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Bulgarian citizenship - ways of registration and prospects

Bulgarian citizenship provides ample opportunities for business, education, travel. Consider the benefits of a second passport for Russians and how to obtain it.

What gives Bulgarian citizenship

  • Travels. The geographical location of the country helps to travel quickly and inexpensively: 30 euro and you are in Paris. Bulgaria is part of the European Union, therefore, a resident of this country has access to all the advantages of a European citizen. Residents of Bulgaria 2022 have the possibility of visa-free entry into 171 country of the world: Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. In countries, where a visa on arrival or e-authorization is required, procedure is simplified. These include: Bolivia, Jamaica, Cambodia, Jordan, Maldives, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Egypt, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritania, Seychelles, Tanzania, Canada, New Zealand and some others.
  • Doing business on favorable terms. The income tax in the country is 10%, plus living in a European country allows you to keep money in foreign banks, makes it possible to acquire land in Europe.
  • Free education in schools and universities of the country. Citizens can study at European universities on preferential terms.
  • Comfortable maritime climate, hot summers and cool winters. ski resort, thermal springs, many attractions attract tourists all year round.
  • The speed of adaptation to the language and mentality, what is also important in immigration.

The second citizenship in Bulgaria provides for working conditions for its citizens from Russia. You cannot acquire Bulgarian citizenship and at the same time hold high government positions, work in the FSB or the Russian prosecutor's office, have access to state secrets.

5 ways to get a Bulgarian passport

Obtaining a passport is controlled by law. There is 5 legal ways, how to become a Bulgarian citizen:

By birthright

The child receives Bulgarian citizenship automatically, if one of his parents is a citizen of Bulgaria. The same right applies to adopted children..

By kinship or family reunification program

Bulgarian citizenship by marriage is available to the spouse through 3 years of residence in the country on the basis of a residence permit. Be prepared for a fictitious union check when applying for Bulgarian citizenship through marriage.

Origin (repatriation)

One of the easiest ways to design. According to the law on citizenship of Bulgaria in Russian, it is enough for the applicant to confirm kinship in a direct line with at least one ethnic Bulgarian and can count on a simplified procedure for obtaining a Bulgarian passport. To apply for Bulgarian citizenship by origin, you need to request certificates and certificates from government agencies, otherwise they will not be legally binding.. It remains to submit an application and certified documents in Bulgarian through the website of the Ministry of Justice or at the Consulate of the Republic. On the appointed day, pass an interview in Bulgarian and receive a naturalization certificate in person.

By naturalization

The most common, and at the same time an energy-intensive method. Suitable for those, who decided to leave for Bulgaria for a long time. To obtain Bulgarian citizenship by origin, long stay visa required, 5 years in the status of a residence permit with a legal basis for staying in the country (employment contract, business with mandatory vacancies for local residents) and 5 years with the right to permanent residence. The resident does not need to look for ways, how to get bulgarian citizenship by roots , at the same time, there is a prospect of having all the privileges of a European resident.

Candidates can obtain a Bulgarian passport by naturalization:

  • older 18 years,
  • with official income and no tax debt,
  • with own or rented accommodation,
  • with proven knowledge of Bulgarian at level B1,
  • no criminal record.

Please note, that in this case, obtaining Bulgarian citizenship for Russian citizens is accompanied by a renunciation of Russian citizenship.

For investments

Fast Track Citizenship for Adults with No Criminal Records and Legal Official Income. The investor enters the country on a long-term visa, bypassing the residence permit status, has the right to permanent residence in Bulgaria. Subject to the investment conditions, one can apply for Bulgarian citizenship through 5 years. Investing in double size - through 2 of the year. The investor's family can obtain a Bulgarian passport in a simplified manner: by 3 or 5 years after obtaining permanent residence status.

Upon obtaining a Bulgarian passport, the investor and his family can retain Russian citizenship, and have the rights of both states. It is also not necessary to permanently reside in Bulgaria..

For registration of documents, it is enough to have a registration address. Having received a passport, you can get your investment back, in the usual procedure - through 5 years, and 4 years with accelerated.

V 2022 bill passed, abolishing the issuance of a passport of a citizen of Bulgaria for investment, because this program has not attracted enough participants since its launch. However, holders of the right to permanent residence by investment will not be affected by this update..

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How can a Russian citizen obtain Bulgarian citizenship?

