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How to become an Icelandic citizen to a Russian 2023

Iceland is an island nation in the North Atlantic Ocean. Hospitable country for tourists, but difficult for those wishing to apply for citizenship here. Remoteness from the mainland attracts visitors and at the same time protects against unwanted guests. The Icelandic government has a closed migration policy, following the law "On foreigners". Learn how to legally move to the land of ice and space landscapes.

Why citizenship in Iceland is interesting for Russians

  • Mild climate, unique nature: volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs. Iceland is a small country, nestled on an island in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. The population is slightly more 300 thousands of people.
  • The Icelandic passport opens the door to 160 countries of the world, including the Schengen area. However, Iceland is not part of the European Union., that is, her subjects can travel around Europe, but if they want to stay in Europe, must obtain additional permission.
  • The quality of life. The country is among the ten safest and most attractive places to live.. Experts evaluate the level of comfort in relation to family values, work and income, accessibility and quality of education, medicine, crime rate.
  • stable economy. Iceland is in the top five most expensive countries along with Switzerland and Norway.
  • The happiest people on the planet officially live here.. By the way, average life expectancy - 83 of the year.

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How Russians can enter Iceland

To enter the citizens of the Russian Federation, you need to have a tourist Schengen visa or a long-term visa category D.

  • Schengen visa must be issued by Iceland or any other Schengen country. If you already have it, no need to issue it separately for Iceland. The cost of a Schengen visa is approximately from $35. The processing of visa applications usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks. Visa is granted for 180 days, it allows you to stay in Iceland maximum 90 days. For a visa, you will need a standard set of documents: international passport, valid for another six months, insurance, Bank reference.
  • Long-term national visa category D is issued by students, employees and relatives of residents of Iceland. Visa cost approx. $250. To the list of documents, confirming the identity and financial condition of the applicant, you will need to attach a basis, on which he applies for a long-term visa. Marriage certificate, employment contract or invitation from the employer, document from university. The applicant pays the consular fee, draws up insurance.

To apply for a visa, the personal presence of the applicant is required. All papers, references, statements must be translated and certified.

From residence permit to passport. How to obtain citizenship in Iceland for a Russian citizen

A Russian citizen should choose an immigration program and go through it sequentially 4 step:

  1. Apply for a visa.
  2. Apply for a residence permit. Residence permit status is required, if you plan to live in the country longer 3 months. V 2022 There is 3 legal grounds to get it: work, training, marriage or family reunification. Let's consider them in detail below..
  3. Apply for permanent residence status. Across 3 years of life in the country on a residence permit. Without breaking the law and financial problems.
  4. Apply for citizenship after 7 years of stay in Iceland. With permanent residence, verified income, official work.

Business immigration and employment

The basis for issuing a residence permit to the applicant is an official employment contract, signed with an Icelandic employer. It gives permission to live and work for a year. Across 12 months residence permit must be extended. Demanded and qualified specialists, and athletes, and seasonal workers. Knowledge of English and Icelandic expands the choice of vacancies for job seekers.

Another option for moving to Iceland for work is owning a business. It is worth noting, that it does not give the right to a residence permit, but the owner will have a simplified entry into the country on a multivisa. You can open your own company in partnership with local entrepreneurs or by obtaining a business permit from the Ministry of. Any form of ownership, but the choice of industry is limited: it is forbidden to conduct business in the field of fishing, energy, air transportation.


A student of an Icelandic university has the right to live in the country for the entire duration of their studies. Public and private universities do not provide scholarships, at the same time, students in the status of a residence permit are entitled to grants and a loan for study. The algorithm for entering the university is as follows. Applicant taking exams, pays the fee for the first year of study, draws up a visa. After the first course, the residence permit will need to be renewed. If a graduate has found a job in Iceland, he can apply for a residence permit on the basis of an employment contract in a local company.

Family reunification

The government allows obtaining a residence permit for relatives and partners of its citizens: parents, children, spouses. It is enough to prove the legality of family ties or cohabitation. The spouse of an Icelandic citizen is entitled to accelerated registration of permanent residence and citizenship. A Russian married to an Icelandic citizen can apply for citizenship already through 3 years of cohabitation in an official marriage. In civil - through 5 years. In this case, the spouses must be on the island more 4 years, and from the moment the partner received citizenship, 5 years.

How to get an Icelandic passport for a citizen of the Russian Federation

How to get Icelandic citizenship, living here 7 years in the status of a residence permit and permanent residence.

Together with a Russian passport, photographs and a receipt of payment of the fee, the following set of documents must be attached:

  1. Residence permit and permanent residence.
  2. letter of recommendation from 2 subjects of Iceland, not relatives, which will confirm the credibility of the candidate.
  3. Citizenship Application.
  4. Certificates of no criminal record in Russia, and in Iceland.
  5. Medical certificate.
  6. Bank statement on the state of the account.
  7. Certificate of marriage and birth of children.
  8. Confirmation of the availability of housing in the country.

An Icelandic passport applicant will be required to pass a language proficiency test. Candidates older than 65 years or due to medical restrictions. The applicant must confirm, what's the last 3 year did not apply for state material assistance, not a debtor, not bankruptcy, and his monthly income is more $1 600 dollars for one and from $ 2 610 dollars for a couple. All papers go to the Office of Immigration. Examination of documents detailed, verification takes from 6 to 12 months.

Also, to obtain a passport, you must permanently reside in Iceland.. A resident can leave the country for a year and a half, not to lose permanent residence status. If he lived abroad more 18 months for 4 of the year, the immigration department has the right to cancel the status of permanent residence, which means, and deny subsequent citizenship. You can only be absent for so long for an official reason.: temporary work, family circumstances, study, disease. Each case must be documented..


Is it possible to get a residence permit, Permanent residence and citizenship by investment?


What gives permanent residence in Iceland?

Lived 3 years in residence permit status, an expat has the right to apply for permanent residence. You can live in this state, work, reunite with family: with spouse, with dependent children, with older parents 67 years.

Can a Russian buy property in Iceland?

Yes, foreign citizens can buy real estate here. However, with minimal involvement: the realtor does the bulk of the work. approximate cost 1 sq.m approx. $1000-2000, rent from $500. Worth considering, that buying real estate is not the same as buying land, the owner has no right to it. Plus, real estate on the island does not guarantee the buyer a residence permit. Yes, this is a good addition to the request, but not 100% guarantee.

What to do if your citizenship application is denied?

File a complaint within 3 months to the Ministry of Justice.

Does Iceland recognize dual citizenship??

Yes, you can get an Icelandic passport and remain a citizen of the Russian Federation. No need to renounce current citizenship.

Does the child get citizenship?, born in Iceland?

Yes, if born in an official marriage and at least one of the parents is an Icelandic citizen. If they divorce by the time of his birth, need to prove relationship. In a civil marriage, the child receives citizenship from an Icelandic father.

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