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How to get an EU passport in 2023 year

Investment immigration is an opportunity for Russians to predict the future: his, family and business. A number of countries offer citizens of the Russian Federation participation in investment programs: residence permit in the country in exchange for contribution to the economy. Learn, how a Russian citizen can legally move to Europe and quickly obtain a residence permit, Permanent residence and EU citizenship.

What gives EU citizenship

Let's start with a question, why do you need a European passport at all.

  • Decision of tourist and business plans. Unhindered movement across 170 countries and the ability to choose the country of residence.
  • Access to financial instruments and the banking system. The right to start a business, do business internationally, preserve and increase assets.
  • Right to health care, education; grounds for applying for scholarships from European universities.
  • Registration of EU citizenship for family members.
  • Tax optimization and choice of country of tax residence.
  • Life in a developed country with a stable economy and a high level of security.

How do Russians get an EU passport?

V 2022 – beginning 2023 G. Russians are available 3 how to get European citizenship:

  • Through proof of kinship with a resident of Europe or reparation.
  • Through naturalization, after 6-12 years of legal residence within the country: studies, marriage, Work Visa.
  • Through investments in the economy of the chosen state. The investor chooses the deposit option: donation to the fund, acquisition of real estate in the property or long-term lease, purchase of securities.

Each method has its own rules.. For example, there is an age limit for repatriation for a candidate, for the period of life of his relatives in the state. This limits the list of those wishing to restore citizenship.

Before applying for EU citizenship by naturalization, will have to live in the country on a residence permit and permanent residence.

When obtaining citizenship through investment, you cannot just pay the required amount and receive a passport on the same day. Each state puts forward individual conditions for applicants: investment volume, term for due diligence of funds and reputation of the applicant. And under all conditions, investments become an effective way of immigration..

Let's find out, what are the advantages of applying for residency by investment.

What gives registration of a residence permit, Permanent residence by investment

The EU passport is a prospect for business development, prestigious education for children, no barriers to travel and business trips.

  • The investor does not need to constantly be in the selected country. For example, in Portugal, in the status of a residence permit, you need to live only a week a year. Across 5 years the applicant can apply for citizenship with a total length of stay 35 days.
  • Economic immigration programs help to obtain a European passport many times faster, than by naturalization.
  • There is no obligation to take a test for knowledge of the language and socio-political structure.
  • Possibility to return the invested funds, if it's a return on investment. Rent out purchased property, receive passive income and return the money after a specified period.
  • The right to retain Russian citizenship, in parallel with the European passport.
  • The right to transport the family. For example, There is no age limit for parents in Greece. And in Malta - for children.
  • The ability to pass on acquired citizenship by inheritance and ease a lot of economic issues for descendants.

Difficulties in obtaining a residence permit, PMZ, citizenship by investment

Along with the advantages, there are also a number of difficulties., faced by the investor:

  • Strict terms of the minimum stay in the country.
  • Age requirements for dependent children and co-payment for each relative. Difficulties with opening an account in a local bank and transferring funds to it from Russia, caused by the ban on the use of cards of Russian banks.
  • Lengthy due diligence of the applicant. The host government wants to make sure, that the candidate and his relatives have no litigation and are worthy applicants for citizenship.
  • Tightening the conditions of investment programs. Contributions are rising, the rules get more complicated, which creates an additional incentive to decide on a petition faster.

Consider countries and options for their investment programs.


For 2-6 months the applicant receives a residence permit. Investment amount – from €250 000 to 1 500 000. Attachment options: in real estate, research activities, cultural heritage sites, investment fund, starting a business. The applicant is allowed to stay in Portugal for only 1 week of the year, and travel freely throughout all Schengen countries. According to the residence permit, he can transport children up to 26 years, wife, and parents older 65. Across 5 years, a resident has the right to apply for a Portuguese passport.


One of the options to get a residence permit cheap and fast: 90 days and €250 000-400 000. This amount can be used to buy real estate., rent space for 5-10 years, buy a share in a tourist facility, securities or make a deposit in a national bank. Across 5 years, the investment will be returned to the resident, and through 7 he can become an EU citizen.


Residence permit available for 60-90 days from €500 000-2 000 000. Money can be invested in real estate, make a deposit, buy bonds or shares in an investment fund, start business. The Spanish government requires passport applicants to reside in the country for more than 183 days per year. Validity period of residence permit 5 years, upon completion, the resident has the right to apply for permanent residence, still through 5 years – get an EU passport.


For €150 000 and 6-8 months the applicant receives permanent residence for 5 years. Requirements for the investor: age from 18 years, permanent address, legal income, no criminal records and bans from the migration services of allied countries. Every 5 years must be reported on income, minimum capital must be €500 000. Across 5 years of investment can be returned. Russian passport can be kept.

Get a residence permit in Malta even faster - for 90 days and €30 000. Must buy or rent a home, pay an administrative fee of €5500-6000 and an annual tax of €15 000. Residence permit is valid 1 year.


For €300 000 the investor has access to permanent residence status for 5 years. Investment Options: real estate, business and investment funds. It is important to maintain and confirm the level of income. A resident does not need to permanently reside in the country, The main thing, appear in Cyprus every 2 of the year.


EU candidate country. For €450 000 and 3-6 months, the applicant receives a European Union passport for 10 years, access to 115 countries of the world, Schengen and the right to enter the United States on an E-2 visa. Spouse and dependent adult children may apply together with the main applicant.

The amount of investment depends on the location of the property: €250 000 in the north, from €450 000 on the coast. Across 5 years of investment can be returned.

Of the additional expenses - a non-refundable contribution to the state fund in the amount of €200 000. The amount of investment does not affect it.

End Now Pleasure updates the terms of investment programs and selects the best options with minimal risks for each client.


Where to get a residence permit status faster?

An operational and budgetary option to obtain a permit for a residence permit for 3 months and €250 000-400 000 in Greece.

Is it necessary to live in an EU country permanently?, to get a passport?

Not, each state has its own requirements for the minimum period of stay in its territory.

Is there a difference, how to get EU passport, through naturalization or money?

Not. The rights of citizens are the same. Difference in time and cost.

In which country of the world is the fastest way to obtain citizenship for a Russian citizen? 2023?

In Vanuatu for investment in $130 000. Processing time takes about a month, verification of documents 3-4 day.

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