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Emigration to the Dominican Republic from Russia. Visa, ВНЖ, PMZ, Marriage with a Maltese - must pass

To 2011 year, it was possible to obtain citizenship of the Dominican Republic for 12 months and $25 000. Today the procedure takes longer, but the Republic remains on the list of available and attractive countries for immigration. Learn, How to get a residence permit in the Dominican Republic, permanent residence status and citizenship. What are the stages of the move and how long will it take?.

Dominican citizenship for Russians: advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of living in the Dominican Republic include:

  • Close proximity of the island to the USA, Canada and South America. Speed ​​of flights between countries.
  • Opportunity to become a citizen of the European Union for just 2 of the year, applying for a Spanish passport.
  • Obtain Colombian citizenship in a year and Mexico in two.
  • Eligibility for an Expedited U.S. Visa 5-10 years.
  • Travel around the world without visas, bureaucracy and additional costs.
  • Opening a business on favorable terms and entering the global market.
  • Transfer and storage of money in foreign banks.
  • Quality medicine. Upon arrival, every immigrant must take out health insurance.
  • Free education.
  • Comfortable climate, white sandy beaches, coconut trees, the sound of the ocean, music and relaxed atmosphere. Every year the country is visited 8 million tourists.

By cons, according to experienced immigrants, can be attributed:

  • Real estate prices and household expenses.
  • Difficulties in translation. English is spoken more in the tourist part of the island, the rest is in spanish.
  • Crime rate in some areas.
  • Distance to Russia.

Is it possible to get citizenship by investment?

To 2022 Dominican Republic was included in the list of countries, issuing “golden passports” to Russians. Enough to invest $100 000 for a period of 3 years and you can apply for a passport in a few months. Investments were made in the construction and development of the infrastructure of the island, roads, hotels and agriculture. WITH 5 March 2022 acceptance of applications for economic citizenship suspended.

How to move to the Dominican Republic from Russia

Russian tourists can come to the Republic for 30 days without a visa. Issue a migration card at the airport and legally stay in the state for a whole month. You can extend this time if you wish. 60 days at the immigration office.

Tem, who decided to obtain citizenship of the Dominican Republic, gotta go 4 stage:

  1. Get a residence visa for 60 days.
  2. Get a residence permit within 3-6 months.
  3. Across 5 years to apply for permanent residence.
  4. Across 2 year to apply for citizenship.

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First step: visa for obtaining a residence permit of the Dominican Republic

Immigration to the Dominican Republic begins with obtaining a resident visa. You will need a standard package of documents: electronic questionnaire, the passport, statement from the bank on the movement of funds for the last six months, documents on the absence of a criminal record and serious illnesses. Important, that the applicant's passport is still valid at least 6 months.

You will also need a letter of guarantee from a citizen of the Republic, confirming information about the applicant. The guarantor is responsible for the data, provided by the candidate.

The reason must be stated in the visa application., on which you plan to stay in the country and confirm it with documents:

  • Registered business in the Dominican Republic.
  • Employment in the company, Where 80% staff - Dominicans.
  • Marriage to a citizen of the Dominican Republic.
  • Children, born to legal residents of the Dominican Republic.
  • Proven passive monthly income from $2 000. For pensioners - from $1 500. And proof of solvency for a period of 5 years: savings from $18 000, rental agreement.

All references and certificates must be translated into Spanish, apostilled and notarized. The visa decision will be made within 14-30 days, valid term of a visa - 2 months.

Second step: How to get a residence permit in the Dominican Republic

Having received a resident visa, you need to fly to the Dominican Republic to apply for a residence permit, Residence Renewal. And also undergo a medical examination at the Department of Immigration, take tests and biometric data. This must be done first 30 days from arrival on the island.

When the application is approved, the candidate receives a temporary residence card and an identity card, identity card. The decision to issue a residence permit in the Dominican Republic takes up to six months, at this time you can be outside the island. But you need to pick up documents in person at the Department.

What gives a residence permit of the Dominican Republic? Rights of a citizen of the Republic for a whole year: live on an island, work officially, to do business, travel, open accounts, get a driver's license. It's illegal without a residence permit, and the violator risks being deported.

Across 12 months, a resident has the right to extend the status of a residence permit in the Dominican Republic. This can be done within 5 years, and then apply for permanent residence. It is important not to be late with the extension of the residence permit, to avoid a fine.

Third step: Permanent residence in the Dominican Republic

Part of the data about the applicant is already stored in the database, it remains to add to them the basis, according to which you live in the country, certificate, that did not leave the border for a year and undergo a second medical examination.

Permanent residence status, Permanent residence, gives the same rights, as well as nationality, other than the right to vote and work in public office.

The first permanent residence is issued for a year, then it must be renewed every 2-4 of the year, depending on base, according to which you live in the country. Plus, you need to notify the state of all the changes that have occurred since the first application.. For example, you changed your occupation, location, last name. Not all residents are comfortable, so they choose to apply for citizenship. Others stop at the third step and enjoy the privileges of permanent residence status.

Fourth step: Dominican citizenship for Russians

To apply for citizenship in the Dominican Republic, gotta live 2 years in permanent residence status. Submit paperwork and pass the final stage of verification, language and country interview.

Approximately six months later, the applicant receives a complete set of documents of a citizen: dominican passport, international passport, birth certificate, citizenship certificate. In response, the citizen takes the Oath.


How to get citizenship of the Dominican Republic and keep Russian?

The law allows you to be a citizen of the Russian Federation and at the same time apply for a second citizenship in the Dominican Republic.

Can a foreigner buy property?

Yes. The range of prices is wide and depends on the area, proximity to the coast and even the quality of the water in the pipes. The average cost of apartments is about $30 000, villas from $200 000.

How to get citizenship in the Dominican Republic, without visiting the Republic?

Each stage requires the personal presence of the candidate.

Who can be denied a residence permit?

If the candidate has been previously deported, has a criminal record, infectious or mental illness, the migration service has the right to prohibit him from entering the country.

How to get to the Dominican Republic?

At the time of writing, there are no direct flights to the Dominican Republic from Russia, there are only options with 1-2 transplants. Most popular options across the US, Venezuela or Turkey.

Dominican Republic and Dominica are synonyms?

Not, they are two different states, Commonwealth of Dominica and Dominican Republic. Two islands in the Caribbean, separated almost 1000 km apart.

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