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House with sea view: how a family from Russia left for Turkey

Viktor is a 38-year-old entrepreneur from Moscow. Together with his wife Tatyana, children Anton and Dasha, he had long dreamed of his own house by the sea.

"As in that joke, the main thing in the apartment - curtains. If you can see the sea behind them, you have a nice apartment".

The pandemic and temporary difficulties with business only pushed back the issue of moving. Victor and Tatyana did not change their intentions to live in a comfortable climate, give growing children a better education and the opportunity to travel without visa restrictions.

From dream to action

In July 2022 On the advice of friends, Victor turned to And Now Pleasure. His demands were: budget up to $600 000, obtaining citizenship for all family members without renunciation of Russian citizenship, country with a warm climate, fast paperwork from due diligence to passport issuance.

At the consultation with Viktor, we discussed the current investment programs of different countries: investment in real estate, bonds and securities, bank deposit. Victor chose to invest in real estate in Turkey.

He was interested in the privileges of a citizen:

  • opportunity to travel without a visa 110 countries;
  • the opportunity to get a Schengen 5 years, tourist or business visa to the United States;
  • opening accounts in local banks within one day;
  • free medicine
  • free education for children.

Victor was also satisfied with the speed of obtaining citizenship, the possibility of obtaining passports immediately for himself and his wife, investment amount and distance to Moscow, where were his elderly parents. They did not want to move with their children and grandchildren, but Victor could at any time come to his parents or invite them as a resident.

Making a deal

Together with Viktor and Tatyana, we studied several projects, eligible for the investment program. The goal was to purchase an object for an amount of $400 000, which has not been previously registered as an investment. During the week, Victor and Tatiana chose a house and settled on a modern villa for $506 746 in a prestigious area of ​​Antalya. Luxurious house with area 300 m², With 4 with bedrooms and a private pool impressed the spouses and met the requirements of an independent assessment. The actual cost of the object must be equal to that specified in the contract, otherwise the application for citizenship will be denied.

We contacted the developer and informed the buyer about the buyer's intention to purchase the selected villa. Helped Victor get a tax number and open a Turkish bank account, to make payment. The investor signed the sale and purchase agreement and transferred the money to the seller. Further documents, contract and appraisal report, transferred to the land cadastre and Viktor was issued a certificate of registration of his property.


After registering the property, And Now Pleasure managers prepared and translated a package of documents for a temporary stay in Turkey. It includes: application for residence permit, copies of passports, Bank statement, real estate registration certificate. The production time of ikamet took almost 14 days. After obtaining a residence permit, they moved on to obtaining citizenship, prepared and submitted a set of papers to the Department of the Migration Service. And six months later, Victor and his wife flew in to receive passports of Turkish citizens..

“And Now Pleasure promptly helped with any issue: from buying a Turkish SIM card to accompanying the transaction, meetings with a notary and appeals to the Migration Service».

Today Tatiana and Viktor are completing work tasks in Russia, choose a school for Anton and a kindergarten for Dasha and in the coming days are preparing to move to their dream home.

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