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Travel without visas on a Commonwealth of Dominica passport

Already 24 Sergey and his partner are developing a business for the production of building materials. Today it is a modern plant in the Leningrad region with a turnover of over 3.5 billion rubles per year. The processes in the company have been worked out and it has become possible to spend more time with the family.

“I got married in the fourth year of the institute. At that time, my wife and I dreamed of a big family.. We dreamed that as soon as we "stand on our feet", we will travel a lot together. But the eldest daughter was born, I was building a career and it was difficult financially. Then my friend and I decided to develop our own business. Money appeared, but the work occupied us 24/7 and there was no time left for joint rest.

For 20 over the years we have increased the production capacity of the enterprise, managed to rally an excellent team of specialists, who can now be entrusted with the management. It has become easier and now you can begin to realize youthful impulses. A year ago «And Nau Plejea» consulted my partner, how to apply for a Dominica passport and which reliable company to contact. My friend was pleased with the quality of the work, and opportunities for new citizenship”.

In April 2022 of the year, Sergey asked for advice on obtaining citizenship of Dominica. According to the budget and investment opportunities for a family from 5 the man came right away 6 citizenship programs in the Caribbean and Vanuatu:

  • 125 000 $ — Antigua and Barbuda,
  • 160 000 $ — Saint Kitts and Nevis,
  • 165 000 $ — Saint Lucia,
  • 195 000 $ — Vanuatu,
  • 200 000 $ — Dominica,
  • 225 000 $ — Grenada.

The listed programs are suitable for people, who wish to visit visa-free: Schengen countries (to 90 days in six months), England (can't leave 180 consecutive days). A visa to the United States for citizens of the Caribbean countries is issued for 10 years.

Sergey considered options, but did not change the original decision. An important role was played by the fact that Dominica does not require residence on its territory if you apply for economic citizenship. From the stories of a friend, he had a fairly accurate idea of ​​u200bu200bthat, what awaits him in the Commonwealth, and chose not to waste time in doubt.

Investor pre-screening

Due Diligence, due diligence is an obligatory step in the preparation of documents for obtaining citizenship by investment. Mainly checks the origin of investment funds, their legality.

At this stage, our partners pre-screen the investor, to assess the situation and the risk of refusal to obtain a residence permit. Verification data is confidential. Forecast accuracy up to 99%.

In our case, the audit confirmed the high level of reliability of Sergey, and then, that he can participate in any investment program.

The cost of participation in the Dominica investment program

Partner lawyers «And Now Pleasure» prepared a package of documents for Sergey and his family for 3 weeks and started processing a residence permit.

Initial spending:

  • 5 000 $ - the state fee that was paid during the execution of the package of documents,
  • 23 500 $ — Due Diligence check.

After the representative of the company has received approval to participate in the investment program, Sergey paid fees and contribution to the national fund of Dominica:

  • 200 000 $ - non-refundable investment fee,
  • 1 250 $ – administration fee,
  • 1 500 $ - passport fee,
  • 1 250 $ – fee for the production of a certificate of naturalization.

The cost of participation in the Dominica investment program for a family from 5 people amounted to a little more 232 500 $.

The department confirmed the receipt of all mandatory payments to the account, and from their side, the issuance of passports and certificates of naturalization began.

Delay in paperwork

"I noted, how well lawyers have established mechanisms for interacting with government agencies. Thanks to their instructions it turned out for 3 weeks to collect a package of documents for a visa. They discovered an error in my new passport at an early stage., and to that, It didn't take long to fix it.".

Usually, documents are checked upon receipt of the original in hand.. But in the company of our partners, a rule has taken root - they request photo copies of finished documents for verification before, how the original will be sent to the resident. This approach has already paid off more than once and helped save time for customers.. This is what happened with the passport., and Sergey's certificate - an employee of the program department made a mistake and incorrectly indicated the date of birth.

Lawyers immediately reported the error to the department and asked to replace the documents. Sergey did not have to deal with this issue, everything was taken care of by our recommended employees. The correspondence lasted 10 days.

Obtaining documents of a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica

19 november, Sergey and his family received passports and naturalization certificates. The delay in paperwork was 2.5 months. When, if the error was discovered only upon receipt of the originals in hand, it could take an additional 3-4 months to fix it.

Citizenship under the Dominica Investment Program took 7 months

  • 14.04.2022 Sergey consulted at End Now Pleasure LLC, a 16.04.22 already visited the office of our partners;
  • 1 the day took a preliminary check of the investor for reliability;
  • 17.04.2022 signed an agreement for the provision of services in obtaining resident visas;
  • 3 it took weeks to prepare a package of documents, applied;
  • 3 standard Due Diligence lasted for a month;
  • 8 August the department approved the application;
  • 2.5 it took the department a month to correct errors and reissue Sergey's documents;
  • 30 days for delivery of finished documents to Moscow;
  • 19.11.2022 Sergei received passports and naturalization certificates for the whole family.

The result of cooperation

"We are glad, who received advice from And Now Pleasure and turned to their partners. Especially Nadezhda with her eldest daughter. They have already organized a shopping tour to Italy for themselves., and now they are planning a new year celebration in Portugal for the whole family”.

Sergey and Nadezhda fulfilled one dream for five - the opportunity to travel to your favorite European countries without visas. With a Dominica passport, available to travelers 144 countries with visa-free visits or visas to these countries are issued in a simplified mode. In this list:

  • 90 days in half a year - visa-free visits to the Schengen countries,
  • 180 days in a row - visa-free visits to the UK,
  • 30 days in a row - a visa is issued upon arrival in the Maldives,
  • obtaining a US visa for 10 years.

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