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Rolex Submariner: legendary watch for extreme sports enthusiasts

WITH 1953 Rolex Submariner – the choice of travelers, divers and all fans of underwater sports. What is the advantage of the collection, what are the design features and how much do popular models cost?.

History of the Rolex Submariner

The Swiss manufacturer released the first waterproof watch 97 years ago. Sealed model, resistant to moisture and dust, set an unattainable standard of quality among competitors. Across 27 years ago the Rolex Submariner came out, revolutionary chronometer, which was able to function at depths up to 100 m. Uninterrupted operation and design ensured the model’s worldwide popularity among extreme sports enthusiasts, spearfishing, photographs, science. There are quite a few celebrities among the owners of the brand: explorer Jacques Cousteau, director James Cameron, actor Sean Connery, archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl.

Characteristics of the Submariner

Let's take a closer look at the design features of the legendary model.

  • Waterproof. If the first chronographs could withstand pressure up to 100 m under water and have already caused delight among buyers, then modern ones work perfectly at a depth of up to 300 meters. This is a good reason, why divers and deep-sea diving enthusiasts prefer the brand.
  • Rotating bezel with a 60-minute graduated scale displays the time as accurately as possible, which the scuba diver is underwater. In this case, the bezel rotates only in one direction and with characteristic clicks, so that you can monitor the elapsed minutes since the start of the dive. This protects the owner from accidental time changes and loss of course under water.
  • Chronometer. Rolex Submariner has passed strict tests and certification, confirming high precision and compliance with international standards.
  • Materials. Stainless steel is used in production, gold, ceramics, sapphire crystal. High-quality materials guarantee the durability of the mechanism, protection against corrosion and scratches, keep their appearance longer.
  • Versatility. Rolex Submariner combines style and functionality, which will be appropriate in sports, and in everyday life. Chronographs have a classic, elegant design, suitable for sports and business suits. Accuracy and functions will be useful to the owner every day.
  • Winding the watch. Patented self-winding Perpetual rotor. It moves with every turn of the wrist and transmits energy to the watch mechanism, therefore it works without interruptions for rewinding.

The Rolex Submariner sports watch is everyone's choice, who is looking for high-quality and reliable watches with unique functions. They combine resistance to environmental influences, chronometric accuracy, universal design and innovative ideas.

Best models

In the Rolex Submariner line, users have access to different watch options in terms of color and materials. Choosing the best model depends on personal preferences and purchasing goals. You can buy original watches in Moscow, price starts from 700 000 rubles. Most popular options:

  • Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060 with black dial and steel case. A used model in good condition costs around 1,5 million rubles.
  • Rolex Submariner Green Hulk with sapphire crystal and green dial from 2 million rubles.
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date with a massive bracelet and calendar. Price for men's model is approx. 1,2 million rubles.
  • Rolex Submariner Date Steel & Gold 18K Blue. Model with gold bracelet and blue dial, released in 2023 year, will cost the buyer 1,8 million rubles.

All Rolex watch parts are manufactured and assembled in-house. The brand creates the best watches, using only your resources. At the same time, the Swiss brand is among the top companies, which unscrupulous watchmakers seek to reproduce.

A unique serial number helps distinguish a fake from an original., green stamp, minute hand length, as well as a branded holographic crown sticker. Sticker changes color when tilted, technically difficult to replicate, therefore, the hologram additionally protects users from purchasing a replica.

Features of the Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner firmly holds the leading position thanks to its professional characteristics:

  • Water protection up to 300 m;
  • Diameter up to 41 mm;
  • Improved range up to 70 hours;
  • Caliber 3230 with car winding mechanism;
  • Dial with Chromalight display. Markers on the dial and hands are covered with luminescent material, which provides good visibility in the dark;
  • Triple-sealed crown fits snugly into the watch case;
  • Bracelet. Sturdy yet comfortable, with protection against sudden unfastening in water. Length can be adjusted, to fit your wrist and wear over your wetsuit.

The Rolex Submariner watch has symbolic meaning for its customers.. Rolex is status and reputation, With 1905 year, the company remains the No. 1 manufacturer among connoisseurs of watchmaking.

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