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How to obtain Georgian citizenship for a Russian citizen in 2022

Georgian citizenship for Russians: how to get, what it gives and how you can speed up the paperwork. Consider investment programs for obtaining a residence permit.

8 advantages of obtaining a Georgian passport

Let's start with the benefits, which gives allegiance, in addition to living in colorful landscapes:

  1. Affordable standard of living. According to some independent estimates, the average cost of services and goods per 18% below, than in Russia.
  2. Visa-free entry to the Schengen countries. In the Global Passport Index 2022 Georgia is on 36 place, overtaking Turkey in mobility, Vanuatu and Kazakhstan.
  3. Opportunity to obtain Georgian citizenship while maintaining Russian. Children, born in an international family, also have a passport of two countries.
  4. Favorable conditions for business, quick registration, tax incentives. Russian, living in Georgia for more than six months, becomes a tax resident and pays income tax, received domestically.
  5. Possibility of bringing the company to the international level.
  6. Use of a developed banking system and electronic service.
  7. Reduced price for medical services and education.
  8. The speed of integration and the spread of the Russian language.

Investment in real estate and residence permit status

Residence permit status in Georgia is actually equated to citizenship. It gives a large number of rights to its owner, in addition to the right to vote and some benefits.. And what's important, obtaining a residence permit is quite simple. The main thing is to have a legal basis. Back to standard list (reunion, education, marriage) investment programs are added. Infrastructure is actively developing in the state, and the government is using this opportunity to raise capital. Georgia is a country with minimal risk for potential investors.

First option

A foreign citizen buys real estate on $100 000 and receives a short-term residence permit for a year with the possibility of extension. Can be extended, without leaving the borders, just meet the deadline. The investor personally applies for a residence permit, application processing time 30 days. The investor gets the right to live and work without restrictions from the government. Family members can apply with him..

The average cost of housing in 2022 for 1 m² - $1037. At the same time, real estate prices 2022 year grew by almost 11%, and rent skyrocketed 120%. Nevertheless, this area remains attractive to investors.. Real estate market experts talk about quick payback of assets 5-10% per annum. Plus, in Georgia there is no tax on the purchase of real estate for non-residents, and you can execute the transaction remotely by proxy. Across 5 years to apply for permanent residence, by 10 years to issue a Georgian passport by naturalization.

"And Now Pleasure" will help you find the right property in Georgia, complete the transaction and prepare documents for obtaining a residence permit.

The second option of economic migration

The attachment $300 000 in the purchase of a share of a company or property. In this case, the investor receives a residence permit for 5 years, and further has the right to indefinite permanent residence. But on the condition, that the invested funds brought a specified annual return. First year - $50 000, second - $100 000, Further - $120 000. Non-refundable investment, when investing in real estate, the object can be changed, but its value must remain the same. Can be invested in apartments, Houses, land other than agricultural land: they are available only by passport and inheritance.

How to obtain Georgian citizenship for a Russian citizen

V 2022 minimum available 4 the option:

  1. By birthright. Children receive citizenship of Georgia by birth, who has at least one parent - a Georgian citizen.
  2. Naturalization. For foreigners, which 10 recent years continuously lived in the territory, know the language at the native level and can confirm this. Permanent residence in Georgia means, that the candidate cannot leave the country for more than 3 months. Except in cases of travel due to illness or study. Applicant must be older 18, prove the fact of continuous residence (ВНЖ, PMZ, border crossing stamp), neighbors testimony. Residence documents, work, ownership of securities or a company.
  3. Married. Obtaining Georgian citizenship by marriage is possible through 5 years of cohabitation with a resident of the country. This category of applicants also takes Georgian citizenship tests with language proficiency questions., history and political structure, prepared by the Ministry of Justice. Minimum 21 correct answer from 30.
  4. Recovery. In case of loss of Georgian citizenship when acquiring a foreign one or choosing parents.

Documents for obtaining Georgian citizenship for a Russian citizen: sample statement, the passport, birth certificate, certificate of residence in the country 5 years (depending on the immigration program), income statement and proof of investment.

Entry features

Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa, Russians will be able to stay in the country for up to a year without a visa. A valid passport is enough. A visa is valid on the territory, therefore, after a year of legal stay, you must leave the borders for at least a day. Travel to neighboring Turkey, Armenia or Azerbaijan. Russian citizens can visit these countries without visas.

WITH 2019 there is no direct air service between Russia and Georgia. You can fly with a transfer through Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkey. Or by car through the checkpoint.

To 17 May 2022 it was possible to cross the border only on a legal basis: studies, treatment, work, family reunion. Today this rule has been abolished.. Each car is registered at the Compulsory Insurance Center, to avoid fines for not having insurance in 200 lari. You can legally drive using Russian numbers until 3 months.


Is it possible to obtain citizenship for the purchase of real estate?

Not, only residence permit, through which they will be able to apply for a passport through 10 years. Russians can buy real estate and receive passive rental income. For purchase on $100 000 give a short-term residence permit for 1 year, for $300 000 – on 5 years.

Are VISA issued in Russia valid?, Mastercard и JCB?

Not, you need to travel with cash and exchange at local points at the rate of the national bank. Or issue UnionPay, they are accepted into 180 states of the world.

How long does it take to get permanent residence?

A Russian can apply for permanent residence through 6 years of residence on the basis of a residence permit. Either through 5 years based on investment.

What is the last stage of obtaining a passport?

According to the law on citizenship of Georgia, the applicant takes an oath of allegiance in the Georgian language.

Are there tax incentives for residents?

Tax resident - person, living over 183 days in the country, he does not pay tax on passive foreign income: royalty, dividends. And income tax is withheld from the salary in a Russian company.

Does Georgia recognize dual citizenship??

Yes, You don't have to give up your Russian passport.

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