders. We will analyze the ways of legal stay in the republic before issuing a passport.

Temporary residence permit (RVP) Kazakhstan

In fact, RVP is an analogue of a long-term visa, which is needed to stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan for more than 3 months. Russians have the right to enter the Republic of Kazakhstan on an internal passport without a visa and permission for a maximum of 90 days. Arriving in the Republic, must be notified to the Ministry of Internal Affairs within 3 days. This commitment is officially on the host, hotel administration, where you stay, rental apartment owner. Experienced immigrants suggest notifying the state yourself.

Next, a visiting Russian needs to issue a TRP. The basis for issuing a TRP is:

  1. rent - from
  2. Family reunion.
  3. Education.
  4. Treatment.
  5. Business immigration.

A citizen of the Russian Federation applies to the Public Service Center (analogue of the Russian MFC) and in one day draws up an individual identification number free of charge (IIN). You can issue an IIN by proxy. An individual identification number is required even to open a bank account.

Having received a number, it is possible to issue a RVP. It will take: the passport, arrival notice, address and basis for RVP. Depending on the category, this may be a medical certificate for treatment, employment contract, Marriage certificate.

Permit issued within a week, validity period - one year, then it must be constantly extended. Together with the main applicant, his spouse and children can issue a permit, confirming family ties. In the status of a TRP, it is impossible to conduct business and purchase real estate.

Residence permit in Kazakhstan

Unlike a temporary residence permit, a resident in the status of a residence permit has more rights. During 10 years to live and work in the Republic, start a business, buy cars, Houses, enter and leave the country.

To apply for a residence permit, you will need a certificate of no criminal record, certified lease agreement and proof of solvency of the applicant. To do this, you need an extract from the account of a Kazakh bank on the availability 4 mln tenge (550 000 rubles). Money in the account must be kept for the entire period of verification. The Migration Service sends a request to the bank, if the specified amount is not in the account, application will be denied.

Residence permit by investment

The government is developing a program of golden visas, according to which it will provide foreign businessmen with a residence permit for 10 years for investments in the economy of Kazakhstan. Investment amount - from $300 000, deadline up to 3 days. Start of the program - July 2023. Applicant must pass due diligence, have no criminal record and prove, that capital has legal origin.

The investor receives the right to live and conduct business on the territory of the Republic, purchase of real estate. Together with the main applicant, the residence permit is available to his family: spouse and children. Experts expect interest and demand from potential residents, including immigrants from Russia, China, Western European countries. The issue of extending the residence permit and further naturalization on its basis is still open.

How to get citizenship in Kazakhstan

Russian, applying for a Kazakhstan passport, renounces native citizenship and receives all the rights of a resident: for work and business, free border crossing, purchase of real estate, medical services. Applicants from Russia apply for citizenship under a simplified scheme, for 3 months.

The following categories are eligible to obtain citizenship of Kazakhstan:

  • By birthright, when one of the parents is a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • After naturalization 5 years of continuous stay.
  • By marriage to a citizen through 3 of the year.
  • Family reunification. Parents, brothers and sisters, spouses, children are legal reasons to obtain citizenship through a relative in Kazakhstan. Relationship is documented.

Accelerated citizenship of Kazakhstan for citizens of Russia is available on the basis of the Agreement dated 26 February 1999 G. Obtaining Russian citizenship for citizens of Kazakhstan is also simplified.

Other categories are also eligible for a simplified passport:

  • Citizens of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan.
  • Spouses of citizens of Kazakhstan.
  • Ethnic Kazakh students.
  • Qualified specialists, labor migrants. The official list is published on the government website. It includes: architect, doctor, pharmacist, coach and more 36 professions with individual qualification requirements.

A citizen of the Russian Federation submits documents and a questionnaire to the Consulate at the place of residence. The package of papers for citizenship of Kazakhstan includes a notarized renunciation of a Russian passport, explanation of the reason for becoming a citizen of the Republic, a signed commitment to comply with the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, payment of state duty in 3180 tenge (413 rubles).

In November 2022 the Parliament decided to amend the Federal Law on citizenship of Kazakhstan, to tighten the issuance of passports to foreign citizens. Knowledge of the language and culture of the country will be a mandatory requirement..

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Who submits a notification of arrival in Kazakhstan and within what time frame?

The host, legal or natural person. They are obliged to notify the migration service of the arrival of a foreign citizen within 72 hours. You can do it through the app., website or local office. Violation is subject to fines and deportation..

Is dual citizenship allowed in Kazakhstan?

The Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan requires applicants to renounce their first citizenship. Application for renunciation of citizenship is confirmed by a notary.

How to manage Russian property with Kazakh citizenship?

remotely by proxy.

Do I need to confirm education and qualifications??

Yes, to work in the specialty, you need to confirm the diploma.

Do I need to register a Russian car?

You can drive for a year using Russian numbers.

Is it possible for a Russian citizen to buy property in Kazakhstan?

To purchase residential real estate, a Russian citizen needs a residence permit of Kazakhstan.

What is the validity period of a temporary residence permit (RVP)?

One year renewable.

How to apply for a Schengen to a citizen of the Russian Federation, being in Kazakhstan?

It is necessary to have a RWP lasting from 3 months and then apply, application form and biometrics to the visa center. Processing time approx. 3 weeks.

How long is the procedure for terminating the citizenship of Kazakhstan?

Six months upon personal application to the Consulate.

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