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And Now Pleasure

luxury concierge service

for personal & corporate clients

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About company

For more than 10 years we have been making the dreams and plans of our valued customers a reality.

Now you can relax and start enjoying life even more. And Now Pleasure team will do everything for your business, leisure, family or soul. We love challenges and will gladly consider any of your requests.

Александр Горбунов

Our services

Our global partner network, assembled over 12 years, allows us to solve problems in absolutely any area of life of our valued clients.


We will organize a turnkey flight or vacation for you. At any time and situation, including during a global pandemic.


We will buy tickets for you for any premieres on the same day, closed evenings, chamber shows. Regardless of where they are held.

The property

We will find you the best premium apartment or house of your dreams with an ideal location.

The medicine

All the most advanced discoveries in medicine, the best doctors in the world, the best clinics - all this works for the health of our clients.

Why choose us?

Individual Approach

Each of our clients communicates with a personal manager 24/7. We listen and hear every request.

Special conditions

We are open to any requests from our valued customers.

Strictly Confidential

Without exception, all requests, appeals, movements and any other personal information of our customers is protected.

Quality assurance

Our clients pay only for services rendered. In the event of any problems, we take full responsibility.

Absolute exclusivity

Without undue modesty, we say that no one else has such opportunities as we have. There are no competitors for us.

Rare Opportunities

We work to fill the lives of our clients with unique, unique colors.

Some of our partners

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