Paperwork algorithm, similar for most countries:

  1. Applying for a category D visa;
  2. Resident card;
  3. Permission for permanent residence;
  4. Citizenship Application.

Residents are required to prove a stable income, no problems with the law, knowledge of Bulgarian (except candidates for citizenship by investment), as well as to live a certain period in the country. Each applicant is interviewed.

The basic package for Bulgarian citizenship includes documents :

  • passport and passport;
  • birth certificate
  • permanent residence card;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • certificate of the absence of dangerous infectious diseases;
  • Bulgarian proficiency document;
  • receipt for payment of state duty;
  • certificate from the police not to leave the country;
  • certificate of origin.

There is no agreement on dual citizenship between Bulgaria and Russia, therefore, Russians with a Bulgarian passport have it as a second one. In Russia, you can have passports from different countries. At the same time, citizens of the Russian Federation are required to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the residence permit and the second citizenship of Bulgaria.

4 actions to obtain citizenship by investment

  • First . Choosing an investment program and transfer 50% from the amount of investment. Obtaining an investment certificate from the Bulgarian Investment Agency. Its duration is one month..
  • Second . Submission of documents for a long-term visa (type D) at the Consulate of the Republic. On average, it takes up to 35 days.
  • Third . Personal application to the Migration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for permanent residence for investment. The appeal is considered within 2 months.
  • Fourth . Application for citizenship in 2-5 years from the date of granting the right to permanent residence. Mandatory procedure on the day of application - an interview with a representative of the Ministry, where they will ask questions and take biometric data. The decision will be made within 6 months.

Investment Options

Bulgaria's Migration Policy Grants Investors a Permanent Residence Permit for Starting a Business, purchase of securities and rights of the concessionaire. The amount of investment starts from half a million leva or 255 thous. euros for business investments and up to half a million euros for securities. Can diversify investments, distributing investments among different resources.

  • From 500 000 levov in business. The investor must be a partner or owner 50% capital of a registered Bulgarian company. Plus provide jobs for 10 residents of Bulgaria.
  • From 1 000 000 levov in the purchase of rights under concession agreements or in shares and shares of investment funds. Given that, that the amount of their assets from 3 million BGN, is registered with the Financial Supervision Commission, and the strategy was developed in support of Bulgarian companies.
  • From 2 000 000 levov in the capital of companies, implementing the project of the Ministry of Economy or shares of commercial companies, operating on the stock exchange.
  • From 6 000 000 levov in company, whose shares are traded over the counter.

According to the law on obtaining Bulgarian citizenship, investors can apply for it:

  • older 18 years;
  • living in the country with permanent residence status;
  • no criminal record.


How to obtain Bulgarian citizenship for a Russian citizen in 2022 year?

The rules for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship apply to residents of Russia and the CIS countries older than 18 years, with the right to permanent residence, knowledge of the language or, who can legally acquire Bulgarian citizenship by origin .

Is it possible to buy Bulgarian citizenship for real estate?

Not, it is impossible for Russians to obtain Bulgarian citizenship when buying real estate. Buying a property is one of the steps to getting it. It gives the right to be in the country 180 days a year on multivisa, and accelerates obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence. Therefore, citizenship in Bulgaria for Russians when buying real estate helps to speed up paperwork, but you still have to go through all the stages of naturalization.

Is it possible to obtain dual citizenship in Bulgaria for Russians?

The law on dual citizenship between Russia and other countries is signed only with Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. At the same time, a Russian can apply for Bulgarian citizenship by repatriation, birthright, family reunion, by naturalization.

How to obtain Bulgarian citizenship for a Russian with Bulgarian roots?

Submit Document, confirming kinship with a person of Bulgarian nationality, for example, birth certificate, marriage.

Who can be denied Bulgarian citizenship?

Face, providing false information about yourself, convicted of an intentional crime, person with bad credit.

Bulgarian citizenship for Russians and the cost in 2022?

The cost of Bulgarian citizenship depends on the chosen immigration program. For example, applying for citizenship of Bulgaria for Russians by origin includes a fee, verification and notarization of documents, filing with the Ministry of Justice and preparing for an interview. Response to a request, how much does it cost to get bulgarian citizenship, formed individually.

How to get Bulgarian citizenship?

Choose an immigration program, prepare a package of documents or apply to End Now Pleasure.

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